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Ankylosed primary teeth with no permanent successors: What do you do? — Part 1 by David M. Sarver, DMD, MS

Ankylosed primary teeth with no permanent successors: What do you do? -- Part 1

Mar 3, 2015 It is not without some frequency that we encounter ankylosed primary tee...
Breakthrough Clinical pathology case: No. 2

Breakthrough Clinical pathology case: No 2

Mar 3, 2015 A healthy, 38-year-old male presented to the office for a comprehensive ...
Bridging the gap between dentistry, physical therapy, and the TMJ

Bridging the gap between dentistry, physical therapy, and the TMJ

Mar 3, 2015 The intricacy of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and its relationship ...
February 2015 Breakthrough Clinical pathology case: No. 1 - odontoma

Answer to February's Breakthrough Clinical pathology case: No. 1

Mar 3, 2015 In the February issue of Breakthrough Clinical, Editorial Director Stace...
AO, JOMI News: Study measures micromotion at the implant-abutment interface

AO, JOMI News: Study measures micromotion at the implant-abutment interface

Feb 28, 2015 In this issue of AO, JOMI News exclusively for DentistryIQ, you can lear...
diabetes - oral systemic health

NYU study successfully screens for diabetes at dental visits using oral blood

Feb 27, 2015 Researchers find a 99% correlation between tests for hemoglobin A1c at d...

Dr. Stephen Parel to be honored as eighth Nobel Biocare Brånemark Osseointegration Award Winner

Feb 27, 2015 The Academy of Osseointegration announces Dr. Stephen M. Parel will be t...

W. Mark Tucker, DDS, named 2015 College of Dentistry Outstanding Alumnus at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Feb 27, 2015 W. Mark Tucker, DDS, has been selected as the 2015 Outstanding Alumnus o...

3Shape officially releases Implant Studio in the USA

Feb 25, 2015

3Shape to release Implant Studio at Chicago Midwinter Meeting.

frowning boy Dreamstime.com

Pediatric dental radiographs: What I do when things aren't easy

Feb 23, 2015 Dr. Stacey L. Simmons calls upon her dental colleagues to submit their i...

Dr. John T. McDevitt named chairman for Department of Biomaterials and Biomimetics at New York University College of Dentistry

Feb 23, 2015 Dr. John T. McDevitt, a pioneer in the development of “programmable bio-...

Volunteers and dental companies deliver care to underserved children across the United States

Feb 20, 2015 Working with the American Dental Association to guarantee that young peo...

AAP: Periodontal disease most prevalent among ethnic minorities

Feb 18, 2015 New data from the CDC reinforce high rates in Hispanic, Black, and Asian...
Breakthrough Clinical pathology case: No. 1

Breakthrough Clinical pathology case: No. 1

Feb 18, 2015 Put your thinking caps on … we have a case for you! We want to know what...
Welcome to DE’s Breakthrough Clinical with Stacey Simmons, DDS!

Welcome to DE's Breakthrough Clinical with Stacey Simmons, DDS!

Feb 18, 2015 Editorial Director Stacey Simmons, DDS, introduces you to DE’s Breakthro...

Academy of Osseointegration hosts scientific meeting in India

Feb 18, 2015 The Academy of Osseointegration (AO) recently hosted its first-ever AO I...
Behavior management considerations in the pediatric dental patient by Conway Jensen, DDS

Behavior management considerations in the pediatric dental patient

Feb 17, 2015 “I shook my head in protest as my mouth was shut tighter than a clam. I ...

Survey shows 75% of parents miss key health milestone of taking children to dentist by age one

Feb 13, 2015 Survey highlights patients’ attitudes toward dentistry and concerns abou...

