RDH samples 611

Company/Product: Premier Dental Products/Enamel Pro Prophy Paste
Offer: Buy four boxes of Enamel Pro Prophy Paste, get one bag of 2pro Total Access Disposable Prophy Angles free.
Where: Visit www.premusa.com or call (888) 670-6100

Company/Product: Waterpik Ultrathin Fluoride Varnish
Offer: Free trial
Where: Visit www.ultrathin.waterpik.com

Company/Product: Dentsply Professional and GlaxoSmithKline/NuPro Sensodyne
Offer: Free prophy paste samples
Where: Visit www.nupro-sensodyne.com; email: nssamples@dentsply.com
or call (877) 390-0528

Company/Product: INeedCE
Offer: 10% discount on any course
Promo Code: PRINTAD
Where: Visit www.ineedce.com or call (888) 463-3323

Company/Product: Parkell Inc.
Offer: Turbo Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler for $699 or Integra Ultrasonic Scaler for $999
90-day risk free trial
Where: Visit www.parkell.com or call (800) 243-7446

Johnson & Johnson
Offer: Buy 12 dozen Reach Advanced Design Soft Compact Toothbrushes, get six dozen free
Buy two cases of Reach Total Care with Listerine Floss, get one case free
Buy two cases of Reach Advanced Listerine Arctic Mint Mouthwash, get one case free
Where: Visit www.jjdentalprofessional.com or contact your authorized distributor.

Company/Product: CAO Group, Inc
Offer: Free samples of Sheer FluorX
Where: Email sheerfluorxsample@caogroup.com or call (877) 236-4495

Company/Product: Darby Dental Supply
Offer: Buy eight boxes of Aurelia Protégé or Refresh Gloves, get two boxes free
Buy seven boxes of Aurelia Perform or Transform Gloves, get three boxes free
Buy three cases of Perform or Transform Gloves or six cases of any other Aurelia Glove, get the new 2 GB iPod Shuffle free
Buy five cases of Perform or Transform Gloves or 10 cases of any other Aurelia Glove, get the new 8 GB iPod Nano free
Buy eight cases of Perform or Transform Gloves or 15 cases of any other Aurelia Glove, get the new 8 GB iPod Touch free
Buy 15 cases of Perform or Transform Gloves or 30 cases of any other Aurelia Glove, get the new 16 GB iPad2 WiFi model free
Offer for hygienists only: Get a free 100% cotton T-shirt with any order of $25 or more
Where: Visit www.darbydental.com or call (866) 482-4404

Company/Product: Crosstex
Offer: Free samples
Where: Visit www.crosstex.com or call (888) 276-7783

Company/Product: AllPro
Offer: Buy two Interdental Travel Brushes, get one free
Where: Email allpro2@earthlink.net, or call (800) 243-2285

Please refer to the advertisement in the magazine or contact the company directly for the specific details pertaining to the offers listed above. You can access the digital version of the magazine by visiting http://online.qmags.com/RDH0611/Default.aspx

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