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10-28-14 - Bathroom breaks | 2 ways to boost implant revenue | Dr. Christensen: allografts vs. alloplasts
10-14-14 - Research says dentists facing economic slowdown | Retirees rejecting dental insurance | HR questions addressed
9-23-2014 - Creating an effective team | HR issues – resumes and paying overtime | Dental tourism
9-9-2014 - 4 tips to prevent theft in your practice | HR issues – reducing wages for tardiness 8-26-2014 - Controlling collections in your practice | Uniform policies | How dental patients use online reviews
8-12-2014 - What is online defamation? | $50 can save you $10,000 | How one patient suffered from dentist’s negligence
7-22-2014 - Find and keep the right people for your practice | A practice reborn in Portland | The age-old question of tattoos and piercings
7-8-2014 - Successful communication for collaborative cases | Can striated tetracycline stains be bleached?
6-24-2014 - How to enhance the new patient experience | Who pays for snoring treatment? | Communication is critical for success in your practice
6-10-2014 - Why confusion about credit card processing costs? | Will third party payers cover sleep apnea treatment? | Don't let your online reputation be ruined
5-27-2014 - Dentists often embezzled by their "best" employees | Marketing to women may be good for bottom line | What are major needs for small diameter implants?
5-13-2014 - Why are HSAs good for dentists? | Is dentistry still a viable career choice? | Group practices on the rise
4-22-2014 - Control labor costs in your practice | Can this practice accept ANY Medicare plans? | How well do you check for oral cancer?
4-8-2014 - How to work successfully with your dental lab | What you need to know about oral cancer | The latest on FMLA
3-25-2014 - What are your bonus strategies in the new economy? | How your office can respond to 'oil pulling' patients | What to consider when your offspring
3-11-2014 - 8 principles of strong practice leadership | Bridge app from CareCredit reviewed | Are you a Tribal Chief or a General leader?
2-24-2014 - Why not to schedule new patients in hygiene | Can hygienists be classified as mid-level providers? | Budget creation tips for your office
2-11-2014 - Expert business analysis could turn your practice around | What is a good electronic caries detector? | Make scheduling as easy as possible for patients
1-28-2014 - Why you need an online marketing recare plan | Electronic detection of interproximal caries | Is Google+ the next big thing?
1-14-2014 - Increase production with patient satisfaction | Is DIAGNOdent accurate? | The latest info on dental trends and patient behavior
12-10-2013 - The growing importance of follow-up | Can a dentist reduce employee pay? | Incremental treatment for removal of partial dentures
11-26-2013 - The future is now with new augmented reality app | Manage stressors now! | How to choose the right disability insurance
11-12-2013- Reduce stress with effective meetings | 4 steps to supercharge your marketing | Vertical dimension of occlusion on edentulous patients
10-22-2013 - Find out your practice's percentile | Reduce no-shows and broken appointments | Can complete dentures be predictable?
10-8-2013 - 4 strategies for rapidly increasing production | What is effective blog content? | Is the need for complete dentures up or down?
9-24-2013 - Social media to acquire new patients | Are light-cured custom trays really better? | The missing piece of total wellness
9-10-2013 - What is the best technique for complete denture impressions? | Dental hygiene: an undervalued appointment | Eliminate bottlenecks in your office
8-27-2013 - Ask Dr. Christensen: What portion of complete denture technique can be legally delegated to staff? | The seven deadly sins of a performance shortfall
8-13-2013 - Ask Dr. Christensen: Are complete dentures without implants still state-of-the-art? | Increase income with cosmetic services
7-23-2013 - Ask Dr. Christensen: When are custom trays better than stock trays? | Sikka research reveals latest dental trends across U.S.
7-9-2013 - When are double-arch impressions better than full-arch impressions? | Strengthening the patient referral process
6-25-2013 - Should membranes always be placed after socket grafting? | The most common lies dentists tell themselves
6/11/2013 - Are allografts better than alloplasts for socket grafting? | Sophisticated digital imaging in one powerful system | What dental patients want and expect from their dentists
5/28/2013 - Are allografts better than xenografts for socket grafting? | A power toothbrush with interactive guidance and customized brushing | 3 common social media myths
5/14/2013 - How long should crown therapy be delayed after crown lengthening? | Infection-control products for complete disinfection of all hard surfaces | We need your input on our practice survey
4/23/2013 - Dr. Gordon Christensen on what makes an excellent dental assistant | The first FDA-cleared device to help detect oral cancer lesions not visible to the naked eye
4/9/2013 - What are the main indications for crown lengthening? | An impressive new entry into the 3-D scanner and CAD/CAM market | Oral cancer awareness
4/1/2013 - Special Edition: Oral surgeon causes horror in Oklahoma | Infection control experts weigh in on Tulsa fiasco
3/26/2013 - What is the minimum reduction for a zirconia-based crown? | 100 more tips from 100 practice management experts in 100 words or less
3/12/2013 - Is dentistry still a viable career choice? | A high-performance dental implant system that leaves nothing to chance | Oral cancer awareness | Five red flags to watch for when buying a practice
2/26/2013 - Dr. Christensen compares zirconia and metal implant abutments | Dentist: This is why your team hates you | Link between perio and CVD
2/12/2013 - Should Class II resin-based composite preps have bevels on occlusal or proximal margins? | Urgent payroll information dentists need to know
1/22/2013 - What is the best way to make a contact area on a Class II resin-based composite restoration? | The latest about the fiscal cliff and dentistry
1/8/2013 - Dr. Christensen compares dental lasers and electrosurgery | The best Tips & Tricks articles from 2012 | What dentists need to know about the fiscal cliff bill
12/11/2012 - The best dental PEARLS of 2012 | Dr. Gordon Christensen answers your questions in two-minute videos | 6 ways to reduce appointment cancellations
11/27/2012 - Do ceramic veneers last as long as dental crowns? | Taxmaggedon: What dental practices need to know | How to get $5,000 in new revenue this month
11/13/2012 - What is long centric? | How to spot a lie on a job application | Tips for difficult extractions | Holiday marketing for dental practices
10/23/2012 - Are 4th generation bonding agents still acceptable? | Patient education on the cloud | How to transition out of a managed care plan in 5 easy steps
10/9/2012 - What is the difference between bruxism and clenching? | 12 of the best marketing investments | The state of dental industry in the U.S.
9/25/2012 - What are the best implant abutment types? | 3 ways to capture the attention of future patients online | Insider's guide to San Francisco
9/11/2012 - Dr. Christensen on long centric and bruxers | Self-etch and total-etch adhesion using one bottle | Remembering Sept. 11 | The best mobile dental apps
8/28/2012 - Dr. Christensen on the shift from CR to MIP | 12 ways to get YOUR money | Lessons I learned as a partner | Buyer's guide for curing lights
8/14/2012 - Bonding techniques and postop sensitivity | 100 tips from 100 practice-management consultants in 100 words or less | An easier way to clean between teeth
7/24/2012 - What type of laser is best for cutting soft tissue? | Dental implant labels | How to protect yourself from legal claims of retaliation | Anterior tooth preps
7/10/2012 - What are the best matrices for resin-based composite restorations? | 3 simple changes to increase treatment plan acceptance | Learning from Starbucks
6/26/2012 - How often should blood pressure be tested in the dental office? | 12 financial arrangement pointers | Buyer's Guide to oral cancer screening devices
6/12/2012 - Dr. Christensen on bonding agents | Top zip codes for periodic oral exam fees | Digital X-ray systems
5/22/2012 - The 3 habits of financially successful dentists | Focus on orthodontics | 7 elements to creating a killer FB cover photo
5/8/2012 - Dr. Christensen on fiber-reinforced posts vs. metal posts | 3 ways bonus systems fire up teams | Facebook timelines | Instrument sharpening
4/24/2012 - The challenge of offshore dental labs | Perio linked to cardio? | Safety of dental X-rays | 12 ways to control overhead
4/10/2012 - Is it legal for staff to collect diagnostic data? | 3 ways to succeed in the new economy | 3 ways to tackle negative online reviews
3/27/2012 - Dr. Christensen Q&A: How should 5000 ppm fluoride gel be used? | Focus on orthodontics: treatment planning, clear aligners, parents and patients
3/13/2012 - How far down the root canal should a post be placed? Dr. Christensen answers | A new concept in tissue contraction | 12 truths of patient satisfaction
