Woman Speak

This page is dedicated solely to women speakers in the dental profession. To be listed, please send your speaking engagements to: Associate Editor Kristen Wright, kristenw@pennwell.com.

Women With a Say:

Jean Furuyama, DDS “Lowdown on High Tech”

Nov. 29 at the Greater New York Meeting

For information, contact www.gnydm.com

Other programs at Greater New York ...

Kathleen Agoglia, DDS, MS Pathology/Oral Medicine

Rita Bauer Digital Photography

Linda Blackiston, RDH, BS Women’s Wellness

Heera Change, DDS, MD Oral Surgery

Julie Connolly-Fulop, DDS, MPH, MS Perio Microscope

Jacqueline Goodling, DMD, RDH, BS, MEd Invisalign

Winnie Furnari, EdD Ethical Dilemmas

Jean Furuyama, DDS Technology

Lynn Jones, DDS Restorative Microscopes

Amy T. Kulb, BA, JD Legal Issues

Molly Liene, DDS, PhD Implants

Jaimee Morgan, DDS Bleaching

Angela Noguera, DDS, MS Endodontics

Toni Reale, RN, JD Legal Issues

Maria Ryan, DDS, PhD Oral-Systemic Health

Mary Smith, DDS Insurance

Patricia Sukmonowski, DDS Periodontics

Marilyn Ward, DDS Bleaching Panel

Sharon Siegel, DDS “Women’s Health and Its Relationship to Overall Oral Health”

“Osteoporosis: Not Just Grandma’s Disease”

Kentucky State Dental Association meeting, Dec. 15

For more information, contact Dr. Mike Mansfield at (502) 387-3516

Theresa Gonzales, DDS

Rosemary Bray

Dr. Tara Mardigan

Marilyn Paul, PhD

Kathleen Roth, DDS

Carolyn Kepcher

Other highlights at the Yankee Dental Congress ...

Kathleen Crowley, DMD “Forensic Dentistry: Identification Protocols,” Thursday, Jan. 25

Kathleen Shanel-Hogan “Save a Life: Prevent Abuse and Neglect,” Thursday, Jan. 25

Theresa Gonzales, DDS “Forensic Odontology Fact and Fiction,” Friday, Jan. 26

Janet Hatcher Rice, DDS “Cracking the Code on Lasers,” Friday Jan. 26

Linda Niessen, DDS ”Women’s Oral Health,” Chicago Midwinter Meeting, Feb. 22, 2007

“Aging and Oral Health,” Chicago Midwinter Meeting, Feb. 23, 2007

For more information, visit www.cds.org

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