Married by Elvis: What happens in Vegas stays with you forever

Cetylite Elvis wedding
Elvis hitched up Karl Millus and wife, while under the watchful eyes of Cetylite's Marie George and Sue Wong, as well as Blakeslee's Trudy Setree at far right.


Cetylite Product Manager Karl Milius had a romantic surprise planned for his wife at this year’s RDH Under One Roof event in Las Vegas. It involved a walk down the aisle, a renewing of vows, and an Elvis impersonator.

Because when you’re married to a queen, it only makes sense to have The King perform the ceremony.

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“It was a spur of the moment inspiration that I came up with before my wife got to town,” confessed Milius. “We had dinner with friends and then we all hopped in a cab. My wife was a little confused at first, since she didn’t know where we were going. But when we pulled up in front of the Graceland Wedding Chapel, she figured it out. Her exact words were ‘No way!’ That’s when everyone broke out in fits of laughter.”

Although lighthearted and fun, the New Jersey couple didn’t get to do a wedding ceremony their first time around. Karl’s covert gesture gave his wife of four years the opportunity to walk down the aisle
and exchange vows in a chapel ... even if the vows included a promise to “never leave you at heartbreak hotel.”

Pictures of the event can be seen at Facebook.com/Cetylite.

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