Beginning the exploration process in dentistry

Dr. Stacey Simmons says, “Oftentimes, just seeing and reading about something will get your thought processes turning, so you start asking question...

Ankylosed primary teeth with no permanent successors: What do you do? -- Part 1

It is not without some frequency that we encounter ankylosed primary teeth in the adolescent patient. Extraction of the ankylosed primary tooth and...


Dr. John T. McDevitt named chairman for Department of Biomaterials and Biomimetics at New York University College of Dentistry

Dr. John T. McDevitt, a pioneer in the development of “programmable bio-nano-chip” technologies, has been named chairman of the Department of Bioma...


NYU study successfully screens for diabetes at dental visits using oral blood

Researchers find a 99% correlation between tests for hemoglobin A1c at dental visits using finger stick and oral blood.


Ask Dr. Christensen: Are direct resin veneers as reliable as ceramic veneers?

Dr. Gordon Christensen answers questions from dentists regarding the challenges of everyday practice.


3Shape officially releases Implant Studio in the USA

3Shape to release Implant Studio at Chicago Midwinter Meeting.


Implant journal discusses promise of advanced bone generation therapy

While an ideal method of bone tissue engineering is not yet available, research with a collagen-hydroxyapatite-mesenchymal stem cell composite is s...


Online modules offer convenient opportunities to learn how to integrate dental sleep medicine into practice

AADSM provides continuing education to help benefit practice and patients.


OSAP and ICD to collaborate on infection prevention and safety practices

The Organization for Safety, Asepsis, and Prevention and the International College of Dentists sign a memorandum of understanding outlining a forma...


American Dental Association offers online education for dentists in long-term care

American Dental Association is offering an online continuing education course for dentists who want to provide care for nursing home residents.


Dr. Anthony G. Sclar Blog

  Anthony G. Sclar, DMD, OMS
has performed more than 15,000 successful dental implant procedures and developed several surgical techniques that have advanced the field of esthetic and reconstructive implant dentistry. He is the author of a multilanguage textbook on implant therapy, has contributed to several textbooks, and published many articles and abstracts in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Dr. Sclar is an adjunct professor and director of clinical research and dental implant surgery in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Nova Southeastern University's College of Dentistry. An international speaker, he offers limited-attendance, hands-on surgical training at the Sclar Center for Empowered Dental Implant Learning in Miami, Fla., where he has his dental practice.

Dr. Barry Polansky's Blog

        Dr. Barry Polansky
Dr. Barry Polansky has been a practicing dentist in New Jersey since 1973. He is the author of the best-selling book, “The Art of Examination,” and founder and publisher of the popular newsletter, “Private Practice.” He is the author of a new book, “The TAO of Dentistry,” which is available free on his Web site TAOofDentistry.com, an interactive blog to create your own practice philosophy. A speaker and prolific writer, Dr. Polansky is on the visiting faculty at The Pankey Institute. His latest endeavor is the creation of Niche Dental Studio with his son, Joshua Polansky.

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