Videos -- Dr. Gordon Christensen answers your questions

Here is a compilation of videos featuring Dr. Gordon Christensen answering questions from readers.

Are complete dentures without implants still state-of-the-art?

When are custom trays better for crowns than stock impression trays?

Should membranes always be placed after socket grafting?

When are double-arch impressions better than full-arch impressions for crowns?

How long should crown therapy be delayed after crown lengthening?

Are disposable scalpels acceptable?

When is a fixed partial denture preferred instead of an implant or a crown?

How many small-diameter implants are needed for maxillary edentulous arch?

What are the advantages of full-zirconia crowns?

Are direct resin veneers as reliable as ceramic veneers?

What is a predictable way to remove a fixed partial denture?

Should fiber-reinforced resin-based composite posts be sandblasted before cementation?

When a ceramic veneer comes off, or when placing a resin direct veneer, what is the best way to make it stay on?

Are allografts better than alloplasts for socket grafting?

Which is stronger – Build-up or post?

What is a filler?

What are optimum tooth preparations for veneers?

Are there good matrices for Class IV resins and resin veneers?

What is the best way to make a contact area on a Class II RBC?

Can you successfully bleach striated tetracycline stains?

Will dental or medical third party payers pay for snoring treatment?

Will third party payers cover sleep apnea treatments by dentists?

What are the major needs for small-diameter implants?

Should teeth serving as fixed partial denture abutments have posts?

What is the best way to restore a leaking crown margin?

Are locators, ERAs, or spheres with rubber washers best for complete denture retention and support?

Do superficial stains wear off IPS e.max or IPS Empress?

Do dental hygienists fit into the "mid-level" practitioner classification?

What is a good electronic caries detector?

Is the DIAGNOdent accurate?

Incremental treatment with removable partial dentures

Can removable partial dentures be more successful?

How to determine vertical dimension of occlusion on edentulous patients

Can complete dentures really be predictable?


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