Dental research: Stem cells generated from urine may be used to regrow teeth

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Yes, you read that right. According to recent research in the journal Cell Regeneration, scientists are looking at a laboratory study in which they used pluripotent stem cells generated from human urine cells to grow teeth-like structures in a group of mice. The researchers are studying the possibility of using urine as an easier source to obtain stem cells than existing means.

As you would expect, being able to regrow teeth and other solid tissues and organs in this manner has its supporters as well as its opponents. Regardless, the future of regenerative therapies in dentistry remains hopeful and bright, and progress continues.

You can read more about this research from these sources …

Scientists grow human tooth using stem cells taken from urine – from The Independent

New teeth grown with stem cells from urine – from Science World Report

Stem cells extracted from urine used to 'grow teeth' – from NHS


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