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Can Zimbabwe have lion's killer extradited?

As the controversy boils over Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer's killing of a lion in Zimbabwe, some -- including Zimbabwe -- have called for Palmer's extradition to Zimbabwe to stand trial. Can the southern African nation bring the American big-game-hunting dentist back to stand trial in its justice system?

The short answer: Under the mandatory terms of the extradition treaty between Zimbabwe and the United States, the United States must initiate extradition proceedings and give over a citizen to a foreign country for prosecution ....

Q2 2015 Pacira Pharmaceuticals Inc Earnings Call - Final

Corporate Participants

* Jessica Cho

Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Head of IR

* Dave Stack

Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - President, CEO, and Chairman

* Jim Scibetta

Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - SVP, CFO, and Head of Technical Operations

* Scott Braunstein

Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - SVP, Strategy and Corporate Development

Conference Call Participants

* Liana Moussatos

Wedbush Securities - Analyst

* Dave Amsellem

Free Dental Care at Annual Give Kids A Smile Day at SIU SDM

Sacramento Dentistry Group Shows How You Can Save Money by Avoiding the Emergency Room for Dentistry; Visits to emergency rooms for dental care cause tremendously higher costs over visiting the dentist. The Sacramento Dentistry Group addresses the issue and proposed solutions.

Every minute, four people in the United States visit hospital emergency rooms for problems with their teeth. In certain cases, dental care is delayed so long that a minor issue like a cavity turns into a life-threatening infection. "People still die from their teeth in the U.S.," says Dr. George Kushner of the University of Louisville. TheSacramento Dentistry Groupoffers two solutions for this problem:preventionand availability. First, however, let's consider the cost of hospital emergency visits for dental issues.

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White House petition to extradite lion-killing dentist Walter Palmer reaches threshold for response

A White House petition requesting that dentist Walter Palmer, who killed a prized lion in Zimbabwe, be extradited to the African nation to face justice should receive a response from the Obama administration.

Dr. Maryam Seifi Emerging as Leader in the Field of Cosmetic Dentistry

Rockville, MD, August 01, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Over the years, Dr. Maryam Seifi has repeatedly distinguished herself in the field of cosmetic dentistry. For attorneys, executives, entertainers, and many other professionals, a perfect smile can be a very important asset. After over 24 years of great service to her patients, Dr. Seifi has now joined the ranks of the prestigious American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

US launches probe into killing of 'Cecil the lion'

The official news Agency of Bangladesh (BSS) has issued following news release:

US authorities launched an investigation Thursday into the killing of a beloved lion in Zimbabwe, as the American dentist who hunted the big cat remained in hiding amid mounting global outrage.

Trophy hunter Walter Palmer killed Cecil the lion earlier this month after the feline was allegedly lured out of the Hwange National Park boundaries with a dead animal as bait.

Veteran hunter laments lure-to-kill tactic; JU professor who's been to Africa 20 times no fan of dentist's trophy

Jacksonville University history professor Walker Blanton has gone on two lion hunts in Africa, but he absolutely has no sympathy for the Minnesota dentist facing mountains of scorn - and a possible legal charge - after hunting a famous lion that was lured out of a national park in Zimbabwe.

Hillary Clinton Released Medical Records; MH-370 Mystery; U.S.- Trained Rebels Attacked; Lion Killer Wanted. Aired 2-2:30p ET

[14:00:07] BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN ANCHOR: You're watching CNN on this Friday. I'm Brooke Baldwin. Thank you so much for being with me.

Let's get to it. The brand-new developments in the plane wreckage that could be Malaysian Air Flight 370.

But first, just in to CNN, Hillary Clinton releasing her medical records and a huge day for her campaign. Let's bring in senior political correspondent Brianna Keilar.

Brianna Keilar, what are we learning?

The Minnesota dentist who illegally hunted and killed a rare African lion remains in hiding this morning.

The Minnesota dentist who illegally hunted and killed a rare African lion remains in hiding this morning. Doctor Walter Palmer is the target of intense criticism both on the internet and now at his place of business.

Angry Betty White wants justice for Cecil the lion

The Minnesota dentist who authorities said hunted and killed Africa's beloved lion earlier this month has angered America's beloved animal-lover Betty White.

On Thursday, the 93-year-old actress became the latest celebrity to call out Walter Palmer, 55, who authorities said was involved in hunting, killing, skinning and beheading 13-year-old Cecil, a protected lion well known throughout Zimbabwe. The incident ignited international outcry from animal rights groups and even some hunters who say they want justice for the lion.

White, a longtime animal activist, called Cecil's death "a heartbreaker."

Dental clinic offers friendly affordability

A trip to the dentist can be a fearful experience both physically and financially for many, but a Nelson woman is aiming to shed those stresses by opening a new dental clinic with a focus on affordability and comfort.