2/28/2012 - Dr. Christensen on the most effective preventive regimen for patients with high caries activity | An easier way to do pulp capping | 9 new products introduced in Chicago
2/14/2012 - What percent of endodontics is done by GPs? | 12 keys to scheduling success | Dental Office Design winner
1/24/2012 - Dr. Christensen on the main reasons for endodontic failure | 5 ways to make your online presence a source for new patients | Which appliance design should I use | 7 social media resolutions
1/10/2012 - What type and brand of cement is best for posts? Dr. Christensen weighs in | Dental technology predictions for 2012 | 15 ways to overcome overload
12/27/2011 - The best of the best: top 10 articles of 2011 | Serious year-end planning | Dr. Christensen on when to use diagnostic casts and how often
12/13/2011 - Dr. Christensen on remaining tooth structure for an adequate post and core | 4 ways to improve productivity with a website | Best Pearls of 2011
11/22/2011 - Dr. Christensen on pure titanium vs. titanium alloy | The hygiene lifeboat | Credit cards for new-patient appointments
11/8/2011 - Dr. Christensen on the best ceramic for veneers | Year-end tax planning | Successful porcelain restorations | Why you need a web presence NOW
10/25/2011 - Dr. Christensen discusses a new endo system | Hire right the first time | Creating a Facebook page | Esthetic, affordable diastema closures
10/11/2011 - How to improve quality and longevity of restorations | A simple tool for accurate impressions | How to get those big cases
9/27/2011 - Dr. Christensen explains why you need an air-polishing device | 3 things a matrix system must do to be successful | Products to see at the ADA
9/13/2011 - Dr. Christensen on zirconia implant abutments | STDs and oral cancer | Going digital with patient education
8/23/2011 - Using technology to strengthen patient relationships | Dentistry, Apple Stores, and customer service | New learning opportunities
8/9/2011 - Dr. Christensen on small-diameter implants | Total-etch or self-etch: the debate continues | 8 realistic uses for lasers
7/26/2011 - Dr. Gordon Christensen: current research on self-etch bonding agents | Sleep disorders | Dr. Oz and oral cancer
7/12/2011 - Dr. Christensen on ferrules in crown preps | Dental forecast for 2011 | DentistryIQ.com weekly newscast | The 5 best dental apps
6/28/2011 - Dr. Gordon Christensen on flowable resin composites | Finding fees in your zip code | I am a dentist. Why should I bother with social media? | What 100 dentists told us
6/14/2011 - Tips to help you seal a prepared tooth successfully | Why a mobile-compatible website is a must | Latest videos about EHRs, stem cell research, patient scheduling
5/24/2011 - 10 ways to kick-start your social media campaign | 2 Pearls For Your Practice | Find fees in your area
5/10/2011 - 4 tips to protect you against embezzlement | 10 team tips for the successful implementation of implant dentistry in today's practice
4/26/2011 - Dr. Christensen on when you should place sealants | Oral cancer prescreening is long gone | 5 reasons you don't use social media
4/12/2011 - How to implement oral cancer screening in your dental practice | Turn up the heat before you fire
3/22/2011 - 7 habits of financially unsuccessful dentists | The $8,000 day | How to steal more than half a million from a dentist
3/8/2011 - Easy crown lengthening with Dr. Christensen | New procedure codes and updated fees
2/22/2011 - Why do 50% of sealants fall off after five years? Is there a law prohibiting reduction in staff wages?
2/8/2011 - 5 dental technology predictions for 2011; Is it time to raise fees?
1/25/2011 - Dr. Christensen's tips on how to remove broken abutment screws in dental implants; 6 reports equal $$ in the bank
1/11/2011 - Dr. Christensen on operatory setup for placing implants; 8 low-cost ways to gain new patients
12/28/2010 - 6 tips to ensure success with mini implants; the best tips & tricks of 2010
12/14/2010 - Dr. Christensen on lithium disilicate restorations plus the Best Pearls of 2010
11/23/2010 - Dr. Gordon Christensen on titanium implant abutments vs. zirconia; dental market trends
11/9/2010 - Finding fees in your zip code; 5 more tips to increase production by $200,000
10/26/2010 - 5 tips to increase production by $200,000; why your team loves the bad apple
10/12/2010 - Dr. Gordon Christensen on etching enamel margins before use of self-etching primers; tips for handling office phone calls
9/28/2010 - Clinical tips and current research from Dr. Gordon Christensen; what you need to know about Section 179
9/14/2010 - Sealants need major changes; salary figures for dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants
8/24/2010 - Valid licenses; two layers of bond better than one; eight tactics to partner-and-prosper
8/10/2010 - Application time of adhesion systems important for success; 5 ways to guarantee prosperity in your practice
7/27/2010 - 5 steps to hygiene heaven; social media rules for the dental practice; how powerful is your brand?
7/13/2010 - 5 easy ways to spark interaction with your patients; Bonus systems — yes or no?
6/22/2010 - Embezzlement Tips; Ask Dr. Christensen; Employment Taxes; Emergency Patients
6/8/2010 - Clinical Tips from Dr. Gordon Christensen; Laser Technology Overview; Out of Prison, Dr. Roy Shelburne has an important
5/25/2010 - Update on the New Dental Law; Q&A with Dr. Joe Blaes; Clinical Tip from Dr. Gordon Christensen
5/11/2010 - What you must know by June 1st about the new dental law
4/27/2010 - 5 Tips for Attracting New Patients; 3 Ways to Get More Referrals; Success for Your Team
4/13/2010 - Expert Q&A with Dr. Joe Blaes and Dr. Gordon Christensen; Internal Marketing; Hiring an Associate; Free CE Course
3/23/2010 - 9 Ways to Attract New Patients; Manage Broken Appointments; Before Filing Your Taxes
3/9/2010 - Get a Handle on Collections; Q&A with Dr. Blaes: Post Preparation Sensitivity; 3 False Assumptions that Dentists make; Easier Hygiene Exams
2/23/2010 - Overhead Q&A; Increase Case Acceptance; 3 Tips to Bring in New Patients; Team Incentives
2/9/2010 - Are you losing patients due to the economy?
1/26/2010 - 3 Dental Success Factors; 6 Tips for Increasing Case Acceptance; Special Offers
1/13/2010 - 2009 Fee Survey; 10 Most Popular Articles from 2009; Production Required to net $100
12/22/2009 - 10 Things Your Hygienist Thinks You Should Know; Year-end Tax Planning; Success with Sedation
12/8/2009 - 5 Ways to Create a High Performance Schedule, #1 Marketing Must for your Dental Office; Holiday Party Survey Results; Ask the Expert
11/24/2009 - Holiday Party Q&A; 7 Ways to Market Your Practice; Higher Case Acceptance
11/10/2009 - 4 Steps to Explosive Hygiene Production; 6 Human Resources Q&A's; HIPPA-smart Online Patient Connection; 2010 Tax Calendar
10/27/2009 - 8 Ways to Deal with No-Shows; 6 Human Resources Q&A; Practice Survey Results; Twitter DO's and DON'Ts
10/15/2009 - 5 Easy Front Desk Fixes; Practice Survey; Q&A with Dr. Michael Schuster
9/22/2009 - 5 Action Steps for Case Acceptance; Marketing Q&A; Tips from Dr. Gordon Christensen
9/8/2009 - 6 Staff Incentive Programs; Whats new with HIPPA; July Dental Production Stats; 4 Steps for the Ultimate Patient Experience
8/25/2009 - Avoid Losing Patients; Tip from a Reader; Q&A with Dr. Barry Polansky; Staff Incentives Survey
8/11/2009 - 3 Words and Phrases to Avoid with Patients; 7 Hiring Principles to Follow; 9 Questions to ask Financial Partners
7/28/2009 - 5 Step Formula for Hygiene Profitability; 2 HR Questions from our readers; 5 Mistakes to Avoid on your Website
7/14/2009 - 7 Q&As with Dr. Michael DiTolla; Tips for Using Cements; Reorganize Your Practice; Tips from our Readers
6/23/2009 - Q&A about HR and Personnel Issues; 2 Steps for Increasing Cosmetic Treatment
6/9/2009 - HR and Personnel Issues; 4 Steps to Strengthen Leadership
5/26/2009 - 3 ways to help team training pay off; Free CE webcast; Electrosurgery or Diode Laser?
5/12/2009 - Patient Financing; Clinical Tips; Practice Growth in Difficult Times; Making a Great Consultation Room
4/28/2009 - Clinical Tips; 12 Tips for Discussing Money with Patients; Cone-beam 3D Radiography
4/14/2009 - 7 Hot New Products; 6 Stages of Comprehensive Case Acceptance; Clinical Tips & Research
3/24/2009 - Expert Tips: Quick-and-Easy Tips for Filling Downtime; Clinical Tips from Christensen
3/10/2009 - Expert Tips: Precision Cuts Technique; Accounts Receivables; Case Presentations
2/24/2009 - Cementing Crowns; Special Offers; Budget Busters
2/10/2009 - Zirconia Crowns: CRA Studies; 7 Case Conversations
1/27/2009 - Clinical Tips and Research from Dr. Christensen
1/13/2009 - 3 Most Common Case Presentation Mistakes
12/23/2008 - 5 Action Steps for New Patient Phone Calls
11/11/2008 - 7 ways to avoid embezzlement; check fraud protection
10/30/2008 - 9 steps to calculate overhead; 5 Tips for getting overhead under control
10/28/2008 - Bill Blatchford and Roger Levin on Managing Office Overhead
10/7/2008 - DE - Expert Tips & Tricks Newsletter
9/23/2008 - Top 5 End-of-Calendar-Year Economic Blunders


