The new Yellow Pages: Online listings for your dental practice

No one uses the Yellow Pages anymore. Dental patients are all going online to find their dentists. There are a few easy ways that dentists can get ...

How to find the head, heart, and hands of your dental team

Finding the head, heart, and hands of the dental team members will mean they're engaged in the success of the practice. Dentists need to quit blami...

The new Yellow Pages: Online listings for your dental practice

No one uses the Yellow Pages anymore. Dental patients are all going online to find their dentists. There are a few easy ways that dentists can get ...

Thursday Troubleshooter: Referring/ordering dentists and Medicare

Medicare is still a source of learning and frustration for dentists as the deadline to enroll or not to enroll gets closer. This question addresses...

Know the numbers of your dental practice

There are many things to consider when keeping track of the numbers in your dental practice. Team members can all help to be responsible for the pr...

Advice for new dentists: A mixed bag of dollars and sense

Dental school is excellent, and future dentists learn a lot, but there are so many things they don't learn in school that would be helpful when the...

10 steps to solid fees for your dental practice

There are a few practical steps that dentists can take in order to keep fees reasonable, yet make a profit for their practice.

Tuesday Tip from Pride Institute: Phone skills in your dental practice – would you make an appointment?

Make sure that those who answer the phone in your dental practice are able to connect with patients and turn inquiries into new patients. Do not le...

Top 10 List of lessons from David Letterman’s finale on how to succeed in dental practice

David Letterman's finale can teach dentists a thing or two about how to run a successful practice. Here is a Top 10 List to prove it.

How dentists can help preserve the environment

Helping to preserve the environment is something every dental practice should be aware of. There are steps to take to reduce a practice's carbon fo...

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Practice Management Tips By Sally McKenzie

Sally McKenzie is a nationally known lecturer and author. She is CEO of McKenzie Management, which provides highly successful and proven management and marketing services to dentistry and has since 1980. McKenzie Management offers a full line of educational and management products, which are available on its website, mckenziemgmt.com. In addition, the company offers a vast array of business operations programs and team training. Ms. McKenzie is the editor of the e-Management newsletter and The Dentist’s Network newsletter, which are sent complimentary to practices nationwide. To subscribe visit mckenziemgmt.com and thedentistsnetwork.net. She is also the publisher of the New Dentist magazine. Ms. McKenzie welcomes practice questions, and she can be reached toll free at 877-777-6151 or sallymck@mckenziemgmt.com.

The Evolution of Dental Marketing ... Growth Hacking Your Dental Practice


"Growth Hacking" is a marketing technique that uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to sell products and businesses and gain exposure. This new and evolving marketing method can be applied to the dental profession, and Dr. Ken Newhouse and his wife, Lisa, are doing just that. Dr. Newhouse is the Official Growth Hacker of the Dental Profession, and founder of Growth Hacker Central, the fastest-growing provider of dentist SEO and dental web marketing strategies, systems, and tools with 2,800+ dentists worldwide. Dr. Newhouse is also a certified LinkedIn expert. Lisa Newhouse is the first woman Growth Hacker in the dental profession, and helped Dr. Ken found Growth Hacker Central. Visit Growth Hacker Central for more information.

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Dr. Lou Shuman, DMD, CAGS, and President of the Pride Institute, is a noted expert in operational practice management and emerging technologies. He speaks frequently on these topics, with an emphasis on Internet strategy and digital marketing methods for dental practices. Information about his presentations is available in Dr. Shuman's Speaker Profile. Many of his previous presentations can be found on Dr. Shuman's YouTube Channel.