AAPD pediatric oral health research and policy center issues Medicaid audit technical brief

Feb 9, 2015 The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), one of the leading a...
TicTocStop oral orthotic device

First-time clinical study tests a noninvasive treatment for Tourette's using an oral orthotic device

Feb 5, 2015 Tourette’s syndrome, first diagnosed in 1885, currently has no cure, and...
American Association for Dental Research (AADR)

Dr. Raul Garcia elected vice president of AADR for 2015-2016

Feb 2, 2015 Dr. Raul Garcia, professor and chair of the Department of Health Policy ...
Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC)

How accreditation can encourage habits that help dentists maintain quality care and patient satisfaction

Jan 30, 2015 James E. Schall III, DDS, talks about how and why being accredited by Ac...

The Smile History

Jan 28, 2015

The history of dentistry with a focus on technology and arts.

How can dentists learn more about treating the edentulous maxilla - Academy of Osseointegration Summit

DentistryIQ's Ask AO: 'How can dentists learn more about treating the edentulous maxilla?'

Jan 27, 2015 In this new column, “DentistryIQ’s Ask AO,” the Academy of Osseointegrat...

NYU researchers develop new assessment tool to combat oral-systemic disease across the lifespan

Jan 23, 2015 TOSH educators and clinicians have developed an educational and clinical...

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DenMat launches UltraBond Clear veneer cement

Light-cure resin cement is formulated for bonding Lumineers, as well as ...

AACD to Change Lives, Smiles Through "Smile Story" Makeover Contest

The AACD will award 5 individuals with smile makeovers.

eZr Polishing System introduced

Polishing system enables clinicians to easily adjust and polish zirconia...

Products deliver technology to endodontic market

Carestream Dental showcases CS 8100 3D and RVG 6200 at 2014 AAE annual s...

Needle-free veneers offer smile transformation without pain

SmileSimplicity veneers can improve smile imperfections.

In-office tooth whitening kit launched

System is based on a new formulation of 30% hydrogen peroxide whitening...

Crescent Products introduces knee support pad

Knee support is part of company's Bodyrest System.

Product helps simplify communication between dentist and technician

With new product from Smile Line USA, dental photography becomes a "...

The oil pulling craze: What are the true dental benefits?

What do you tell your patients when they ask about the oil pulling craze?

Temporary dental cement available in unit dose pouches

Unit dose option added to DUX Dental's ZONEfree line of temporary cements.

LumiSmile White arrives

Maker of Lumineers launches a new brand of professional take-home whiten...

Ask Dr. Christensen: Are locators, ERAs, or spheres with rubber washers best for complete denture retention and support?

Dr. Gordon Christensen uses his research to answer dentists' concerns.

Ask Dr. Christensen: Do superficial stains wear off IPS e.max or IPS Empress?

Dr. Christensen discusses drinks to avoid and ways to stop the problem

5 steps to fabricating crown and bridge models

Follow these easy steps for guaranteed success with crown and bridge

Newest addition to Whitestrips collection debuts

New Crest 3D White Whitestrips Luxe Supreme FlexFit provide 30% more cov...

Pearls for Your Practice: Super-Snap X-Treme from Shofu

Dr. Blaes shares tips from his practice

VITA NP BOND offers stable bonding

Material helps prevent errors occurring as a result of CTE tension betwe...

Supersmile debuts two new products

A fluoride-free whitening toothpaste and collection of toothbrushes are ...

AACD debuts interactive consumer website

‘Your Smile Becomes You’ website features smile analysis, Smile IQ quiz,...

Ultradent partners with Crown Council

Ultradent to support of Crown Council's annual 120-day Smiles for Life F...

Virtual XD advanced system VPS impression materials

New product is from Ivoclar Vivadent

DENTSPLY Raintree Essix announces MTM Clear Aligner

New service gives practices an innovative alternative to existing aligne...

SmileSimplicity introduces ZERO PAIN technique

SmileSimplicity introduces ZERO PAIN veneer technique.

Online dental community a resource for dentists, labs

MyDental360, an online dental community, delivers exclusive offers, tail...

Dental implants and titanium dioxide nanotubes

While most dental implants are successful, a small percentage fail or mu...

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