New PEARL software extends practice-management functions to mobile devices

SAN FRANCISCO--A new software application from PracticeWorks Systems equips dental professionals to manage their offices and patient needs remotely from a mobile device by providing real-time information related to common issues and scenarios that providers experience daily.

The new PEARL module-to be initially available for iPhone and BlackBerry users-enables dentists, oral surgeons, and other professionals to make urgent decisions while they are out of the office.

They can view and act upon real-time information related to patient and treatment details, scheduling, financials, call-backs, prescriptions and pharmacies, referring providers, and more.

Using PEARL, a number of patient- and practice-critical tasks can be performed while on the go:

* Aid emergency patients after-hours by accessing patient records, including imaging exams and pharmacy records-to call in prescriptions or recommend treatment options

* Manage after-hours follow-up calls to patients, referring doctors, and staff

* Access scheduling information to add patients with an urgent need or to make other changes

* View graphs and data that depict the practice's current finances while out of the office

"Our PEARL technology illustrates our commitment to enhancing the productivity, usability, and convenience of our practice management offerings," said Patrik Eriksson, president and CEO, PracticeWorks.

"The ability to respond in real-time to patient and staff inquiries from any location is an incredible asset to any dental practitioner."

The PEARL application delivers two-way data flow, is easy to use, and requires little or no learning curve. Data transmission is secure and no patient information is stored on the device.

It is scheduled to be available for KODAK PRACTICEWORKS, SOFTDENT, ORTHOTRAC and WINOMS CS Practice Management systems in the fourth quarter of 2009.

For more information, including a list of compatible mobile devices, visit PracticeWorks.

To read more about PracticeWorks, go to PracticeWorks.

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