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Towards a swachh and healthy mouth

John Mullin: Our hate figures under fire

Furore over lion kill shows hypocrisy on animal cruelty

Q2 2015 DENTSPLY International Inc Earnings Call - Final

Zimbabwe Moves to Extradite U.S. Hunter; Presidential Candidates Court Black Voters; Plane Debris on its Way to France; Palestinians, Israelis Decry Deadly Attack. Aired 10:30-11a ET

Vaccine Unveiled; Cosby Doesn't Have Anything To Prove; Part Almost Certainly Belongs To Flight 370; Plane Debris Analyzed In France Next Wednesday; New Ebola Vaccine; Zimbabwe Asks For Lion Killer's Extradition. Aired 1-1:30p ET

Outcry over lion's death scratches surface of deeper debate

Q2 2015 Pacira Pharmaceuticals Inc Earnings Call - Final

Sacramento Dentistry Group Shows How You Can Save Money by Avoiding the Emergency Room for Dentistry; Visits to emergency rooms for dental care cause tremendously higher costs over visiting the dentist. The Sacramento Dentistry Group addresses the issue and proposed solutions.

Hillary Clinton Released Medical Records; MH-370 Mystery; U.S.- Trained Rebels Attacked; Lion Killer Wanted. Aired 2-2:30p ET

Angry Betty White wants justice for Cecil the lion

How outrage over Cecil the lion killing misses the point

Premier Orthodontist Clinic Directory That Puts Your Practice First

White House petition to extradite lion-killing dentist Walter Palmer reaches threshold for response

There's no way plaque for Cecil the Lion slayer

Zimbabwe calls for extradition of dentist who killed Cecil the lion

Q2 2015 Stratasys Ltd Earnings Call - Final

SDI lifts 2.0% on average volume 31 July, 2015 16:00 AEST

Debris Could Belong to MH370; Grieving Families Await News About Possible MH370 Discovery; Answering Twitter Questions about MH370; Backlash Grows Towards Lion-Shooting Dentist Now in Hiding. Aired 2:30-3p ET

'Too big for dentist chair? You'll have to visit hospital'

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