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Dentsply International drops on high volatility 28 January, 2015 16:00 EST

Dentsply International drops on high volatility 27 January, 2015 16:00 EST

Non brokered Private Placement

Q & M Dental Group (S) rises 2.0% on high volatility 28 January, 2015 17:00 SGT

The whole tooth - everything you need to know about your baby's teeth; Plus top tips for caring for your little one's mouth

Dr. Wael Elosta of Lansdowne Family Dental Restores Patients Smiles with Dental Implants in Lansdowne VA

Two Essential Dental Services for a Great Smile

Regular dental check-ups help to avoid problems with teeth

OSAP Boot Camp Sets Records

Value Added Technology in 3rd daily fall, nears one-month low 28 January, 2015 15:00 KST

Henry Schein falls 0.8% from 14-day high 27 January, 2015 16:00 EST

Simi Valley Dentist Now Offers 3D ConeBeam Imaging at Dental Office; 3D Cone Beam Imaging is transforming the dental industry, and Simi Valley Dentist Dr. Stuart Tenggren is joining this revolution. This new dental scanning technology is a more efficient alternative to x-ray scanners and offers a painless experience for the patient.

Shofu rises 1.9% on high volatility 28 January, 2015 15:00 JST

Sirona Dental Systems Earns Positive Rating from Stifel Nicolaus (SIRO)

Dr. Aroon Pal of Lifetime Family Dental Provides Superior Dental Care with the Help of Panorex Imaging in New Lenox IL

Zoom Your Way to Whiter Teeth

Hamilton Orthodontist offers today's most popular and innovative treatment options - Invisalign

Dental Consumables Market to Grow at a CAGR of 7.1% Between 2012 and 2018: Transparency Market Research.

Class three goes to the dentists and meets a bear. Fortunately he was not the dentist

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