Does your dental practice need a financial cleaning?

Jul 23, 2014 Dentists often are not trained to manage their business, so here are a f...
Horacek Dental and Fieldwork Design reimagine dental office design.

Dental Office Design, reborn in Portland

Jul 17, 2014 In Portland, Horacek Dental and Fieldwork Design reimagine dental office...

5 strategies to create a self-managed dental team

Jul 16, 2014 There are five simple steps that once started become second nature to ru...

Are you feeling the pinch of competition in your dental office? It hurts!

Jul 8, 2014 There is a lot of competition out there for new patients in dental pract...

4 ways to improve communication with specialty dental practices

Jul 7, 2014 Good communication between general and speciality dental practices will ...

9 tactics for growth hacking your dentist SEO and SMO strategy

Jul 1, 2014 There's a lot to learn about the SEO and SMO business while putting your...

What are the consequences for not following HIPAA regulations? 7 real life scenarios

Jun 26, 2014 What happens when your dental practice encounters a security breach? Not...

What are the barriers that keep your practice from growing?

Jun 24, 2014 Some of the things dental offices can do to succeed are universal, as de...

Reaching Level 3 communication in your dental practice

Jun 23, 2014 Effective communication will help your dental practice run smoothly

Tempted to buy that shiny object for your dental practice? Read these words of advice first

Jun 13, 2014 Read about this dentist's experiences before you automatically buy the n...

What would it take for your dental practice to be voted Best Place to Work?

Jun 11, 2014 This dental practice has close to 0% turnover. There's a good reason for...

A nationwide crisis led this dentist to change many of her practices for the better

Jun 10, 2014 The Cyprus financial crisis led this dentist to reevaluate 20+ years of ...

Treading softly around maternity leave

May 28, 2014

Maternity leave must be handled as gently as a newborn baby.

The unavoidable truth about problems in your dental practice

May 21, 2014 Don't avoid problems in your dental practice. Anticipate and learn from ...

Don’t become overwhelmed by technology: Boston-area dentist offers tips that improved his practice, including using the iPad

May 19, 2014 Sharing technology tips with fellow dentists can be a huge help to those...

Why you need to move your dental practice to the cloud

May 15, 2014 It's time to move to the cloud or risk getting left behind  

Dental waste – are you missing out on remuneration?

May 14, 2014

You can make money from the dental waste in your office

Name change reflects growing trend toward group dental practices

May 12, 2014 DGPA changes name to Association of Dental Support Organizations

Ask Dr. Christensen: Is dentistry still a viable and desirable career choice?

May 12, 2014 Dr. Christensen firmly believes the research, which reveals that a caree...

After-hours new patient appointing now offered by 1-800-DENTIST

May 7, 2014 With this new system, dental practices do not need to miss a new patient...

CAD/CAM – The end for dental labs or a new beginning?

May 6, 2014 IDEM Singapore discussion from the experts: Dental lab technicians don't...
Cloud Computing

Why the death of Windows XP should lead to "cloudy" thoughts

Apr 29, 2014 The age of cloud computing for dental practices has arrived with the dea...

Power in numbers: The rise of group dental practices

Apr 28, 2014 Is there really power in numbers? Dentists seem to think so as more join...

Hiring for success in your dental office

Apr 25, 2014 There are a few basic questions for potential dental office employee tha...

Thursday Troubleshooter: Dentist in Egypt asks, group or solo practice?

Apr 24, 2014 There are special challenges in his country, but dentist still wants to ...

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