Dental Assisting Digest



11-24-2014 - Assistants: Glue that hold practice together | Microscope-enhanced dentistry | Increase your productivity
10-27-2014 - Tooth tattoos  |  12 marketing tools for dental assistants  |  Pediatric dentistry and the ACA
9-22-2014 - HR response to controversial layoff letter | Do your prejudices affect patient care?
8-25-2014 - A heartwarming story of getting a smile back | Why you should join ADAA | Farewell from the ADAA president
7-28-2014 - What do dental assistants really earn? | Want to be a certified dental marketing assistant? | Interviewing applicants
6-30-2014 - Pack more into your DA paycheck | Tread softly around maternity leave | How to handle the office 'slacker'
5-19-2014- Ready to push aside that dental assisting chair? | The benefits of CE | Treat patients as you want to be treated
4-28-2014 - What do you know about the oil pulling craze? | A basic guide to Obamacare | DANB introduces updated state resources
3-24-2014 - What's the income power of your paycheck? | Anti-fluoride sentiment a frightening trend | A guide to equipment maintenance
2-24-2014 - Can a CDA increase your earnings? | How clean is your dental office? | Prepare to celebrate Dental Assistants Recognition Week
1-27-2014 - Dental assistant and hygienist: Friends or foes? | Case acceptance in an insurance-driven world | 4 steps to a No Gossip Zone in your dental office
12-16-2013 - Do your peers respect your dental assistant education? | What every assistant should know about new patients | Dentist's son/employee causing problems
11-25-2013 - Survey says: It will be hard to fill DA positions in the future | 3 ways DAs can improve the schedule | Should the dentist pay for your CE?
10-28-2013 - Is dental assisting a dead end job? | Orthodontic assistants | An argument for clear aligners | Sandy one year later
9-30-2013 - Dental assistants' salaries by region | Down with patient fear and failed appointments | Up with that dream job
8/26/2013 - Salary survey preview | The 15 most popular articles for dental assistants | Dental coding: Asking for ID and preventing fraud in the dental practice
7/29/2013 - From Atlantic to Pacific, the tie that unites all assistants | What ACA open enrollment will mean for your practice | The top 10 movie villains of all time ... including two dental bad guys
6/24/2013 - I feel threatened by the second dental assistant ... what do I do? | The annual DAD Salary Survey begins | Did oral sex cause Michael Douglas' throat cancer ... or not?
5/28/2013 - What to do when the office manager plays favorites | How to overcome your daily challenges | Are caffeinated toothbrushes coming?
4/22/2013 - A complete look at the Oklahoma oral surgeon fiasco: What dental assistants did wrong and what you can learn from their mistakes
4/1/2013 - Special Edition: Oral surgeon causes horror in Oklahoma | Infection control experts weigh in on Tulsa fiasco
3/25/2013 - What to do if you're working with a psycho | More on the 'irresistible' dental assistant | The start of the 2013 DAD salary survey
2/25/2013 - Our most detailed dental assistant salary listings ever | Why some team members hate their boss
1/28/2013 - State-by-state salary numbers: What you told us and what you can do about it | What we think about the firing of the 'irresistible' dental assistant
12/17/2012 - The top 10 articles of 2012 | What effect will Obamacare have on your job?
11/26/2012 - Why you need a performance evaluation | Know where you stand in the dental office | Are you ready for an emergency?
10/29/2012 - The 12 best cities for young dental assistants | 5 habits of highly effective treatment coordinators | How to overcome the sting of "the queen bee"
9/24/2012 - The best states for young dental assistants | Updated salary statistics | 7 habits of highly effective dental assistants | The 3 biggest battles between front and back office
8/27/2012 - Five things every dental assistant should know | What you need to know about oral piercings | Is the grass really greener on the other side?
7/30/2012 - The best and worst states for dental assistants | The homework behind asking for a raise | What you like and don't like about your job
6/25/2012 - How (and why) you should ask for a raise | Linda Miles talks about micromanaging dentists | Ideas for dealing with conflict
5/29/2012 - The latest hourly and annual dental assistant salary figures | How to have less stress | Why one spouse works in the dental office
4/30/2012 - Launching our "best and worst states to be a dental assistant" survey | Linda Miles discusses cellphones in the practice | More on "mean girls in the workplace"
3/26/2012 - What you told us about texting in the practice | Linda Miles answers your questions | 5 things your mother should've told you
2/27/2012 - How to deal with 'mean girls' in your office | Are you texting while caring? | 12 keys to scheduling success
1/30/2012 - The final look at our annual DAD salary survey | Flirting or harassment? | The keys to going chartless
12/27/2011 - Update on the annual DAD salary survey | Q&A with Linda Miles on scheduling and "the Queen Bee"
11/28/2011 - First look at the annual DAD salary survey | How to deal with those obnoxious patients
10/31/2011 - The annual salary survey begins | Answers to your questions from Linda Miles
9/26/2011 - What you told us: The best and worst things a dentist ever said to you | 5 tips to help you work with the office drama diva
8/29/2011 - The best (and worst) things a dentist ever said to you | 7 steps to a drama-free office | Is it time to reset your career?
7/25/2011 - The best (and worst) states to be a dental assistant | Reviewing Horrible Bosses | The EFDA's role
6/27/2011 - The latest dental assistant salary figures | Creating a great new patient experience | Six steps to a productive argument
5/31/2011 - The good things Dr. Gordon Christensen says about you | Eight new products you should know about | Join us on a cruise
4/25/2011 - What you told us about your benefits and bonuses | An office manager's implosion on Facebook
3/28/2011 - 10 ways to earn the respect of others
2/28/2011 - What you told us ... your state-by-state hourly wages, and more
1/31/2011 - The importance of finding happiness in your career and exercises you need to know
12/20/2010 - Money, respect, courtesy ... the top 10 stories from Dental Assisting Digest in 2010
11/29/2010 - Dealing with conflict, tension, and gossip, plus a fee analyzer that can help your practice
10/25/2010 - Final results of our 2010 salary survey, plus answers to five tough questions
9/27/2010 - Money Matters: The latest salary numbers for dentists, hygienists, and assistants
8/30/2010 - Your first glance at the 2010 Dental Assisting Digest salary survey
7/26/2010 - It's time! DAD's annual list of the best (and worst) places to be a dental assistant
6/28/2010 - The latest dental assistant salary figures, plus how Facebook can get you fired
5/24/2010 - Uncovering the myths of a bonus system
4/26/2010 - The 10 things you wish your dentist knew
3/29/2010 - Four performance evaluation tips, plus how to cope with difficult coworkers
2/22/2010 - What to do when the dentist says, "A raise, in these hard times? Are you kidding?"
1/25/2010 - How do you rank your state as a place to practice dentistry?
12/21/2009 - The top 10 must-read dental assisting articles of 2009
11/30/2009 - California changes, CBCT Q&A, and special offers
10/26/2009 - Job security during tough economic times
9/28/2009 - Final results of the 2009 DAD salary survey
8/31/2009 - Early results from DAD's 2009 salary survey
7/27/2009 - The #1 state to work in is... PLUS updated salary figures
6/29/2009 - The self-directed assistant - creating value in everything you do
5/26/2009 - Saluting our military ... and the wives who stay behind
4/27/2009 - Confessions of a frustrated dental assistant ... and answers for her
3/30/2009 - Your salary ... how it compares and what you can do about it
2/23/2009 - PDA 2009 information ... what you need to know
1/26/2009 - Working in a "green practice" ... from an assistant's perspective
12/29/2008 - Tips for you to succeed in 2009
11/24/2008 - Survey: What you said about your salary in 2008
10/27/2008 - How to ask for a raise in today's economy
9/29/20089 - Big changes ... and a new salary survey
8/25/2008 - Tips for being green in and out of the dental office
7/27/2008 - 1 Financial Mistake You Don't Want To Make
6/30/2008 - They're in! The results of DAD's inaugural salary survey
5/27/2008 - UPDATED salary information; the #1 state to work in is...
4/28/2008 - Latest dental assistant salary statistics and more...
3/31/2008 - Digital x-rays; paperless office; 10 ways to stay safe in the office; and CE on periodontal
2/25/2008 - Your issue of Dental Assisting Digest, February 2008
1/28/2008 - Your issue of Dental Assisting Digest, January 2008

