A Doctor Smile success story

As the 2013 edition of the ADF International exhibition opens, Doctor Smile presents the successful story of one of their distributors in Europe, Kaelux SaS, based in Maraussan, France. Kaelux is a dental equipment retailer with a special attention to technology, innovation and design.

The collaboration with Doctor Smile began in 2011 with a distribution agreement for the Wiser laser. As the demand for the laser grew, practitioners and laser owners required constant clinical support: Kaelux, in cooperation with Doctor Smile, started to collaborate with the faculté de chirurgie dentaire Paris-Garancière to offer high level training and education by creating the "Certificat de compétence clinique en chirurgie assistée par laser dentaire."

The intense collaboration with academics such as Professor G. Rey has led to the development of specific treatment protocols that are fully accessible within the Wiser laser distributed by Kaelux. The year 2013 saw a further development in the partnership between Doctor Smile and Kaelux: an agreement was reached for the distribution in France of the full line of Doctor Smile laser, thus adding the Simpler diode laser and the Pluser erbium laser to the Kaelux catalogue.

The Made in EU quality, innovation, and care for detail that goes into a Doctor Smile laser has met with Kaelux to bring performance and innovation into the dental studio. Such a strong tie has brought Kaelux quickly to lead the distribution of dental laser technology, making them an absolute reference point for laser dentistry in France.

Kaelux will be present at ADF 2013 with all Doctor Smile Dental laser products at stand 2M39.

Doctor Smile is a line of products made by LAMBDA SpA – info@doctor-smile.com – www.doctor-smile.com     
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