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The American Dental Association Makes Hello's Kids Toothpastes Even Friendlier; Kids Toothpastes Receive ADA Seal of Acceptance, expand national distribution August 1st

White House petition to extradite lion-killing dentist Walter Palmer reaches threshold for response

Nakanishi hits one-month high 31 July, 2015 15:00 JST

US launches probe into killing of 'Cecil the lion'

Month to July 31: Shin Hung falls for a second consecutive month, a two-month fall of 14.2%

DIO Corporation soars 11.8% on firm volume 31 July, 2015 15:00 KST

Trakya university dental health application and research center medical supplies (178 items).

Unable to contact dentist about Cecil the lion's death - US agency

Anger is growing tonight over the American dentist who hunted and killed a lion in Africa that turned out to be well-known and beloved by tourists and protected in a wildlife refuge.

Weekly: Meta Biomed tumbles 13.5% on average volume

New dentists to help fight childhood tooth decay

NSU's College of Dental Medicine Receives $3.4 Million Grant to Enhance Dental Care and Access for People with Autism; HHS Grant Will Fund Curriculum Development and Resident Training

Conservationists condemn American dentist over brutal killing of Zimbabwean lion

LIQUIDITY ALERT: Sebring Software Has US $20.9MM Current Deficit

Social media flack surrounds Cecil hunter

Debris Could Belong to MH370; Grieving Families Await News About Possible MH370 Discovery; Answering Twitter Questions about MH370; Backlash Grows Towards Lion-Shooting Dentist Now in Hiding. Aired 2:30-3p ET

SDI lifts 2.0% on average volume 31 July, 2015 16:00 AEST

'Too big for dentist chair? You'll have to visit hospital'

Dental equipment

Aircraft Debris Found Off Madagascar; Former Governor: Diplomacy Doesn't Mean You "Surrender"; Rep. Fattah Indicted On 29 Counts Of Corruption. Aired 4:30-5p ET

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