RDH eVillage

    10/10/2014 - RDH Salary Survey: Part 2 | Clean up your finances | Everyday retreats
9/26/2014 - What to do about dud CE classes | The '3 languages of perio’ | Dental ‘distinctionary
9/12/2014 - First part of annual dental hygiene salary survey | How doctors can appreciate RDHs
8/22/2014 - Delegate to empower your career | Things about dental hygiene I wish I had known | RDH eVillage salary survey needs your input
8/08/2014 - How to get what you want | A patient's nightmare | Mentoring | RDH Under One Roof
7/25/2014 - The statistics behind dental hygienists' wealth | Oil pulling panel | Digitize job hunting
7/11/2014 - Cheat sheet for periodontal protocol| How's your relationship?| Jo-Anne Jones reveals success secrets
6/27/2014 - Recession-proof your patients | Show me the money! | ADHA's new officers
6/13/2014 - Hygienists' buying influence | Managing no-shows | Proven ideas for job seekers
5/23/2014 - Average visit 94 minutes | Handle the insurance question | Kelsch’s update on MERS virus
5/9/2014 - Hygienists report being satisfied with career choice | Insurance coding for TMD patients | RDH Under One Roof
4/25/2014 - A Google Hangout about your dental hygiene career | Lessons from Star Trek | Hygiene speedometer, part 2
4/11/14 - Flexible hours still a draw for RDHs | How fast are you? | Stuck with the crab-in-the-pot mentality?
3/28/2014 - More RDHs working in multiple dental offices? | Most intriguing seminars at RDH Under One Roof
3/14/2014 - Income power of hygienists and dental assistants | Can you serve and be profitable?
2/28/2014 - Survey: How much time is spent on each dental hygiene procedure | Opening up about personal finances
2/14/2014 - Creating synergy at work, Part 2 | Attitudes about money | 'Like' Dental Economics
1/24/2014 - 7 keys to eliminating conflict | Breast cancer options | Sunstar/RDH award adds new category
1/10/2014 - When should a hygienist be hired? | Statistics about patient behavior | Clinical tips
12/27/2013 - The Top 25 dental products in 2013 | 9 benefits of not scheduling the new patient in hygiene
12/13/2013 - 2013 dental hygiene salaries | 9 tips for filling hygiene appointments
11/22/2013 - Reaching the unreachable patient | Insurance coding | Oral cancer exams
11/8/2013 - Hygiene salaries in 15 cities | Compensation Models Compared | What can we learn from Boston Strong?
10/25/2013 - 21% of hygienists want more hours | No math in hygiene? | Are dental lab labels a HIPAA violation?
10/11/2013 - Survey on dental hygiene income | Every dental hygienist should watch for signs of depression
9/27/2013 - A review of ADA environmental scan | How hygienists can assist families who have a child with autism
9/13/2013 - How different generations of RDHs view job market | RDH leadership | Evidence-based dental hygiene
8/23/2013 - The job market for dental hygienists is too overcrowded, according to survey results
8/9/2013 - Dental hygiene job market survey | Must-know interviewing questions | New guidelines for HIV exposure
7/26/2013 - A Plan B for dental hygiene careers | RDH Under One Roof | Alternative work schedules
7/12/2013 - Keys to Empowerment | Career Corner | Top 10 Movie Villains
6/28/2013 - Final thoughts on pay raise survey | Mentor of Year ceremony | Mobile apps target patient compliance
6/14/2013 - Timing of RDH pay raises | Reasons to attend UOR | Air polishing
5/24/2013 - Pay Raises: National Overview | Today, we're all Okies
5/10/2013 - Career planning for dental hygienists | Part 4 of dental hygiene job benefits survey
4/26/2013 - Vacations, paid sick days, and holidays for hygienists | 4 secrets to the ideal job
4/12/2013 - 5 Biz Success Tips | Anecdotal Hygienist | Hollywood's best lines about oral care
4/1/2013 - Special Edition: Infection control experts weigh in on Tulsa fiasco
3/22/2013 - Part 2 of job benefits survey | The 'heart' of patient enrollment | 100 tips from 100 experts
3/8/2013 - Survey results about health insurance for dental hygienists | Lessons from 'The Power of Full Engagement'
2/22/2013 - Please answer RDH job benefits survey | Four steps to work/life balance | How dental patients 'learn'
2/8/2013 - Honoring yourself professionally | Survey results: The exhibit hall is still a draw for hygienists | 2013 CDT codes
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10/26/2012 - Letter: Tough times? Deal with it | OMG! UOR registration is open
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9/28/2012 - Salary survey: Lower hourly rates? | Should patients tell you when to use hand instruments?
9/14/2012 - So you want another job? | Salary survey results, part 1 | Best states to be a young RDH
8/24/2012 - Vote on what is the greatest dental product invention of all time
8/10/2012 - What happened in Vegas did not stay in Vegas | Show me the money survey
6/22/2012 - Working interviews: Should dental hygienists be paid? | Work-life balance
5/25/2012 - Survey: Annoying fee trends or smart business? | UOR's exhibitors and Dental Impact
5/11/2012 - Mother's Day at Pleasant Valley | Dentally disengaged? | Air polishing overview
4/27/2012 - Highest and lowest prophy fees | Why or What Hygienists| Free Samples
4/13/2012 - Varnish simplified | More Red or Blue RDHs? | You want to start a business?
3/23/2012 - Hygienists, beware of outrageous job offers!
3/9/2012 - RDH sells gold for career | Free CE next week at RDH Event | You can have it all
2/24/2012 - Legionnaires' bacteria found in dental water | How useful are lunch-and-learns?
2/10/2012 - Who's texting during patient care | New feature: Career Corner
1/27/2012 - Is your texting affecting patient care? | What RDHs want from CE
1/13/2012 - Create change in 2012 | Best states to be a hygienist
12/23/2011 - Solutions for pet peeves
12/9/2011 - A doctor's pet peeve and your CE wish list
11/25/2011 - Do dental hygienists share the same pet peeves?
11/11/2011 - Should you move to California or NH? Part 4 of the RDH eVillage salary survey
10/28/2011 - Compare hygiene salaries in U.S. metropolitan areas
10/14/2011 - Over/Under? Where does your hourly rate fall? Part II of the salary survey results
9/23/2011 - 78% or 7%? In which group do you belong? The RDH eVillage salary survey kicks off
9/9/2011 - Salary challenged? Tell us about it. The salary survey is back!
8/26/2011 - A hygienist's view of new perio protocol | Results of sharpening survey
8/12/2011 - 'Switching' patient behavior | What happened at UOR?
7/22/2011 - Seeking lifestyle mastery | RDH eVillage instrument sharpening survey
7/8/2011 - The year is halfway over; setting goals that are attainable
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5/27/2011 - Don't be dethroned | Would you wear this to work?
5/13/2011 - An update on Alabama dental professionals recovering from storms
4/22/2011 - How doctors annoy us | 18 overheard insults about dental hygienists
4/8/2011 - Which states offer the most serenity for dental hygienists?
3/25/2011 - Does experience matter when contemplating the future of hygiene?
3/11/2011 - Survey says more work, less pay. Agree? | Future of Hygiene Survey Results
2/25/2011 - The future of dental hygiene ... Do we have one?
2/11/2011 - The future of dental hygiene ... Do we have one?
1/28/2011 - Oral health is still not considered a part of total health
1/14/2011 - Are you living in a healthy state for hygiene?
12/23/2010 - Are sealants passe? Here's what you told us...
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10/22/2010 - Are your attitudes about money sabotaging your production?
10/8/2010 - Hourly and daily rates for all 50 states
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3/12/2010 - RDH: Failing dental policies; our job perks survey
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2/12/2010 - RDH: Stillbirth linked to perio pathogen; Times are tough, so no raises this year!
1/22/2010 - RDH: Are you worth your salary? And do you love your boss?
1/9/2010 - RDH: Your state - How proud are you of your state as a place to work?
12/29/2009 - RDH: "Dear Bully" and top 10 ways to please your hygienist
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10/9/2009 - RDH: Compare your daily rates and commissions, Swine Flu Protocol
9/25/2009 - RDH: How does your hourly rate compare with other U.S. hygienists? And what dentists need to know...
9/11/2009 - RDH: Stop Losing Thousands of Dollars in Perio: Quiz
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7/31/2009 - RDH: Hygienist loses job over HIPAA violation
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5/29/2009 - RDH: Swine Flu in our Practices: What You Need to Know
4/24/2009 - RDH: Need some RESPECT? Voices of hygienists
3/27/2009 - RDH: Hygiene Stimulus Ideas and Free Samples
2/27/2009 - RDH: Does your self-image affect your salary?
1/30/2009 - Samples offered in the January issue of RDH magazine
12/19/2008 - 2008 Top Choices: Products and Articles
11/21/2008 - Hygiene Lexicon - Do you know a second language?
10/31/2008 - You can still visit RDH Event for seminars, exhibitors
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6/27/2008 - RDH eVillage Newsletter
5/30/2008 - RDH eVillage Newsletter
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3/28/2008 - RDH eVillage - Fluoride varnish use; UOR sweepstakes; and CE on dangers of soda pop
2/29/2008 - Direct access dental hygiene; an invitation to RDH Event; and CE on stem cells in this issue of RDH eVillage
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  10/15/2014 - Straight from INeedCE.com: Patients with Developmental Disabilities | Restoration of an Immediate Extraction Site | Effective and Productive Instrument Processing
9/17/2014 - Straight from INeedCE.com: Contemporary dentifrices | Patients who have ADHD | Reducing risk factors
8/20/2014 - Courses on bruxism, the oral effects of schizophrenia, the treatment of dry mouth associated with xerostomia, and more ...
7/16/2014 - Diet & OC | 2015 Infection Control CDC Guidelines | Chairside Denture Reline
6/18/2014 - Straight from INeedCE.com: CDC Infection Control, Hard and Soft Chairside Denture Reline, Hypersensitive Dentin Updates, and more …
5/21/2014 - Straight from INeedCE.com: Hypersensitive Dentin Updates, Antibiotic Interference with Oral Contraceptives, CDC Infection Control, and more …
4/16/2014 - Straight from INeedCE.com: Dermatology and Dentistry, Oral Health in Head and Neck Cancer, HIPAA Issues, and more …
3/19/2014 - Straight from INeedCE.com: HIPAA Complexities and Compliance Issues, Diode Lasers, Dermatology and Dentistry, and more …
2/19/2014 - Straight from INeedCE.com: Roots of Dental Fears, Anatomy of a Handpiece, Diode Lasers, and more …
1/15/2014 - Straight from INeedCE.com: Pit and Fissure Sealants, Roots of Dental Fears, Anatomy of a Handpiece, and more …
12/18/2013 - Straight from INeedCE.com: Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together: Chair Side CAD/CAM and Cone Beam Integration in Implantology
11/20/2013 - Straight from INeedCE.com: Biofilm removal, laser selection, orthodontic treatment advances, and more …
10/16/2013 - Straight from INeedCE.com: Selecting the best laser for YOUR practice, biofilm removal, orthodontic treatment advances, and more …
9/18/2013 - Straight from INeedCE.com: Courses on dental handpiece repair, HPV-related oral cancer screening, and more ...
8/21/2013 - Straight from INeedCE.com: Courses on air polishing, periodontal disease and smoking, and more ...
7/17/2013 - Straight from INeedCE.com: Courses on treatment options for chronic periodontitis, using cone beam CT, and more ...
6/19/2013 - Straight from INeedCE.com: Courses on oral cancer, the link between periodontal disease and smoking, and more
5/15/2013 - Straight from INeedCE.com: Courses on cone beam CT in the practice, professional whitening, and more
4/17/2013 - Straight from INeedCE.com: Courses on salivary diagnostics, minimally invasive dentistry, and more
3/20/2013 - Straight from INeedCE.com: Courses on radiology, periodontal disease and smoking, anesthetic buffering, and more
2/20/2013 - Straight from INeedCE.com: Courses on anesthetic buffering, dental EHRs, fluoride and the reduction of dental caries, and more
1/16/2013 - Straight from INeedCE.com: Courses on dental EHRs, the link between periodontal disease and diabetes, radiology, and more
12/12/2012 - Looking for dental CE as the year comes to an end? Look no further than our year-end special and new courses
12/5/2012 - Straight from INeedCE.com: Courses on periodontal disease and diabetes, recognizing embezzlement and fraud, treating patients with developmental disabilities, and more
11/14/2012 - Straight from INeedCE.com: Courses on periodontal disease assessment and cardiovascular wellness, recognizing embezzlement and fraud, women's oral health issues, and more
10/17/2012 - Straight from INeedCE.com: Courses on recognizing embezzlement and fraud, salivary diagnostics, communicating with patients, and more
9/19/2012 - Straight from INeedCE.com: Courses on emerging concepts in periodontitis, communicating periodontal protocols, malocclusion, and more
8/15/2012 - Straight from INeedCE.com: A comprehensive review of vascular disease, advanced digital implant dentistry, and more
7/18/2012 - Straight from INeedCE.com: Courses on caries management, vascular disease, Xylitol, and more
6/20/2012 - Courses on socket preservation, tooth-colored restoratives, medical emergencies, and more
5/16/2012 - Courses on fluoride varnish, risk assessment, mini-implants, and more ...
4/18/2012 - Straight from INeedCE.com: Courses on composite restorations, chronic periodontitis, whitening, and more ...
3/21/2012 - Straight from IneedCE.com: Courses on endodontics, adhesives, whitening, and more ...
2/15/2012 - Straight from IneedCE.com: Courses on adhesives, materials, whitening, and more
1/18/2012 - Start your year with CE on composites, the perio/ortho connection, and more ...
12/21/2011 - Your year-end source for CE on whitening, restorations, and more
11/16/2011 - CE Update: Featured CE Course on Perspectives on Endodontic Therapy and Instrumentation | Whitening CE Course | No-Cost Webinar on periodontal disease and smokers
10/19/2011 - CE Update: Featured CE Course on Esthetic Anterior Composite Restorations | Update on Dental Adhesives | CE Webinar for no cost
9/21/2011 - CE Update: Featured CE Course on CAMBRA: Best Practices in Dental Caries Management | Mini-Implants CE Course | No-cost CE Webinar on periodontal disease and smokers
8/17/2011 - CE Update: FREE CE Courses on Composite Restorations and Periodontal Disease and Smokers | Hand Hygiene and Hand Care CE Course
7/20/2011 - CE Update: Featured CE Course on Lasers in Orthodontics | Fluoride Varnish CE Course | CE Webinar on mouthguards for no cost
6/15/2011 - CE Update: Featured CE Course on Fluoride Varnish | Dentinal Hypersensitivity CE Course | Two CE Webinars for no cost
5/18/2011 - CE Update: Featured CE Course on Dental Erosion | Mini-Implants CE Course | Chronic Periodontitis CE Webinar
4/20/2011 - CE Update: Featured Course on Glass Ionomers | Dental Erosion Course | Chronic Periodontitis CE Webinar
3/16/2011 - CE Update: Best practices in intraoral digital radiography | Soft-tissue lasers and procedures | Webinar on periodontal disease and smoking
2/16/2011 - CE Update: CE courses on digital radiography, lasers, composite restorations, and more!
1/19/2011 - CE Update: CE courses on endodontics, handpiece repair, restoratives, and more!
12/15/2010 - CE Update: Courses available on soft-tissue lasers, mouthguards, composites, and more!
11/17/2010 - CE Update: The Use and Efficacy of Professional Topical Fluorides
10/13/2010 - CE Update: Part I: Quelling Cold Sores and Aphthous Ulcers; Part II: Relieving Xerostomia - 3 CEUs
9/15/2010 - CE Update: Part I: Quelling Cold Sores and Aphthous Ulcers; Part II: Relieving Xerostomia
8/18/2010 - CE Update: Our featured course on Composite Restoration Esthetics and how you can save 37% on it for a limited time
7/21/2010 - CE Update: Dental Risk Management: The Doctor/Patient Relationship
6/16/2010 - CE Update: Fluoride Guide; Tooth Whitening; Top 5 Courses
3/17/2010 - Top 5 Courses; Cone Beam; Ergonomics; Hypersensitivity; Vital Pulp Therapy; Implant Dentistry Webinar





