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  Salem, OR (PRWEB) July 02, 2015   Sunny Drake, DMD, MS is currently accepting new patients suffering from gum disease in Salem, OR, without a referral. She is one of the few periodontists in the country certified to offer a unique laser gum surgery known as the LANAP(R) protocol. This minimally invasive procedure uses a special beam of light to target bacteria without affecting healthy tissue. The gums do not need to be cut, so there is little bleeding, and the healing process is measured in days instead of weeks.         Periodontitis begins with a mixture of bacteria and food acid called plaque. This sticky substance builds up around the base of teeth and below the gum line, unless it is removed with twice daily brushing and flossing and regular professional dental cleanings. Unfortunately, even people who practice good oral hygiene may develop gingivitis and periodontitis due to other risk factors such as genetics, hormone fluctuations and overly crowded teeth. One of the earliest symptoms is inflammation of the gums. A timely visit to the dentist can catch the disease early and prevent the later complications, but if individuals with gum disease in Salem, OR procrastinate about seeking treatment, the moderate and severe stages of periodontitis require oral surgery.         Periodontists performing traditional scalpel surgery to treat gum disease in Salem, OR, access the infected area below the gum line by cutting them and pulling them away from the roots of teeth.

  Sandy, Utah (PRWEB) July 02, 2015           Apex Dental, one of Utah's most prominent dental care providers, has announced plans to provide free dentistry to those in need in three Utah counties simultaneously on July 18th, 2015, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Dubbed Smiles for Success, this event is designed as a way for Apex to give back to the communities that have supported it over the years.       "We believe that everyone has the right to achieve their own personal Apex," said Joe Maio, CEO of Apex Dental. "And that's what Smiles for Success is all about. It pains me to think of all the people who might be held back in life because of something so simple as dental-related pain or health concerns, and we hope this will be a good beginning for people trying to improve their quality of life."           During Smiles for Success, patients will be able to choose between one cleaning, one tooth extraction, or one filling at absolutely no cost. Appointments are not required, as patients will be served on a first come, first serve basis.       Patients will be provided with dental care at three separate Apex Dental locations.

Price Change %1-week3-monthsA048260-2.73%45.22%Medical equipment-1.07%KRX 100--0.98%

Price Change %1-week3-monthsCAJ13.79%-22.54%Health care0.67%-9.69%All Ordinaries-0.15%-5.82%

Price Change %1-week3-monthsQC7-4.67%17.7%Health care-0.32%FTSE/ASEAN 400.28%-5.88%

Dr. Phil Chen of River Oaks Dental in Modesto CA Was Awarded a Fellowship in the International Congress of Implantologists

Dr. Phil Chen River Oaks Dental
Dr. Phil Chen of River Oaks Dental in Modesto CA Was Awarded a Fellowship in the International Congress of Implantologists Dr. Phil Chen of River Oaks Dental in Modesto CA was recently awarded the distinction of Fellowship in the International Congress of Implantologists (ICOI). This is one of the highest honors that that the society bestows on its professionals who are all involved in oral implantology.

Australian Contract Award: ANSPEC PTY LTD awarded a contract worth $159,300.00, for "Dental Consumables"

Defence Materiel Organisation has awarded a contract to ANSPEC PTY LTD for "Dental Consumables"

Reference No: CN3213912 Posted on: 30-06-15

DCI wants faculty report every 3 mths

To put an end to the fly-by-night faculty system, the Dental Council of India (DCI) has shot off a circular asking colleges to submit a report on its teaching staff once every three months. Till now, the colleges would send a report annually, just before the DCI inspection. Officials felt that many colleges were 'arranging' the faculty members during inspection and once the colleges got the requisite approvals, the faculty went absconding.

Australian Contract Award: ANSPEC PTY LTD awarded a contract worth $17,900.00, for "Dental consumables"

Defence Materiel Organisation has awarded a contract to ANSPEC PTY LTD for "Dental consumables"

Reference No: CN3212442 Posted on: 30-06-15



Since the tragic mass murder in the Charleston church, I have been told I shouldn't politicize the deaths by bringing up the possibility of racism. I am reminded the people were killed in a church and it was an attack against Christians and churches. I was told racists don't attack Christian churches. So I reminded them of the history of civil rights and church bombings in the 1960s.

I have also been told not to politicize it because it's not about guns. I hear that every time there's a mass murder.

Dr. Sunny Drake Welcomes Salem, OR Residents for Laser Gum Surgery, A Minimally Invasive Treatment Option for Gum Disease.

Apex Dental Presents Smiles For Success, Promises To Be Largest Charity Dental Day In The State Of Utah.

Healthy gums, healthy teeth

For the healthy gums essential for healthy teeth you can have confidence in the dental care professionals at Roycrest Dental Centre in Brampton, Ontario for the best possible oral hygiene care services and education.

