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Azzi: NSSF should include dental care

Labor Minister Sejaan Azzi over the weekend called for the implementation of a decree to allow the National Social Security Fund to cover dental care, underscoring the importance of providing people with social security.

No takers for dental studies as govt policy lacks teeth

Chandigarh, Oct. 4 -- The Punjab government's policy of opening more and more dental colleges has proved ineffective as for second year running around 45% seats are lying vacant after the admission process by Baba Farid University of Health Sciences (BFUHS), Faridkot, concluded on Thursday.

Provision of odontology dental materials and supplies

Contract awarded for Odontology Dental Materials And Supplies
Estimated net contract amount : $ 1,259,790
Award date: 02-10-2015
Products or Services:

My child sucks his fingers

For children, sucking their fingers is a common phenomenon and it is a natural reflex. It makes them feel happy, relaxed and secure at that time

Dear Dentist, My child is two years old but he sucks his thumb most of the time. I was told that it will cause damage to his teeth. Is this true?

Provision of adq. dental equipment

Contract awarded for Adq. Dental Equipment
Estimated net contract amount : $ 857,231
Award date: 02-10-2015
Products or Services:

Dental equipment assoicated with digital dental imaging system

Contract Awarded for Dental equipment assoicated with digital dental imaging system
Contract award dollar amount: 2758750.53
Contract award date: September 30, 2015
Contractor name : B.E.A.T

Contractor address : Llc.

Implementing agency : Department Of The Navy
693 Neiman Street
Ft Detrick,
Maryland 21702-9203
United States
Primary Point Of Contact.:
Kasey L. Carroll
Tel: 3016198895
Secondary Point Of Contact:
Shannon Hess,
Contracting Officer
Tel: (301) 619-0287

Country :United States

The Dirt Iron Goat Brewing looks to downtown

Iron Goat Brewing is preparing space to move its craft beer business to downtown Spokane at 1302 W. Second Ave., near Adams Street.

SDS Construction started interior updates Sept. 22 for the 1921-built structure formerly occupied by Jones Automotive Engines. Goat Works LLC purchased the property in April for $385,000.

Provision of box dental equipment

Contract awarded for Box Dental Equipment
Estimated net contract amount : $ 8,494,317
Award date: 02-10-2015
Products or Services:

George Winn - Electromed updates vice chairman's profile 30 September 2015

Electromed recently released their definitive SEC filing DEF 14A. The updated profile of George Winn (78), Vice Chairman is shown below.

Dr. Winn was first elected to the Board in 2005 and has served as Vice Chairman since May 2012. He has practiced dentistry with emphasis in orthodontics and facial pain management in New Prague, MN, for forty-six years. He is a graduate of Mankato State College, B.A., the University of Minnesota, B.S., and the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, Doctor of Dental Surgery. He has served as an associate clinical professor in the Department of Operative Dentistry and participates in a medical ethics program of the American College of Dentists at the School of Dentistry, University of Minnesota. Among other attributes, skills, experiences and qualifications, our Board believes that, in addition to the industry relationships that Dr. Winn has developed, his education and experience give him insight into the medical device industry, which makes him uniquely qualified to serve as a director.

Letters to the editor

Stornoway Gazette letters to the editor for edition October 1, 2015

We attended the third public meeting to consider the implications of the Out of Hours Service' in North Harris.

We both spoke at the meeting and feel our viewpoint and fears have not been taken on board. We are gravely concerned that our view and that of the vast majority of those who attended had their concerns nullified.

It is interesting to note that Dr Vijay Sonthallia, who was one of the architects of NHS 24 is himself, casting serious doubts on the system.

Targets are not being met, staff shortages are causing delays. It is our contention that the NHS 24 model has more credibility in an urban setting, where even now, attendance targets are not being met.

Provision of supply agreement maint. and rep. dental equipment

Contract awarded for Supply Agreement Maint. And Rep. Dental Equipment
Estimated net contract amount : $ 1
Award date: 02-10-2015
Products or Services:
1) Accessories and spare parts for dental instruments (1 Unit)

Contractor address : 8.065.526-6,
Ramon Olate 1120,
Attn: , Andres Peña rosales

Adolfo Novoa 236,
Región del Maule,
Attn: Leonela Tamara Lopez Sepulveda
Tel: 56-73-2561154
Fax: 56-73-2561154

Country :Chile
Email : apena5266@123mail.cl

Emsworth dentist bitten by sailing bug

DENTIST Stephenie Dickinson has been round the world and back, having been bitten by the sailing bug.

Now, she is back at enVisage, in High Street, Emsworth, as an associate, after five years on the high seas.

Stephenie and her husband Tim, an oral surgeon, started the practice from scratch in 2001. They sold it in 2008 but stayed on until 2009.

They had moved down from London because of their love of sailing. It had quickly expanded to be a three-surgery practice and they also had two sons to care for.

Wisdom teeth; rachel carlyle explodes 10 popular myths about children's dental care

We all like to think we know how to look after our children's teeth, but shocking figures showing that a third of children start school with visible tooth decay reveal we may not be as knowledgeable as we think. tooth decay is now the biggest cause of hospital admissions for primary school-aged children, according to figures recently published by the health & Social care Information centre. last year, 25,812 children aged five to nine were admitted to hospital for multiple extractions - that's nearly 500 a week.

oral health is better than it was 30 years ago, but improvements have slowed down in the past few years. And some problems, such as tooth erosion from juice, are on the rise. Dentists agree that we all need to get better informed about our children's teeth.

