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SDI sinks 5.7% on low volume 03 July, 2015 16:00 AEST

:DentalPlans Reminds Tooth Brushers that International Kissing Day is July 6

DIO Corporation rises 1.8% on high volatility 03 July, 2015 15:00 KST

Confirms The Filing Of Its 10 K Report For The Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2015 And Its Return To Profitability

Why not find out for FREE if dental implants can change your life?; ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE

Thousands of dental patients in Sydney urged to undergo hepatitis, HIV testing over clinic hygiene breaches

Align Technology Files European Patent Application for Computer Automated Development of an Orthodontic Treatment Plan and Appliance

PE firm Madison Dearborn to buy Patterson rehab business for $715M

Up to 11,000 Aussies at risk of HIV, hepatitis; Hygiene breaches found in dental clinics in Sydney; patients urged to go for blood tests

The Protective and Restorative Qualities of Crowns on Teeth

Ingenesis Arora Dental, LLC secures contract for Logical follow-on for Dental Hygienist services in support of the NHC Annapolis, MD

Scottsdale Dentists Highlight Several Chief Benefits of Dental Implants; Don Chiappetti, DDS and Jonathan Coombs, DMD of Scottsdale Smile Center Discuss the Numerous Advantages of Replacing One or More Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

Shin Hung in its biggest trailing week loss for 4 months 02 July, 2015 15:00 KST

Fears 11,000 Australian dental patients exposed to HIV

Dirty dentistry sparks HIV alert

Patterson insider awarded shares

Confirms Filing Of 10 k Report For Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2015 And Return To Profitability

Seal Those Missing Teeth with a Durable Bridge

US medical device supplier Patterson to sell medical therapy business for $715 mn

Dental Director Gets to the Root of Dentistry in New Book: A Cup of Coffee With My Dentist

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