Mouth Watchers issues first germ-killing toothbrush

Mouth Watchers antibacterial toothbrushPatients can get that "just cleaned at the dentist" feeling every time they brush. The Mouth Watchers Nano-Silver toothbrush is the first toothbrush that works synergistically with toothpaste to fight tooth and gum decay.

Countless millions of microorganisms exist in the human mouth, slowly destroying teeth and gums. Over 100 million microorganisms exist on a single toothbrush head, helping contribute to general illnesses, and gum and tooth disease.

Each Mouth Watchers brush has more than 2,000 individual bristles composed partly of nano-sized colloidal silver compound particles. This colloidal silver content has the same antibacterial effects in the mouth as in infection applications.

Unlike the germ-laden bristles of a standard toothbrush, each bristle of the Mouth Watchers brush is both immune to becoming a home to microorganisms, but is also an antibacterial tooth and gum cleaning apparatus that enhances and complements the benefits of toothpaste. The one micrometer flossing bristles reach and brush away food and plaque that most toothbrushes miss.

Mouth Watchers was founded by Dr. Ronald Plotka, a nationally renowned Boston area dentist with over 40 years of dentistry leadership.

Retailing for $4.99 each, Mouth Watchers Nano-Silver antibacterial toothbrushes can be purchased online at mouthwatchers.com or at dental offices throughout North America.


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