petrillo new years resolutions

Doesn’t it always seem that at this time of the year that we hear a lot about people starting New Year’s resolutions that in a short time are forgotten or just can’t be kept up? Have you started a resolution that included a health or fitness goal? Did you want to lose weight? Did you want to eat healthier? What happened? What prevented you from moving forward and making this goal a reality? Try the following suggestion to see if this would work for you to finally achieve those goals.

Have you ever had a friend or a group who helped you be more accountable for achieving your goals? Did it help you to be more successfully committed to achieving that goal?

Whenever you start anything, especially something as difficult as a lifestyle change to get healthier, you will be more successful if you choose a group of friends who share your interests. Whether it’s cooking healthier, loving the same workouts, going for a walk, jogging together in the local park, or whatever it is that you are looking into doing. If you have a friend who has similar goals and is sharing this experience with you, you will be more apt to stick with it! You can hold one another accountable, help motivate one another, as well as share some positivity for the group to stay active.

Try getting a group together to help you all succeed with your goals. Come on, take a shot! Why not? Get your buddy on!

Amy M. Petrillo, RDH

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