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Coach's Corner for Dental Coding: Caries risk assessment codes

Aug 18, 2014 There is finally a code for caries risk assessments, which dental profes...

When do you say enough is enough – and fire a dental patient?

Aug 18, 2014 There is no reason that dental practice team members need to put up with...

Searching for 50 progressive dental assistants from each state, both clinical and administrative

Aug 18, 2014 Linda Miles is calling all dental assistants to tell them that membershi...



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You Know the Drill . . .Tips by Brittany Young

        Brittany Young is the practice manager at Weissburg Endodontics in Laurel, Maryland. She started as a dental assistant but quickly learned that she loves office management. Brittany is committed to changing the public’s perception that visiting a dentist is optional, and that every dental office is the same. She believes that when practices find their niche and “brand” themselves, they will succeed in building a solid business, not just a practice. Making her dental practice run as efficiently as possible is something Brittany enjoys, and on workdays she spends time strolling around the office to ensure everyone is staying on task, and having fun! She is a member of the American Association of Dental Office Managers, and is currently pursuing an associate degree in business management. In her free time Brittany loves to travel and spend time outdoors with her family.

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