So here are the 10 biggest myths…

Provision of dental supplies

Contract awarded for Dental Supplies
Estimated net contract amount : $ 377,230
Award date: 02-10-2015
Products or Services:

With 300% rise in seven years, Punjab heads for dental docs' glut

Chandigarh, Oct. 3 -- Deciding how many doctors a state needs is notoriously difficult. Punjab, however, it seems, is creating an imbalance when it comes to producing doctors. In the past seven years, the number of MBBS doctors in the state has gone up by 15%. The dental doctors' count has risen by 300% in the same period.

SIUE Inducts Eight to Alumni Hall of Fame

Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville issued the following news release:

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville honored eight remarkable graduates at the 2015 SIUE Alumni Hall of Fame ceremony Friday, Oct. 2, in the Morris University Center. These alumni have achieved exploits in their respective fields, are role models and are testament to SIUE's educational excellence.

"Those selected for the Alumni Hall of Fame represent the best of SIUE," said Steve Jankowski, director of Alumni Affairs. "It is our honor to induct these outstanding individuals."

Social Dental, Inc., a SaaS Marketing Company for Dentists, Raises $3.5 Million in Seed Round Funding

Social Dentalannounced today that it has raised $3.5 million in a seed round of funding led by Kickstart Seed Fund, Peterson Ventures, and Jeremy Andrus. Social Dental also announced that Scott Henkel, a dental industry veteran, has joined the firm as Chief Operating Officer.

David Gane starts third year as LED Medical Diagnostics CEO 04 October 2015

David Gane was appointed CEO of LED Medical Diagnostics (TSXV:LMD) two years ago on October 04, 2013. The shares were down from 45.5c to 25.0c and the total annualized return to shareholders since appointment is -25.9%. The present value of CAD1,000 (PV1000) invested on the appointment date is now worth CAD549, a loss of CAD451.

Dental Product Shopper Named 2015 Folio: Eddie Award Finalist; Best Product issue is a finalist for outstanding "B-to-B Series of Articles"

For the first time, a dental journal has been nominated for the prestigiousFolio:Eddie Award.  Dental Product Shopper, the leading information provider to the dental profession, is among the elite publications of this year's healthcare finalists. The magazine's annual "Best Products" issue was selected for its excellence as an outstanding series of B-to-B articles-a testament toDPS's high-quality content and editorial direction.

Abington - Jefferson Health's Dental Care Access Program Serves Over 100 Local Residents

Praxis Media Private Limited Announces Winners of the National Dental Achievers, 2015

Friday, October 02, 2015: Praxis Media Private Limited, India's leading media and marketing group, declared the winners of the prestigious National Dental Achievers, 2015 to reward and recognize progress, effort and enterprise in general practice dentistry. These awards recognize the highest standards of excellence in the dental profession, and honor individuals and organizations in their respective discipline for their outstanding achievement. The winners of the National Dental Achievers, 2015 were declared on September 30, 2015.

National Dental Achievers, 2015 are an initiative of Praxis Media Private Limited - India's Leading Media & Marketing Group, in association with Healthcare Leaders - India's leading online healthcare resource, Global Brands Network - Confederation of most valuable brands worldwide, and Dentistry Global - Nation's premier online comprehensive directory for dental and oral healthcare. The initiative was well partnered by The Pharma Times as Associate Partner, Medgate Today as Official Media Partner, and PluginPR as PR Partner.

Four cases: An optometrist, a dental surgeon, a physical therapist, a chiropractor; A few examples of Ontario health-care providers who were caught by their regulatory colleges issuing false or misleading billings. Compiled by Kenyon Wallace


When a patient had one appointment with Toronto optometrist Frank Stepec, he billed OHIP twice. Stepec did that with 32 patients, according to court documents. For another 25 patients, Stepec billed OHIP for multiple minor assessments that were not provided.

In total, Stepec improperly billed OHIP about $30,000 between Jan. 2007 and Nov. 2009.

Michigan Periodontist Featured on - In America' Series Developed for Public Television

Michigan Periodontist Featured on 'In America' Series for Embracing New Technology, Developed for Public Television

Dr. Joseph R. Nemeth has been selected as the Principal Dental Expert for the 'In America' series, distributed nationally for Public Television. This is a program hosted by James Earl Jones that highlights professionals and groundbreaking organizations.

Dr. Nemeth, who specializes in treating gum diseases, has not only pioneered new technologies but also is a trailblazer for the most modern, up-to-date treatment protocols in the nation. Dr. Nemeth was the first periodontist in America to use dental lasers to treat gum disease and later became the first periodontist in Michigan to be trained and certified to use the Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Technique to treat gum recession. He also offers Gummy Smile treatment and lip lowering procedures.

Punjab heads for dental docs' glut

Chandigarh, Oct. 3 -- Deciding how many doctors a state needs is notoriously difficult. Punjab, however, it seems, is creating an imbalance when it comes to producing doctors. In the past seven years, the number of MBBS doctors in the state has gone up by 15%. The dental doctors' count has risen by 300% in the same period.

Centre picks 6 districts to set up model dental clinics

Dhanbad, Oct. 3 -- The Centre has selected six districts of Jharkhand for implementing the Nation Oral Health Programme (NOHP) that will ensure dental care to around 10 million people, a health official said on Friday.

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