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eVillage Focus

          11-21-2014 - Giving thanks|No boundaries in dental hygiene|Communicable diseases|Innovations in cancer prevention
11-7-2014 - More jobs | Up in smoke | Toxic beverages | Beyond the Boundaries
10-17-2014 - The ever-changing world of dental hygiene | Envisioning a cavity-free future | Hope for diabetics
10/03/14 - National Dental Hygiene Month | An update on street drugs | Tooth Fairy Ball
9/19/2014 - The 'New' Head & Neck Cancer Patient | HIV Testing in the Dental Office | Breast Cancer Update
9/05/14 - Child’s Play; Antibiotic Resistance; More on Soda; What’s New in Perio?
8/15/14 - Peri-implantitis | A Silent Cry for Help | Lessons Learned | Call to Action
8/01/14 - An ounce of prevention | Increasing case acceptance | Oral health resources for mothers
7/17/14 - Diabetes toolkit | Perinatal oral health | Mammography screening debate
7/03/14 - Hypnodontist: Because words matter | Oral health worldwide | More news on the oral-systemic link
6/20/14 - Mouthwash and cancer in the news again | What is security risk assessment? | Point-of-care testing
6/06/2014 - Evidence-based dentistry | Sugar mania! | Antibiotic resistance: fact or fiction?
5/16/2014 - Recognizing the signs of child abuse | New report on dental sealants | Step Next
5/02/2014 - Functional medicine: What is it? | Generation Z | Diabetes update
4/18/2014 - Evidence-based TMD diagnostic criteria developed | Crohn’s disease | AADR annual meeting review
4/04/2014 - Slipping away | Oral Cancer Awareness Month | National Public Health Week
3/21/2014 - Protecting our children | Screening in the dental office | Genetics and oral disease
3/07/2014 - Good news for dental hygienists | Triclosan update | Boomers and the Greatest Generation | Seeing red
2/21/2014 - What’s new with cancer? | Countdown to Honduras | Infectious disease update | How much do you CARE?
2/07/2014 - Embrace our children | Effects of caffeine | American Heart Month | International news
1/17/2014 - Are you ready for the future? | Role of hygienists in tobacco control | Dealing with infectious diseases | Screening for diabetes
1/3/2014 - A dangerous new fad | New guidelines for management of hypertension | News you can use in 2014
12/20/2013 - Toxic candy? | Public health news | Lose weight to stay healthy
12/6/2013 - What’s sex got to do with it? | Oral health in Nepal | Oral-systemic disease connection
11/15/2013 - Toothpaste in a tablet? | DiamondClean Black Edition | Ergonomic technology | Testimony needed
11/01/2013 - What is an integrative hygienist? | Chlorhexidine update | Flu vaccine and cardiovascular health
10/18/2013 - Oral hygiene care for the critically ill | Implants and titanium dioxide nanotubes | Still celebrating 100 years of dental hygiene
10/04/2013 - Transforming Dental Hygiene Education | Medical Dental Integration Study | Detection of occlusal caries
9/20/2013 - The changing definition of cancer | Screening for hepatitis | Dental input for patients with migraines
9/06/2013 - IFDH symposium review | New power toothbrushing technologies | Preventing sexual violence
8/16/2013 - It’s a bug’s life | DentalCodeology: medical necessity | Oral Cancer Cause
8/02/2013 - Reviewing RDH UOR | A story NOT silenced by oral cancer | Exercise of the Month | Prophylaxis: myths and realities
7/19/2013 - Excitement abounds at RDH Under One Roof | Oral cancer and the human papillomavirus | Obesity prevention in youth and older adults
7/05/2013 - Review of ADHA Annual Session | ADHA contest winners | Dream Center | Exercise of the Month
6/21/2013 - Celebrate 100 years of dental hygiene | Cheese and decay prevention | Health effects of e-cigarettes
6/07/2013 - Dental hygiene in Israel | Should you stop anticoagulants before surgery? | Oral health care during pregnancy
5/17/2013 - World MS Day | Workplace wellness programs | Melanoma Monday
5/03/2013 - Warning against calcitonin salmon for osteoporosis treatment| May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month
4/19/2013 - Boston Tragedy | Oral Cancer and Autism Awareness | Atrial Fibrillation: link to oral disease?
4/05/2013 - Esophageal cancer | Peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis | Oral Cancer Awareness Month
3/15/2013 - Diabetes: Are you at risk? | Celebrate National Nutrition Month
3/01/2013 - Dental hygienists in Belgium: Fact or myth? | Alzheimer’s disease may be on the increase
2/15/2013 - February is Heart Health Month | World Oral Health Day set for March 20
2/01/2013 - Dental hygiene of the future: Are you ready? | Dental hygiene in a changing world
1/18/2013 - Creating productive dental hygiene departments via probing | Esther Wilkins Legacy League members support colleagues
1/04/2013 - Why dental hygienists require special exercise | 5 tips to make New Year’s resolutions work
12/21/12 - Best of the Best | A tragic turn of events | Importance of dental hygiene appointment sequence
12/07/12 - A killer among us: deadly CRE bacteria | Topical antioxidants: an emerging indication of oral disease
11/16/2012 - How the Challacombe Scale targets xerostomia | A caution against menopausal hormone therapy
11/02/2012 - The link between lung cancer and tooth loss | RDHs lead the way as champions of oral-systemic health
10/19/12 - A New Treatment for Periodontal Disease? | Clinical Application of Lasers | Graphic Anti-Smoking Ads | Breast Cancer Awareness Month
10/05/12 - F as in Fat | Antioxidants and Oral Health | National Dental Hygiene Month
9/21/2012 - Lasers and Photodynamic Therapy | Sweet Tooth Obsession | Inflammation
9/07/2012 - Deadly West Nile Virus | Lessons from a Special Patient | Heart of the Matter
8/17/2012 - Lasers | Dental Hygienists in Long-Term Care Facilities | Safe Use of Cone-Beam CT | Topical Gingival Patch with Natural Extracts
8/03/2012 - Periodontal Therapy | Perioscopy | A New Nonsurgical Option
7/20/2012 - EuroPerio 7, Part 1 | Diabetes Mellitus | Rheumatoid Arthritis | Nanotechnology
7/06/2012 - ADHA Center for Lifelong Learning and the 89th Annual Session a Success | Update on Esther Wilkins | Peri-implantitis
6/15/2012 - ADHA Center for Lifelong Learning and the 89th Annual Session | Esther Wilkins Update
6/01/2012 - The Deadly Mole | Don't Fry Day | Personal Melanoma Stories
5/18/2012 - Caries Detection | Dental Hygiene Leadership
5/04/2012 - The Perioscopy System | Case Studies
4/20/2012 - Battle of the Bugs
4/06/2012 - Oral Cancer Awareness Month, Part 2
3/16/2012 - April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month
3/02/2012 - Nutrition and Oral Health
2/17/2012 - Children's Oral Health
2/03/2012 - Matters of the Heart
1/20/2012 - More News You Can Use for 2012
1/06/2012 - News You Can Use for 2012
12/16/2011 - Dental Hygiene Entrepreneurs
12/02/2011 - AAP Meeting Annual Session | Summary of Recommendations for Vaccinating Health-Care Personnel
11/18/2011 - North American Dental Hygiene Research Conference
11/04/2011 - November 14 is World Diabetes Day
10/21/2011 - Meetings at Home and Abroad | Oral Care for the Cancer Patient
10/07/2011 - October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and National Dental Hygiene Month
9/16/2011 - Practice Management Tips for the Dental Hygienist
9/02/2011 - Rinses for the Control and Prevention of Plaque and Gingivitis
8/19/2011 - The "New" Periodontal Disease | "New" from Under One Roof | Obesity and Inflammation
8/05/2011 - Periodontal Disease | Hygienists Have Fun at UOR | Free Samples and Special Offers
7/15/2011 - ADHA Center for Lifelong Learning Update, Part 2
7/01/2011 - ADHA Center for Lifelong Learning Update, Part 1
6/17/2011 - Up in Smoke: Tobacco Issues
6/03/2011 - Italian Society of Oral Hygiene Sciences
5/20/2011 - Tooth Movement and Alignment
5/06/2011 - Oral Cancer Awareness
4/15/2011 - Anxiety Reduction in the Dental Office
4/01/2011 - Interdental Cleaning
3/18/2011 - Treating Hypersensitivity
3/04/2011 - Risk Assessment for Dental Caries
2/18/2011 - Caries Detection – Beyond Explorers
2/04/2011 - Antimicrobial and Other Strategies in the Prevention of Dental Caries
1/21/2011 - Minimally Invasive Dentistry and Remineralizing Agents
1/07/2011 - Premier Issue of RDH eViilage FOCUS, Dedicated to Bringing You Science-based Information

