New dental product: InFresh said to cure, not mask, bad breath


For many, bad breath is a serious problem that requires a seriously strong solution – beyond what big-brand-name, chemical-based mouthwashes, toothpastes, gum, mints and sprays offer. Now, thanks to InFresh – a revolutionary new breath tablet that systemically eliminates, not masks, bad breath – anyone suffering from the embarrassing problem can overcome it once and for all.

The makers of InFresh have created the most powerful, all-natural breath tablet on the market that delivers immediate fresh breath and other long-term benefits. InFresh is not candy; it is a powerful, sugar-free, herbal formula that works from the inside-out to cure – not mask – bad breath and other types of body odors.

“If you’re looking for a mint-flavored candy, this is not for you. If you’re looking for a cure, this is for you,” states InFresh creator Elias Chavando.

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InFresh comes in concentrated tablets that do not contain the large doses of sugar or carcinogenic sugar substitutes found in many other candies and gums. “As a result, the flavor takes some getting used to,” Chavando noted, “but after a couple of uses, our customers are hooked and keep coming back for more,” he said.

The ingredients in InFresh contain a naturally occurring compound called Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and helps to neutralize toxins and pollutants that are ingested daily. Chlorophyll is a natural deodorizer and recommended supplement to fight bad breath.

Formula Seven, the proprietary formula contained in InFresh, is a perfect blend of Chlorophyll-rich greens and a proprietary blend of several ingredients including parsley, alfalfa, wheatgrass, two types of mint and other ingredients, all perfectly blended to achieve maximum results.

Chavando, a Los Angeles businessman and entrepreneur, came up with the idea for InFresh in 2000. He spent more than a decade researching the causes of bad breath and consulting with numerous physicians and homeopathic products experts about potential solutions to the widespread problem, and then worked with a prominent gastroenterologist to perfect the proprietary blend of ingredients. In 2011, he selected a Los Angeles, Calif.-based laboratory to create a tablet from the herbal formula, and in 2012, began conducting product sampling of InFresh to rave reviews.

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