Prevention is Key - When it Comes to a Healthy Smile!

At Rockwood Dental in Mississauga, Ontario we are passionate about each and every smile we create. Our highly trained dental team will ensure an experience above and beyond your expectations.

Taking Care of Your Little Ones Teeth

Rockwood Dental in Mississauga, Ontario is here to provide you and your family with exceptional dentistry and the finest service available today.

When it comes to your children's teeth most people are unaware that the foundation for healthy permanent teeth is laid during the first years of life. Therefore, it is essential to establish a proper oral hygiene routine early in life to ensure the development of strong and healthy teeth.

Afraid to smile or scared of the dentist? Don't worry... There is help is at hand!

MANY people in the UK suffer from dental problems such as failing crown and bridgework, decaying teeth and pain. They worry about losing all their teeth and having to wear uncomfortable full dentures for the rest of their life.

A Practical Guide to Dental Radiology

New York, NY, July 04, 2015 --(PR.com)-- "Dental Radiology", recently published by Thieme, is an excellent guide book for both dental students and practicing dentists. Students will benefit from practical guidance on how and when to use the various imaging methods presented as well as key information on fundamental concepts. For experienced dentists, the book is a valuable "go to guide" for image analysis, interpretation of radiologic findings, and diagnosis of pathological changes. Modern imaging methods, the fundamentals of X-ray physics, examination strategies, and information on radiation protection and quality assurance are included.

Harry M. Kraemer completes third year as Catamaran Corporation Director 02 July 2015

Harry M. Kraemer was appointed Director of Catamaran Corporation (NASDAQ:CTRX) three years ago in Jul 2012. In the last 3 years the average annualized return to shareholders was 7%. The present value of USD1,000 (PV1000) invested 3 years ago is now US$1,226, a gain of US$226.

Weekly: Osstem Implant drops 2.7% on average volume


Osstem Implant Co Ltd. (KOSDAQ:A048260), South Korea's largest Medical Equipment/Supplies company by market cap, dropped KRW1,900.0 (or 2.7%) in the trailing week to close at KRW67,600.0. The volume in the week equalled the average trading of 1.1 million shares. In the past week the market cap has declined KRW27 billion.

LDC Dental decreases 1.2% - trailing 92% of stocks 03 July, 2015 16:30 ICT


LDC Dental Public Company Limited (SET:LDC), Thailand's 56th largest Medium-Sized Enterprise company by market cap, decreased 4.0 satang (or 1.2%) from its last traded date of July 02, 2015 to close at THB3.30. In the Thai market of 553 stocks and 35 units traded today, the stock has a 6-month relative price strength of 8 indicating it is trailing 92% of the market. Compared with the SET100 Index which fell 3.3 points (or 0.2%) in the day, this represented a relative price change of -1.0%. The volume was 0.04 times the average trading of 6.9 million shares.

Why not find out for FREE if dental implants can change your life?; ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE

AS a special offer for the readers of the Huddersfield Daily Examiner, Huddersfield Dental Implants & Cosmetics is offering a FREE consultation so those interested can take a look and talk about implants The appointment will last about 30 to 45 minutes and will be with the lead dentist Dr Robin Warne (right) who has a Masters Degree in Implant Dentistry.

Robin said: "By the end of the appointment you will know just how implants might be able to change your life and the processes that you would need to go through to achieve success.

Which? report under fire: 'We're taking NHS patients' says dentist

An Exmouth dentist has hit back at a Which? report's claims over lack of NHS dental treatment.

Exmouth Dental Centre, in Salterton Road, said it was "one of a few" practices in the area currently accepting new NHS patients.

A Which? report found some 31 per cent of 500 dental practices advertising NHS spaces on the Government's official website turned down new patient requests to join. Others had an eight-week wait to see a dentist.

Weekly: Capitol Health jumps 13.8% on firm volume


Capitol Health Limited (ASX:CAJ), Australia's 17th largest Health Care company by market cap, jumped 10.0c (or 13.8%) in the trailing week to close at 82.50c, ending a four-week streak of losses. Compared with the All Ordinaries Index which fell 8.1 points (or 0.2%) in the week, this represented a relative price increase of 13.9%. The volume was 1.3 times average trading per week of 6.4 million shares. In the past week the market cap has jumped $52.3 million.

Smallwood Prison Dental Services secures contract for Logical follow-on for Dental Hygienist services in support of the NMC Portsmouth, VA

United States, July 3 -- Contract Id: 161768

Description: United States based Smallwood Prison Dental Services has secured contract from Department of the Navy for Logical follow-on for Dental Hygienist services in support of the NMC Portsmouth, VA.

