PennWell dental editors select most important dental story published in 2012

An article by Jo-Anne Jones, RDH, president of RDH Connection Inc. and CEO of Dental Hygiene Studios Inc., about a possible connection between sex and oral cancer has been selected by the dental editors of PennWell publications as the most important article published in 2012 for the dental profession.

Jones’ article, “Sex and oral cancer: What is the connection?”, appeared in the April 6 issue of RDH eVillage FOCUS e-newsletter. The article shares some of the latest statistics regarding a possible connection between the human papillomavirus (HPV) and oral cancer.

The editors participating in the selection of the top published dental story perform editorial duties for Dental Economics, RDH, and Proofs magazines, as well as Dental Assisting Digest, RDH eVillage, RDH eVillage FOCUS, DE Expert Tips & Tricks, Surgical-Restorative Resource, and New Products electronic newsletters. Articles that were published in either print or electronic formats were accepted.

Dental editors were asked to submit a nomination of the most important article from their respective publication. Nominations were sought for the following categories:

• Most important article from Dental Assisting Digest
• Most important article from Proofs
• Most important article from RDH eVillage
• Most important article from RDH eVillage FOCUS
• Most important article from New Products
• Most important article from Surgical-Restorative Resource
• Most important article from DE Expert Tips & Tricks
• Most important article from DentalEconomics.com
• Most important article from RDHmag.com

From this compilation, the most important article for the year was chosen. No nomination was received from RDHmag.com for inclusion in the compilation. While New Products e-newsletter made a nomination for top article in its e-newsletter, this nomination was not included in the compilation for voting for the most important article of the year.

To follow are capsule summaries of articles nominated in each category, beginning with the article selected as the most important story for the dental profession in 2012:

From RDH eVillage FOCUS (April 6)
“Sex and oral cancer: What is the connection?

Are sexual relations closely intertwined with oral health? It would appear so says author Jo-Anne Jones, RDH, with the connection between the human papillomavirus (HPV) and oral cancer emerging as a global pandemic.

To read the article, click here.

From Dental Assisting Digest (September 24)
“The three most common battles between front office and back office”
Author Dayna Johnson discusses the battles of the appointment book, the hand-off, and treatment planning.

To read the article, click here.

From DE Expert Tips & Tricks (May 22)
“3 habits of financially successful dentists”
Brian Hufford, CPA, CFP, says these three habits are simply about a conscious alignment of needs, wants, and savings.

To read this article, click here.

From DentalEconomics.com (from October issue of Dental Economics)
“10 Top Management Tools for a Successful Practice”
Lois Banta, CEO and founder of Banta Consulting Inc., points out that it takes a total team effort to run a dental practice while offering her list of top management tools for doing so.

To read this CE course, click here.

From Proofs (September 18 Proofs eNL)
“EXCLUSIVE: The dental industry responds to the American Dental Association’s site selection process”
Editor Kevin Henry conducts interviews with representatives from the Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting, Greater New York Dental Meeting, New Orleans Dental Conference/Louisiana Dental Association Annual Session, and the Dental Trade Alliance (DTA) about their response to the ADA’s annual session site selection process.

To read this article, click here.

From RDH eVillage (September 14, September 28, October 12)
Three-part series on 2012 Dental Hygienist Salary Survey results
This series published the results of the e-newsletter’s annual salary survey and included statistics between veteran and recently graduated hygienists, statistics regarding national trends in the dental hygiene profession, and a state-by-state report of hourly rates for the hygienist in the U.S.

To read this series of articles, click here.

From Surgical-Restorative Resource (February 9)
“Tack and Wave technique: predictable veneer cementation”
David S. Hornbrook, DDS, FAACD, details a simplified, innovative technique for placing all-ceramic veneers and removing excess cement from the margins when using a new, light-cure-only resin cement.

To read this article, click here.

From New Products eNL (September 19)
“Could this dental product of the future change dentistry forever?”
Dentists in Japan are "aiming to create artificial tooth enamel" that would prevent tooth decay and make teeth appear whiter via the invention of a “tooth patch.”

To read this article, click here.

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