Surgical-Restorative Resource


11/20/2014 - Retirement planning | Patient compliance and immediate-load implants
11/6/2014 - Dental case study: E.max Maryland bridges | Three lecture summaries from the 2014 AAP Dental Hygiene Symposium
10/23/2014 - Interdisciplinary management of a complex maxillary implant restoration | Who is towing your line to the summit of production success in your dental practice?
10/9/2014 - Nonsurgical endodontic retreatment with the aid of cone beam (CBCT) imaging | Are you screening for sleep apnea when treatment planning occlusal guards?
9/25/2014 - Diagnosing between ailing and failing implants: The haste to remove salvageable implants | The genetics of cleft lip and palate
9/11/2014 - Sedation patients are not your average patients: How they leave the dental practice | You graduated from dental hygiene school! Now what?
8/28/2014 - The restful jaw: helping take the fear out of dental appointments for TMJ/TMD patients | Case acceptance: mastering the art of compassion | Sleep apnea | Endodontics | Orthodontics
8/14/2014 - Strategies to help the teenage patient achieve greater success with oral hygiene | Cost per application: the hidden overhead of dental bonding
7/24/2014 - The dental interdisciplinary enhancement of cosmetic results via communication | Clinical dental advantages of the apically positioned flap
7/10/2014 - Standards of care for implant dentistry: interview with AO President Dr. Joseph Gian-Grasso | The flipper dilemma: keeping patients out of the worst provisional option
6/26/2014 - Restoration of a damaged implant due to removal of a fractured screw | What to expect when buying a preexisting dental practice
6/12/2014 - Should mini implants be used for crown and bridge restorations on implants? | Treating the geriatric dental patient | Better caries detection in the modern office
5/22/2014 - Diabetic control and its relationship of the edentulous mouth with removable prostheses | Making accurate dental impressions when faced with anatomical challenges: mandibular tori
5/8/2014 - Attached gingiva and dental implants | A periodontist's protocols to avoid dental implant complications: Part 2 — establishing an implant maintenance protocol
4/24/2014 - Advanced salivary diagnostics' impact on the reduction of oral cancer mortality rates | Opening vertical dimension | Focus on oral cancer and oral pathology
4/10/2014 - Orthodontic aligner impressions made easy | Harmony in prosthodontics | Oral cancer awareness
3/27/2014 - Biomimetic technology: putting the tooth fairy out of business | Importance of the dental hygienist for the orthodontic patient
3/13/2014 - A periodontist's protocols to avoid dental implant complications: Part 1 | Sleep apnea considerations for the restorative patient
2/27/2014 - Focus on pediatric dentistry: Treatment options for broken down permanent teeth in the mixed dentition | Hyperparathyroidism-jaw tumor syndrome (HPT-JT): report of a family
2/13/2014 - Hidden dental dangers of undiagnosed sleep apnea | Managing dental trauma
1/23/2014 - To extract or not: In today's orthodontics why are we extracting premolars? | Assessing patient acceptance in 5 easy steps
1/9/2014 - Periocclusion | Bulk-fill composites: a step-by-step case presentation | A dangerous new fad | The safety of dental sedation in question
12/19/2013 - Dental insurance update: Making the 'alternate benefit' profitable | A review of nonsurgical periodontal therapy | Watch, fill, or crown?
12/5/2013 - 3 patients who may not be candidates for complex care | Integrating dental technology and maximizing ROI | PDL stem cells
11/21/2013 - Stem cell opportunities for the dental hygienist | Guided tissue regeneration: background to current indications and applications
11/7/2013 - How effective are locally delivered antibiotics? | All-On-4 treatment option: a dental case report
10/24/2013 - A guide for new dentists: how to build your online reputation | Sinus lift: new dental implant technologies and noninvasive techniques
10/10/2013 - Advantages of having an in-office dental ceramic furnace | Dentist-induced peri-implantitis | Dentists unite to improve access to quality patient care
9/26/2013 - Tips on how to improve your dental treatment consent form | Creating ideal cosmetic results for smile reconstruction | Implant problems | Nanodiamonds
9/12/2013 - Dental implant therapy in the future | Historical breakthroughs in the dental implant revolution
8/29/2013 - Finances & legal issues: How to succeed with dental case acceptance and collection | Noncompetition and nonsolicitation agreements for dental professionals
8/15/2013 - 'My implant is too shallow and now I'm getting food stuck between my teeth' | Dental literature review: Peri-implant disease
7/25/2013 - Annual Focus on Dental Hygiene: Treating implant gingivitis | Anesthetic products for patient comfort | Treatment options for chronic periodontitis
7/11/2013 - 5 things dental professionals need to know to choose the right course on facial injectables | Are you sure I have a cavity?
6/27/2013 - Vertical ridge augmentation: Using a titanium-reinforced high-density PFTE membrane | Dental sleep medicine: A growing opportunity
6/13/2013 - Orthodontics: It's not just cosmetics | Head, neck, and oral cancer: A general reference for treatment
5/23/2013 - Alternatives to conventional implant dentistry: Narrow diameter dental implants in the esthetic zone | Short implants
5/9/2013 - Lithium disilicate restorations | Are new alternative tissue grafting materials making the free gingival graft procedure obsolete?
4/25/2013 - 'Stay in the chair' dentistry delivers satisfied patients and an improved bottom line | Treatment of perio-endo lesions requires multidisciplinary collaboration
4/11/2013 - Restoring the difficult Class II with composite | A new tool in the fight against peri-implant disease | Oral cancer awareness
3/14/2013 - Inflammation of the gingiva: The other reasons besides the obvious | How to increase safety and reduce complications during sinus lift | A nonsurgical approach to tissue management
2/14/2013 - Stem cells in dental implant site development | Avoiding complications bonding lithium disilicate | Periodontitis and cardiovascular disease | Literature review
1/10/2013 - Quest for the best bonding agent | Routine prophylactic use of antibiotics: What should I do in my office? | Ergonomics and dental hygiene | Periodontal disease and cancer
12/13/2012 - Success in anterior dental implant esthetics | What makes a clinical dental case complex? | Top 10 SRR articles in 2012 for clinical dentistry
11/8/2012 - Endodontic retreatment: a decision matrix | Preventing evolution of biofilms | The wrong way to restore an implant | Hurricane Sandy, the aftermath
10/11/2012 - Wisdom teeth: Leave them in or take the out? | I'll have a maxillary anterior implant to go; please hold the periodontal treatment
9/13/2012 - Excessive gingival display | Specialist/referral relationship | Review of the maxillary sinus | Fast results with tooth movement system
8/9/2012 - A flossing alternative | Anterior esthetic implant restorations | Gingival alteration techniques | Resin-bonded bridges
7/12/2012 - Ankyloglossia release using dental lasers | Implant maintenance | Mini dental implants | Bone grafting
6/15/2012 - Keratinized soft tissue around implants | Calculus accumulation around implant platform | Wound healing
5/10/2012 - Emdogain and tissue regeneration | The digital dilemma | Temporary Anchorage Devices
4/12/2012 - Tooth prep for soft tissue esthetics | Root sensitivity | Online health assessment
3/8/2012 - Post-implant follow-up visits | Prosthetic management of implants placed too far coronally | Step-by-step denture conversion
2/9/2012 - Predictable veneer cementation | Implant maintenance | Dental labs and technology | Endo therapy vs. implant treatment
1/12/2012 - Orthodontic alignment | Implants | Fast, affordable smile makeovers | 4 ways cloud computing will change dentistry for the better
12/8/2011 - Regenerative therapy | Zirconia: the next best restorative? | Toothache of nonodontogenic origin | Successful composite resin bridges
11/10/2011 - Surgical endodontics | Centric relation | Antibiotics for periodontal disease: point/counterpoint
10/13/2011 - Peri-implantitis | Centric relation | Detecting cement | 3-in-1 implant abutment
9/8/2011 - Simplifying occlusion to gain patient acceptance | Team approach to interdisciplinary treatment planning | Treating gingival recession and more ...
8/11/2011 -  First Annual Focus on Hygiene: Dental radiographs | Overcoming age bias | Facts about saliva | Oral antioxidants
7/14/2011 - My patient's implant is bleeding; what do I do? | Prosthetic management of surgical complications | Minimally invasive ridge augmentations | The changing face of dentistry
6/9/2011 - 8 realistic uses for lasers | Crown technique gets paradigm shift | Problem codes
5/12/2011 -  CAD/CAM dentistry for the private practice | Implant provisionalization: the key to implant esthetics | How to set up an implant surgical room
4/14/2011 - Inaugural issue | Seating crowns on implant abutments | 5 questions you should ask your dental lab