The contract is valued approximately $941270.40.

Country: United States

Sector: Industry

Contract awarded to Smallwood Prison Dental Services

Contract awarded to executing agency: Department of the Navy N62645 Naval Medical Logistics Command 693 Neiman Street Ft. Detrick, MD

Published by HT Syndication with permission from Pivotal Sources. For any query with respect to this article or any other content requirement, please contact Editor at htsyndication@hindustantimes.com

Thousands of dental patients in Sydney urged to undergo hepatitis, HIV testing over clinic hygiene breaches

Up to 12,000 people have been urged to undergo testing for HIV and hepatitis after health officials confirmed four Sydney dental clinics are under investigation for poor hygiene practices.

It has been revealed that two senior dentists have been suspended and a further 12 are under investigation over a number of breaches involving poor cleaning and sterilisation techniques over a number of years.

New South Wales Health confirmed the four practices are located in the city, Surry Hills, Bondi Junction and Campsie in Sydney's south-west.

Ramadan: private medical visits drop by 50%; Plunge in dentist and gynecologist exams in southern Med

(ANSAmed) Private doctors and not only cafe and shop owners across the entire southern Mediterranean region have seen their income decline during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand grants trade mark "BIOSTIME" to Biostime Hong Kong Limited

Biostime Hong Kong Limited, has been granted trademark (1000508) titled as "BIOSTIME" from the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand.

Status: Registered

Class/es: 3 Hair lotions; cleansing milk for toilet purposes; cakes of toilet soap; color-removing preparations; floor wax; abrasives; essential oils; cosmetics; dentifrices; potpourris [fragrances]; cosmetics for animals
5 Medicines for human purposes; dietetic substances adapted for medical use; nutritional supplements; food for babies; lacteal flour for babies; depuratives; animal washes; biocides; babies' napkin-pants [diaper-pants]; dental abrasives
10 Medical apparatus and instruments; dental apparatus, electric; physiotherapy apparatus; maternity belts; teething rings; babies’ bottles; contraceptives, non-chemical; hair prostheses; orthopaedic articles; suture materials
16 Paper; bibs of paper; printed publications; books; magazines [periodicals]; plastic film for wrapping; office requisites, except furniture; stationery; drawing instruments; teaching materials [except apparatus]; modelling materials
21 Utensils for household purposes; China ornaments; baby baths, portable; combs; toothbrushes; floss for dental purposes; cosmetic utensils; thermally insulated containers for food; rags for cleaning; electric devices for attracting and killing insects
29 Meat; fish meal for human consumption; fruit-based snack food; vegetables, dried; white of eggs; albumen; edible fats; vegetable salads; fruit jellies
30 Tea-based beverages; sugar; lozenges [confectionery]; bee glue; farinaceous foods; soya flour; condiments; leaven; gluten prepared as foodstuff
35 Advertising; shop window dressing; on-line advertising on a computer network; presentation of goods on communication media, for retail purposes; business management assistance; organization of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; sales promotion for others; procurement services for others [purchasing goods and services for other businesses]; employment agencies; relocation services for businesses; arranging subscriptions to telecommunication services for others; accounting

Weekly: Q & M Dental Group (S) in its biggest trailing week loss for 3 weeks


Q & M Dental Group (S) Limited (SI:QC7), Singapore's 2nd largest Health Care company by market cap, sunk 3.50c (or 4.7%) in the trailing week to close at 71.50c. In the past week the shares have sunk 4.7%, the biggest trailing week fall since Jun 19, 2015. Compared with the FTSE/ASEAN 40 Index which rose 27.7 points (or 0.3%) in the week, this represented a relative price change of -5.0%. The volume was 1.4 times average trading per week of 10.5 million shares. In the past week the market cap has declined SGD27.3 million.

Align Technology Files European Patent Application for Computer Automated Development of an Orthodontic Treatment Plan and Appliance

Publication Name: Medical Patent News Patent Application Number: 10184865 Patent Status: Application

Munich, July 2 -- Align Technology has filed a patent application for computer automated development of an orthodontic treatment plan and appliance. This invention was developed by Chishti Muhammad, Freyburger Brian, Wirth Kelsey, Beers Andrew, Wen Huafeng, Benton Phillips Alexander and Jones Timothy N.

PU interns to treat dental problems of schoolkids

CHANDIGARH: Parents fretting over dental decay of children can relax while they are off to school as the interns from Panjab University's Dr Harvansh Singh Judge Institute of Dental Sciences will treat dental problems of school students of Tricity. In the proposed two-year 'Caries Free Tricity' campaign, which will be launched in a month's time by the dental college, satellite clinics will be set up in select schools of the Tricity, where check-ups and treatment for tooth decay, cavities and other common dental problems will be undertaken.

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