Delcam offers DentMILL for Roland dental milling software

Delcam has introduced a new version of its DentMILL 2012 dental milling software tailored specifically for the production of crowns and bridges in zirconia, wax, and PMMA on the Roland DXW-50 desktop machining system. ‘DentMILL for Roland’ incorporates dedicated templates for the automated generation of three-axis and five-axis toolpaths specifically for the Roland equipment, together with libraries of proven tooling and fixturing.

DentMILL for Roland is based on Delcam’s PowerMILL CAM system for high-speed and five-axis machining, whose rapidly growing global sales have helped make the company the world’s leading specialist supplier of CAM software and services for the last 12 years. It is developed by the same development team as PowerMILL, the largest in the CAM industry.

DentMILL for Roland benefits from the many strengths of PowerMILL. These include a range of advanced strategies that offer smoother machining to give the best possible surface finish, plus flexible five-axis techniques that can produce even the most complex restorations quickly and accurately. 

DentMILL for Roland also includes all the major developments in the new DentMILL 2012 release.  These include the completely redesigned interface, with a reduced number of toolbars to allow the maximum screen space for toolpath generation and simulation together with bolder and clearer icons.  

The efficiency of material use is optimised with automatic nesting tools to position the various restorations within the block. In addition, the ability to apply part-to-part pinning is now available, which allows restorations to be nested more closely together.   

DentMILL for Roland also incorporates a materials stock-management system that allows the user only to select sizes of material block that are currently in stock. The software then selects the fixture appropriate for that block from the library supplied with the software, and applies automatically the shrinkage allowance and milling templates for the material.

While DentMILL for Roland can accept data from all the main dental CAD systems, it can be supplied with Delcam’s DentCAD design software as part of a complete dental CAD/CAM system. 

For more information, visit www.delcam.com.

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