DIQ Product Update


10-8-2014 - Pearls for Your Practice | New posterior restorative from 3M ESPE | Rinse helps cancer patients
9-24-2014 - Intraoral cameras | Spanish consent/instructional apps | Oral hygiene books
9-10-2014 - Cosmedent MirrorImage review | Young Dental hygiene handpiece review | New CE tool | Dental office rewards program
8-27-2014 - Take our survey! | Sleep apnea, meet digital dentistry | All about TMJD | Pain-free injections are here
8-13-2014 - 3M TrueDef gets small | Neanderthal tooth rot | Periodyne's big
7-23-2014 - Introducing Dr. Austin | VIDEO: Sirona Summit | Turn Tap Water into Disinfectant
7-9-2014 - Medical-grade silicone rubber floss | Diamond sharpening cards | Orthodontics software
6-25-2014 - Minimally invasive rotary files | Summer drink mix prophy paste flavors | Carry & Pack instrument
6-11-2014 - Brush Suggester | Needle-free veneer smile transformation | Active self-ligating brackets
5-28-2014 - WWE Superstar Toothbrushes | Knotted floss | Ortho webcast | Light-curing color fluid system
5-14-2014 - Mouth freshener a healthy lollipop | Take-home whitening | Custom-fit sensor sleeves
4-23-2014 - Sodium fluoride varnish for children and adults | Latex-free disposable prophy angles | Top 5 products to start 2014
4-9-1014 - Liquid-cytology testing debuts | Children’s toothbrush with hidden explorer tip | Sterilized nano composite polisher
3-26-2014 - Miniaturized handpieces for maneuverability | Advanced 3-D polishing | Stable bonding material
3-12-2014 - Coloring book reinforces oral health | Air-driven handpieces | Online tool for utility rooms
2-26-2014 - Automatic mixing units for impression material | Sugar-free chocolate soft chews | Next generation dental system
2-12-2014 - Help solve the hygiene recall problem | New toothpaste flavors include chocolate | Fluoride-free toothpaste
1-22-2014 - New gaming app keeps kids brushing | Focus on flosses for ortho patients | Tissue regenerative product introduced
1-8-2014 - Happy Teeth promotes better oral care in children | Smart toothbrush tracks and displays brushing habits | Organic line addresses health-conscious consumers
12-11-2013 - Mouthguard connects dentistry, neuroscience | GLO whitening harnesses power of heat | World's smallest CPAP machine
11-20-2013 - Help for cancer patients with dry mouth | What to look for at GNY | A toothpaste that repairs and protects
11-6-2013 - Tiny toothbrush for people on the go | Meet all of your whitening needs | Edentulous impressions made easy
10-23-2013 - T-shirts created by a dental pro, for dental pros | Soniclean provides 34,000 strokes per minute | Keep the little ones happy
10-9-2013 - Blizzident cleans mouth in 6 seconds flat | Kulorful Sqwiggly gloves smell great | New material optimizes bone regeneration
9-25-2013 - Nanodiamond technology promotes implant durability | App promotes good oral care | Foot mouse to launch at ADA
9-11-2013 - Flossolution may have what it takes to motivate patients | Ultrasonic scaler and air polisher in one | Personalize your office promos
8-28-2013 - Enhance visualization of suspicious lesions with OraBlu | Livionex Dental Gel virtually eliminates plaque
8-14-2013 - Oral sensor for docs to track patient eating, drinking habits | Take home tooth whitening system | Orbit gum for kids
7-24-2013 - Colorful tooth savers for family keepsakes | Keep workday moving smoothly with NuSimplicity chair | and more
7-3-2013 - Babies teethe with mock chicken wings  | Crayons tempt kids to brush with colorful flavors | Help for bruxing patients
6-12-2013 - Singing toothbrush gets kids to brush longer,  Mr. Thirsty suctions twice as fast, and more
6-5-2013 - Mighty Brace app engages ortho patients, Effortless access to hard-to-reach molars, and more
5-29-2013 - Get kids to brush with video book, World's fastest whitening system, and more
5-22-2013 - A toothbrush with a caffeine kick from Colgate, Importance of ozonated water stressed, and more …
5-15-2013 - New tools to become HIPAA compliant, ways to cut medical waste cost by 80%, and more
5-8-2013 - A new player in the CAD/CAM market, a new design on ortho toothbrushes, and more
5-1-2013 - Viva Referral System now bolder | Social media management system | Cloud version of ServDentis
4-24-2013 - Raspberry Pi mini-computer | Lighting options from HighQ Dental | Custom bags and whitening kits from SmartPractice
4-17-13 - Plush tooth pillow from I Heart Guts | SoproCARE camera detects caries | Hand Essentials tackles hurting hands
4-10-2013 - Chomper Chums app for young brushers | 3-D printer for small ortho labs | Twin Power Turbine Basic handpiece
4-3-2013 - A new, flexible way to keep instruments sterile | RDH creates toothbrush UV sanitizer for home
3-27-2013 - Natural, nonsurgical tooth replacement | Ready Go Brush from Dr. Fresh | One Direction joins toothbrush family
3-20-2013 -  Watch our exclusive video coverage from IDS, the world's largest dental meeting
3-13-2013 - Fun and humorous dental prints | DEXIS go app for iPad | Fill gaps in today's schedule
3-6-2013 - First of its kind power toothbrush in U.S. | 11 yards of floss | Wireless loupe and headlight in one
2-27-2013 - Colorful booster seat for kids | Personalized dental floss | Flexible partial adjustment kit
2-20-2013 - Guitar-handled brush | Secure-Mail keeps exchanges secure | Digital signage for operatory
2-13-2013 - Reduce pain of dental needle injections | iPad app for patient education | Decorative light panels
2-6-2013 -  Rockee toothbrushes rock 'n' roll | Infants need oral health too | Web marketing services for dentists
1-30-2013 - Swiss Army knife of toothbrushes | MacPractice iEHR app for iPad | Seal-Tight Spectrum
1-23-2013 - Heal pizza burn | BeamBrush toothbrush app | Limited 6 clear braces
1-16-2013 - Needle-free anesthetics | Mouthguard preview app | Silver Grip toothbrush
1-9-2013 - Dentist In A Box | InFresh cures bad breath | Organic floss from Organix
12-19-2012 - Last-minute stocking stuffers! | One Direction tunes toothbrush | No more bad breath for your dog | Environmentally friendly brush
12-12-2012 - Dental care for your cat's bad breath | Automated phone call feature | Quick application fluoride
12-5-2012 - Rinser creates brushing fountain | Personalize every brush with Slip-n-Click | Six new products from GNYDM
11-28-2012 - Dental equipment focus! | Tax advantages of purchasing new equipment before year-end | Understand how Section 179 works
11-21-2012 - Bogobrush biodegradable toothbrush | More holiday brush options | Dental Code Check app
11-14-2012 - Tooth tattoos determine gum disease | Mouthdrops sweetened with xylitol | Sanitizers beat bacteria
11-7-2012 - Order holiday products now | Improve intraoffice communication | Cold sore help is here
10-31-2012 - No tricks here, just great New Dental Products! | Brush to Tooth Tunes | Bob Eubanks endorses snoring remedy
10-24-2012 - Fix your dog's bad breath with Orapup | Kids enjoy moons and stars grip | New endo products from Wykle
10-17-2012 - Boy band sensation One Direction teams with Colgate | Pink brush supports cancer awareness | Dry your hands!
10-10-2012 - Team up with Zombies for Halloween | Germ-killing toothbrush | Travel case for flossers
10-3-2012 - Brush to the tunes of Lady Gaga | Beyond CPAP for sleep apnea | Women's oral health issues
9-25-2012 - Entrepreneurs create pro whitening | Complete Buyer's Guide to dental implants | Products to see at ADA
9-19-2012 - A product that may change the future | New striper lab diamonds | Dentists' Voice makes an offer
9-12-2012 - BrushDJ -- dance while you brush | Dental Anywhere mobile app | Whitening kit in stylish box
9-5-2012 - Complete Buyer's Guide to oral rinses | Customizable athletic mouthguards | No more cold composites
8-29-2012 - Baby Sharky helps new teethers | Vote for best dental product ever | New fluoride foam from Waterpik
8-22-2012 - Complete Buyer's Guide to prophy angles | Fashion toothbrushes | New CEREC Omnicam
8-15-2012 - Complete Buyer's Guide to Prophy Paste | iPad app helps design smiles | New website evaluator
8-8-2012 - Buyer's Guide to Practice Management Software | Colorful toothbrush sanitizer | Flossing tight teeth
8-1-2012 - Pet dental health matters too | Take charge of online presence | Colorful Mini-Towels
7-25-2012 - Brusher Bailey Ed-Ventures for kids | Buyer's Guide to sleep apnea diagnostics | Luxury dental chair
7-17-2012 - Get kids to brush at Halloween | Build your own loupes | Brackets have no doors
7-10-2012 - Whitening on-the-go | Patient-friendly reminders | New temporary cement
7-3-2012 - Diatech brightens up ortho kits | Personalized pediatric items | Obtain a better bite
6-27-2012 - Complete Buyer's Guide to oral rinses | Giant tooth tissue holder | Try a sample
6-20-2012 - Buyer's Guide to oral cancer screening devices | Star in your own educational video | New toothbrush shield
6-13-2012 - Ocean Pals kit makes brushing fun | Buyer's Guide to digital sensors | Treat sleep apnea
6-6-2012 - Buyer's guide on highspeed handpieces | New program helps with a child's dental visit
5-30-2012 - Buyer's Guide to digital X-ray systems | Rotadent Plus for a healthy smile | Temp crown and bridge material
5-23-2012 - Buyer's Guide to polyether impression material | Opera Pager for office communication | Dental Anywhere social media
5-16-2012 - World's first smart toothbrush | Football-shaped instruments | Graduated torque wrench
5-9-2012 - New products unveiled at CDA | A Star Wars toothbrush line | Edelweiss veneer system | PatientHomePage
5-2-2012 - Angry Birds invade dental aisle | Mouthwash lasts 12 hours | Preserve healthy enamel
4-25-2012 - Decreasing dental visit stress | New twist on LED light | New iPhone app
4-18-2012 - Hello Kitty encourages brushing, an alternative X-ray apron, and more
4-11-2012 - A new mouthguard that glitters, marketing solutions for dental practices, and more
4/4/2012 - Gelato Varnish, floss built in the toothbrush, in-office communication solution
3/28/2012 - Needlestick Prevention, Dental App for Kids, Blackjack Scaler
3/21/2012 - Denture teeth, bluephase style LED light, and a mercury disposal solution
3/14/2012 - Platypus Flosser, ultimate adhesive resin cement, MyDentalPad and more
3/7/2012 - A tooth replacement solution, digital dentures, new provisional material and more
2/29/2012 - A dry vacuum system, dental CR reader featuring tablet computer, extra long crown cutter
2/22/2012 - Trabecular Metal Dental Implant, A-dec's new operatory light, and a writing instrument sanitizer
2/15/2012 - prophy cups, individual towelettes, and implant ce
2/8/2012 - varnish, handpieces, and a possible game-changing new product
2/1/2012 - Invisalign Express 5, nitrile gloves, TwinPower Turbine series and more
1/25/2012 - color-changing toothpaste, flash polishers, a handpiece, and more
1/18/2012 - chocolate toothpaste, tongue cleansers, a study app, and more…



