Awesome Dental Floss adds comfort to flossing

It's a known fact in the universe that dental professionals hear every excuse in the book about why their patients will not floss. With Awesome Floss, several of those excuses can be checked off the list, including "hard to use" and "causes discomfort." Maybe even "I don't want to" will be checked off because Awesome Floss is so different, it's fun.

The world’s leading dental floss expert, inventor Leonard Lorch, is behind the concept of Awesome Floss. For his efforts Lorch was recently awarded U.S. Patent 8381742 for what he refers to as an “easier, much more comfortable and breath freshening upgrade" for dental flossing.

Read about it at his website here.

The patent covers two handles that hold any dental floss and two breath strips in between the comfortable handles. The space between the handles is almost an inch, and from end to end the invention measures about four inches. The soft and flexible handle-strips at either end of the flossing piece make it extremely easy to hold.

“Awesome Floss makes it easy to manipulate around teeth and under gums to achieve highly effective floss strokes,” said San Francisco dentist Dr. Ruby Multani, DDS. "I believe the Awesome Floss upgrade to be more effective than the dental picks with floss strung between two prongs, a flossing aid I find most patients defer to if they do not like using regular string floss. When this product is more readily available, I will heartily recommend it to my patients over floss picks and even regular string floss.”

Currently the dental floss upgrade is in test markets. In the future, the floss upgrade will involve turnkey automated manufacture employing any commercially available dental floss However, Mr. Lorch says, “First things first, namely licensing so that more dental professionals and their patients can floss with this upgrade, ultimately furthering preventive dentistry."

Contact Mr. Lorch at 415-258-9911 or LeonardLorch@yahoo.com.

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