What dental assistants selected as the top 10 articles in Dental Assisting Digest in 2012

I always enjoy the end of the year and looking back on what has happened during the last 365 days. I also like seeing which articles that you, the readers of Dental Assisting Digest, love to read … and articles about money and relationships in the office once again fared very well amongst our readers.

Below are the 10 most clicked-upon articles of the year from Dental Assisting Digest, in chronological order.

From the January issue…
Was it flirting or harassment?

From the February issue…
Mean girls in the workplace: How to deal with them

From the May issue…
A look at the latest dental assistant salary figures

From the July issue…
The best and worst states for dental assistants

From the August issue…
Linda Miles shares five thoughts every dental assistant should know

From the September issue…
7 habits of highly effective dental assistants

From the September issue…
The three most common battles between front office and back office

From the September issue…

DANB’s 2012 Salary Survey: CDAs still earn more than non-CDAs

From the October issue…
The 12 best cities for young dental assistants

From the November issue…
Why dental assistants need a performance evaluation … and the tools you should have by your side

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