Varun Dhawan supports outcry over #CecilTheLion's death, demands hanging of the dentist who killed the animal

American dentist Walter Palmer has taken humanity to a new low by hunting down Zimbabwe's most celebrated Lion, Cecil.The dentist who enjoys merciless killing of animals as a hobby, has come under scrutiny for carrying out an illegal hunt and killing Cecil, who was prized cat and a tourist attraction. Reports suggest that Palmer, was accompanied by a professional hunter and the land owner, while carrying out the hunt and is now facing the wrath of the nation for killing Cecil.

How outrage over Cecil the lion killing misses the point

Of all the stories you heard in the news in the past few days, which one moved you the most? Which outraged you, brought you to tears, led you to action? Which did you talk about with your friends, post on Facebook, discuss on Twitter? If the answer is the killing of Cecil the lion, you are in lots of company.

By now, it seems, most people agree that the killing, apparently for fun, of the majestic lion by a Minnesota dentist visiting Zimbabwe was a perplexing act of pointless cruelty and cowardice. It spawned millions of posts on Facebook and Twitter -- a kind of outrage tsunami.

ArcaMax Publishing Inc.: Zimbabwe wants extradition of US dentist who killed Cecil the lion 31 July 2015

HARARE, Zimbabwe -- Zimbabwe is applying for the extradition of a U.S. dentist who illegally killed a famous lion in the southern African nation, officials said Friday.

The killing of Cecil, a wild lion in Zimbabwe popular with locals and tourists, was met by global outrage.

Premier Orthodontist Clinic Directory That Puts Your Practice First

To be more visible to your potential orthodontic patients and set your practice above your competition, you need to be doing something different than your competition is doing.

It isn't surprising that when patients are looking for orthodontic providers, they most often look online for services in the vicinity of their home or work. A5 Local Orthodontistis the revolutionary and innovative new online directory that provides orthodontist clinics an exclusive online marketplace to expand their reach, obtain patient reviews, control their business profile, and get closer to new patients by being visible on the first page of search engine (i.e. Google) results.

The $2 per day dental budget

The cost of dentistry is a barrier to tooth health for many, writes Rob Stock .


OH, NO! WE WON'T GO The annual New Zealand Health Survey shows how many of us do not routinely go to the dentist. The latest survey for the 2013/14 year showed a clear link between people's income and the frequency of visits.


49.7% had visited a dentist in the past 12 months. Nearly a quarter of a million people had a tooth pulled.

There's no way plaque for Cecil the Lion slayer

A GLASGOW wummin goes to the dentist and settles down in the chair. "Comfy?" asks the dentist. "Govan", she replies.

That wee joke gives me a chance to say something positive about a dentist, an impossible task this week.

Practice setting may determine dentists' satisfaction, research shows

Robotically Generated Prosthesis Submits United States Patent Application for Dynamically Generated Dental Articulator Controls

Publication Name: Medical Patent News Patent Application Number: 14/677613 Patent Publication Number: 20150209123 International Patent Classification Codes: A61C 13/34 20060101 A61C013/34, A61C 19/045 20060101 A61C019/045, A61C 11/08 20060101 A61C011/08, A61C 9/00 20060101 A61C009/00 Patent Status: Application

AISD students get help with dental care

A program to help uninsured children with oral health care prevention, treatment and education has been started by the Abilene-Taylor County Public Health District Dental Clinic.

“We were able to get some funding from the Community Foundation of Abilene to start what we call the Sealants Appropriate for Everyone kids program,” said Santos Navarrette Jr., assistant health administrator for the health district.

Zimbabwe calls for extradition of dentist who killed Cecil the lion

Wildlife officials in Zimbabwe on Friday called on the United States to extradite a Minnesota dentist responsible for killing a popular lion whose death has prompted worldwide criticism.

Environment Minister Oppah Muchinguri issued a statement seeking the extradition of Walter Palmer, a Bloomington, Minn., dentist, "so that he be made accountable for his illegal actions."

Investigation launched into killing of Cecil the lion

US authorities launched an investigation on Thursday into the killing of a beloved lion in Zimbabwe, as the US dentist who hunted the big cat remained in hiding amid mounting global outrage.

Q2 2015 Stratasys Ltd Earnings Call - Final

Corporate Participants

* Shane Glenn

Stratasys Ltd. - VP of IR

* David Reis

Stratasys Ltd. - CEO

* Erez Simha

Stratasys Ltd. - COO and CFO

Conference Call Participants

* Sherri Scribner

Deutsche Bank - Analyst

* Bobby Burleson

Canaccord Genuity - Analyst

* Troy Jensen

Piper Jaffray - Analyst

* Wamsi Mohan

BofA Merrill Lynch - Analyst

* Paul Coster

JPMorgan - Analyst

Q&A on possible extradition for dentist who killed lion

MINNEAPOLIS - Zimbabwe has called for an American dentist who killed a lion that was lured out of a national park and caused international outrage to be extradited and face as-yet filed charges. But it isn't clear whether Walter James Palmer, a 55-year-old from Minnesota, can be extradited or, if so, can fight having to go back to the African nation. Palmer has said he relied on his guides to ensure the hunt was legal.

Here's some details about the process and what could happen:

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