Debacterol: A treatment for canker sores and minor oral abrasions

Debacterol is a liquid, topical, debriding agent used for the treatment of minor abrasions of the oral mucosa, as well as ulcerating oral mucosal l...


Sterngold now offers Polyurock, a dual component model resin

Polyurock, a new dual component model resin from Sterngold, flows without trapping air bubbles.

Solea CO2 dental laser wins Popular Science "Best of What's New" award

The Solea laser was recognized for being a gateway to pain-free dentistry.

Tray lid with secure seal from Dux Dental provides infection control protection

Dux Dental releases transparent tray cover with a secure seal for infection control.

3M and Orange Business Services bring the cloud and 3-D printing to dental care

In Europe, 3M now relies on Orange Business Services' secure cloud platform, Flexible Computing Healthcare, to host both its medical applications a...

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