Thursday Troubleshooter: Practice accepts Blue Cross; does it still need to opt into Medicare?

12/11/2014 Questions abound regarding dental offices and opting in our opting ...

VIDEO: Proven tips regarding insurance management for dental practices

11/25/2014 Insurance can be a pain in the side of any dental practice. In this...

Dental insurance most popular benefit option for Colorado small businesses

11/20/2014 Half of Colorado’s smallest businesses are considering changing hea...

Dental coding ICD-10 CM – Time to prepare your practice now!

11/17/2014 The new coding rules will be here before you know it -- October 201...

Thursday Troubleshooter: Medicare – to opt in or opt out?

10/30/2014 There are advantages and disadvantages to opting in or opting out, ...

Obamacare and the dental industry: Part II – A look at the expansion of pediatric dental care

10/16/2014 It is unacceptable that some states have completely covered dental ...

Retiree dental care: Less coverage, greater risk

10/10/2014 For the first time in history, Americans are more likely to reach r...

Third-party claims: It’s now, or possibly never!

10/08/2014 No more waiting for the patient to return for the final restoration...

Tuesday Tip from Pride Institute: The out-of-dental-network blues

09/09/2014 Dentists may lose a few patients, but in the long run giving up som...

Thursday Troubleshooter: Is there a way for this dentist to avoid PPOs and still survive?

08/21/2014 The experts help this dentist who wants to keep his fee-for-service...

Is health insurance for your team elusive? There might be an answer

06/24/2014 There are some new ways that small businesses, which include dental...

The gift of an extra year before cross coding and ICD-10 implementation

06/18/2014 The extension gives dental practices a chance to ease into the new ...

Ask Dr. Christensen: Will third party payers cover sleep apnea treatments by dentists?

06/09/2014 Dr. Christensen teaches dentists to bill via medical bililng proced...

Thursday Troubleshooter: Can this dental office upcharge on a PPO fee for Invisalign?

06/05/2014 This orthodontist is frustrated and needs to watch the PPO fees

Delta Dental of New Jersey Launches DentalCentral

06/02/2014 Delta Dental of New Jersey launches a new website, DentalCentral, f...

Second "DentalCodeology" mini-book now available

05/30/2014 Jump Start Diagnostic Coding now available BOGO with both print and...

Coach's Corner for Dental Coding: Plan exclusions


It's difficult to learn all the dental plan exclusions

Coding for TMD

05/07/2014 An estimated 10% to 15%, about 10 million Americans, are affected b...

Washington state's ABCD continues to broaden dental care for low-income children

05/05/2014 Access to Baby and Child Dentistry (ABCD), which provides oral heal...

Popularity of health care discount plans sparks rise in patients for some dentists

04/28/2014 Discount plans allow people access to dental care they otherwise wo...

Obamacare and the dental industry: Part I

04/23/2014 For most, dentistry is not covered in the Affordable Care Act

New charting system seeks to revolutionize malpractice prevention for dentists

04/10/2014 Ideal charting for general dentists aims to prevent possible dental...

Coach’s Corner for Dental Coding: New code for periodontal irrigation


Dental coding can be tricky to keep up with.

Human Resources for Dental Practices: Personal vehicle use for company business; the I-9 form

03/10/2014 What sort of insurance should dentists <!-- /* Fon...

Coach’s Corner for Dental Coding

02/18/2014 Finding the correct dental code can be tricky <!-- ...

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