2009 Dental Industry Metrics Report now available

ANAHEIM, California--The 2009 Dental Industry Metrics Report is now available from the Anaheim Group, publishers of Dentalfax Weekly.

The 454-page report contains performance data on 100 publicly traded dental industry companies. The report includes companies based in Germany, China, England, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Japan, New Zealand, The Netherlands, and the U.S.

The 2009 Dental Industry Metrics Report contains information such as sales growth, earnings per share, market value, return on assets and return on equity, number of employees, price to earnings ratio, and sales multiple for each company profiled.

In addition, the report includes industry-wide averages for insurance companies, manufacturing organizations, lab management firms, practice management companies, distributors, and consumer over-the-counter product firms. Sales and stock data for each company are for the completion of the most recent fiscal year .

The 2009 Dental Industry Metrics Report is a resource for investors, as well as dental company executives interested in comparing their company's performance against specific competitors or the industry as a whole.

The report is available only on CD-ROM. Each CD contains the report as a searchable Word document and as a PDF file.

The $250 cost of the report includes shipping and handling. There is an additional $10 fee if payment is not made by credit card at time of order.

To order the report or obtain additional information, send an e-mail to Dentalfax Weekly or call (714) 543-8007.

A faxable order form may be downloaded at Dentalfax Weekly.

To read more about dental metrics, go to dental metrics.

To comment on this topic, go to PennWell Dental Community site.

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