DE's Endo File


11/18/2014 - Endodontic diagnosis | Nonsurgical endo retreatment: CBCT imaging
10/21/2014 - Obturation in endodontics: Clearing up the controversy | Should your dental office bring on an endodontist?
9/18/2014 - Internal resorption: A brief review and case report | Clear communication with the exceptionally difficult endodontic patient
8/19/2014 - Endodontic case study: back to the basics | How I learned to enjoy endodontics | Focus on strengths for better dental practice health
7/15/2014 - Endodontic case study: radix entomolaris | Is electronic determination of working length more accurate than radiographs? | We can't save them all
6/17/2014 - Pulp cap, endodontics, or extract? | Why tracking your patients is THE most important thing you can do to grow your dental practice | Top 10 ways for effective time management
5/20/2014 - Endodontic case study: referred pain leads to diagnostic uncertainty | Regenerative endodontics | Anticipatory guidance recommendations for dental professionals
4/15/2014 - General recommendations for the GP regarding endodontic referrals | Quick tips on how to be a better clinical provider within all disciplines of dentistry | Oral cancer awareness
3/18/2014 - How dental anesthesia can differentiate your endodontic practice | Tips from McDonald's
2/18/2014 - What we can learn from McDonald's and other wildly successful companies | Phone line fishing for new patients | Selling your dental practice to your son or daughter
1/21/2014 - Are we clean yet? A look at endodontic instrumentation | Dental case presentation: present the PROBLEMS not the treatment! | 10 steps to creating your vision
12/17/2013 - 3-D printed replicas for endodontic procedural training | Take off your loupes to enlarge your perspective of dentistry | 7 magic words to maximize production
11/19/2013 - Endodontic case study: alternative method for cleaning/shaping a mid-mesial canal | Steps to a stress-resistant dental practice | 7 mistakes of high-performing dental practices
10/15/2013 - Endodontic case study: Challenges of a bifurcated canal | International endodontologists offer first-hand recommendations | 7 mistakes of high-performing dental practices: Part 2
9/17/2013 - Endodontic case study: Hybrid technique on 90-degree curve | Priority Pyramid: Step 2 to less stress | 7 mistakes of high-performing practices | Associateships
8/20/2013 - Endodontic case study: Saving a molar with a large lesion | Dental technology and single-use endo files | 10 daily practice stats | A stress-resistant practice: Step 1
7/16/2013 - The clinician's never-ending journey in endodontics | Looking to a future when teeth could replace themselves | Keys to successful collections in the dental office
6/18/2013 - Lies dentists tell themselves | 10 questions to ask before adding a partner | Revising failed endo cases
5/21/2013 - The perio-endo overlap | 5 ways to improve your endo business | Creating success
4/16/2013 - 5 tips for using bioceramics in the general dental practice | How to be in the know in endo
3/19/2013 - The endodontist and the polar bear | Drs. Joseph F. DiBernardo and Doreen Toskos on when to retreat | What Americans fear more than the flu
2/19/2013 - Percent of Endo done by GPs | Stop referring profit out of the practice! | The latest clinical endo news


RDH Graduate


SEPTEMBER 2014: Tackle the debt monster  

AUGUST 2014: Finding your dream job
JULY 2014: Ace your hygiene interview
JUNE 2014: The scientific aspects of hygiene
MAY 2014: Higher ed or indentured servitude? Why you probably shouldn’t go "all in" yet | The sleep apnea path for dental hygienists
APRIL 2014: How to win any dental hygiene interview | Canine dentistry | Best courses at UOR
MARCH 2014:
Introducing Diana Macri, RDH | The keys to making it through dental hygiene school, networking, and negotiating a job offer (in that order!)
Watch what you say online | Hygienist and assistant: Friends or foes? | Bridging the oral-systemic gap
JANUARY 2014: Taking on subgingival air polishing, a boss with bad breath, and rude coworkers
DECEMBER 2013: Gender politics in hygiene (not what you think) | The most recent RDH salary figures
NOVEMBER 2013: 5 ways to damage your career | MOM: The benefits of a Herculean task | Recorded lectures: good or bad?
OCTOBER 2013:   Best and worst states for oral care | Overcoming age bias | Win the Halloween candy war
SEPTEMBER 2013: Too many hygiene schools, too few jobs | Get noticed as the office newbie
AUGUST 2013: The top 15 hygiene articles | Journal of an RDH graduate | The benefits of temping
JULY 2013:
Stay on top of your RDH game | The new hygienist | Finding the right work environment
JUNE 2013: Get your resume in the right hands | Journal of a recent grad | Summer volunteerism | Ask Emily
MAY 2013: The 12 best states for young hygienists | Dental trauma: A student’s case study | Can I keep my nose ring?
APRIL 2013:
Prepare for national boards | Acing the hygiene interview | The Millennial hygienist



The Dentist Lab Connection

NOVEMBER 2014 - How one lab is handling practice-lab shift | Carborundum wheel upkeep | Should labs register with FDA?
OCTOBER 2014 - Let your lab help with restorative materials | Behind the scenes of tooth tattoos
SEPTEMBER 2014 - Frustrated with fit of contacts on lab restorations? | What to do with piling up lab models
AUGUST 2014 - Good things come from cloud-based lab software | How to take impressions on patients with jaw pain
JULY 2014 - Clarifying the relationship between dentist, patient, and lab | 3 factors in dental labs that affect consistency
JUNE 2014 - Agnini brothers answer digital dentistry questions | How your lab can adopt a Lean strategy | Free whitepaper from Futuredontics
MAY 2014 - Is CAD/CAM the end for dental labs or a new beginning? | Does your lab project a good image? | New product helps lab-dentist communication
APRIL 2014 - Understanding the workflow of digital dentistry | Break down barriers to success in your dental lab | How dentists and labs should work well together
MARCH 2014 - Position your dental lab as a thought leader | Do labs need business associate agreements? | The role of dentures in dentistry
FEBRUARY 2014 - Do not fear going digital in your lab | Learn about Virtual XD impression materials | Hinman to offer dental lab tech track
JANUARY 2014 - Tips to dental office and lab working peacefully together | Implants made simple Part II
DECEMBER 2013 - Do pay levels still motivate technicians? | Questions to ask lab before sending a case
NOVEMBER 2013: Implants made simple | Are patient names on lab labels a HIPAA violation? | Facing a prosthetic challenge
OCTOBER 2013: Who is using which incarnation of digital impression technology? | What is successful lab communication? | Dentist/Lab survey results

A perspective from an outsourcing lab technician in China | Fixed-hybrid restoration system from Cagenix

AUGUST 2013: Is 3-D printing the death of the dental lab? | Dentists may be overlooking hidden income
JULY 2013: Does your dental lab have a strategy? | Are you interested in digital impressions?
MAY 2013: Our survey results on why dentists are changing labs | Tips on better communication with your lab partners



Bracing for Success



NOVEMBER 2014: Dental technology: How the cloud is transforming dentistry | Orthodontic assessment and the hygienist
OCTOBER 2014: Orthodontic options for the ectopic eruption of a maxillary first molar | Orthodontics: Aligner therapy or conventional dental braces?
SEPTEMBER 2014: The benefits of removing orthodontic hardware during recare appointments | No need for a translator: Spanish consent and instructional apps for orthodontic and implant dentistry
AUGUST 2014: Consideration of nonsurgical compromises in Class II orthodontic cases | Incorporating a new orthodontic treatment for cosmetics in an adult dentition
JULY 2014: Impacted canines and orthodontic treatment | Orthodontic case study: ClearCorrect treatment utilizing extraction of lower left central incisor
JUNE 2014: Habit appliances for the general dentist | Addressing the frustration over bonded retainers | Hidden dental dangers of undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea
MAY 2014: Myths and facts about cosmetic orthodontics | 5 tips for engaging orthodontic patients and getting better compliance | Adding a new service that patients want
APRIL 2014: Hawley appliances: what they can do for your dental practice | Importance of the hygienist for the orthodontic patient | Orthodontic aligner impressions made easy
MARCH 2014: Orthodontic movement for the GP | Tx options for broken down permanent teeth in the mixed dentition | Undersized teeth and orthodontics
FEBRUARY 2014: Focus on pediatric dentistry in the orthodontic practice | To extract or not: why are we extracting premolars? | What we can learn from McDonald's
JANUARY 2014: Orthodontics case study: treat 'the face' not 'the teeth' | Orthodontics: where am I? | Braces: the good, the bad, and the ugly
DECEMBER 2013: Case study: The role of tooth movement for aligning gingival margins in preparation of cosmetic restorations | Orthodontic treatment: assessing patient readiness
NOVEMBER 2013: Orthodontic tooth movement with clear aligners | Tools and techniques to motivate your patients | 5 marketing tactics for orthodontic practices
OCTOBER 2013: An argument for clear aligners | Help challenging patients improve their oral care | Motivate teens through dental technology | Orthodontic maintenance techniques
SEPTEMBER 2013: One of my favorite orthodontic cases | Comparison of dentist salaries by region | The role of the dental hygienist in orthodontics | Painless dental injections
AUGUST 2013: Thumb-sucking and open bite | Secrets of sharing practice numbers with your dental team members 
JULY 2013: Short-term orthodontics | Dental website design | New products, faster growth in the orthodontics market
JUNE 2013: Align, Schein partner for Realine | Orthodontics: It's not just cosmetics | Improve oral hygiene for your ortho patients
MAY 2013:
Teeth like a guillotine | Teens wearing fake braces as a status symbol | Orthodontist rewards patients for being active | Orthodontists lack experience for treating craniofacial anomalies




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