Image Navigation announces sale of its new DentSim v5.0 dental simulator to Griffith University

Image Navigation (New York, New York) is proud to announce the first sale of its new augmented-reality dental training simulator, the Den...


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Lasers and dental hygiene: The state of the issue in Texas

The usage of lasers by dental hygienists has become an issue of contention in the state of Texas.

Q&A with Jackie Sanders, RDH, MBA: Sunstar's Gum Paroex

Sunstar America recently announced the launch of a new 4-ounce bottle of Gum Paroex, its alcohol-free chlorhexidine rinse. To get some more informa...

The process (and products) you need for esthetic veneer provisionals

Michael DiTolla, DDS, FAGD, breaks down his technique and shares everything—right down to the products he uses—to help you achieve esthetic veneer ...

Bringing a hard- and soft-tissue laser into a pediatric practice

Jon McClure, DDS, tells the story of how he came to purchase a hard- and soft-tissue laser and how it transformed his pediatric practice.

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5-27-15 - Implementing CAMBRA | How to make esthetic veneer provisionals | Lasers as an adjunct to SRP?
5-13-15 - Ultrasonic alternatives, revisited | EtchMaster air polishing demo | Products from the CDA
4-22-15 - Cheat sheet for instrument sharpening | How to maintain surface texture while finishing anterior composites
4-8-15 - Alternatives to ultrasonics? | Repolishing restorations | EndoUltra demo
3-25-2015 - Oral appliances, sleep disorders | 5 game-changers for RDHs | Review: The Canary System | Choosing a composite
3-11-2015 - New products at IDS | 25+ products from Chicago | A polishing demonstration
2-25-2015 - 3 uses for ultrasonics | Saving teeth vs. placing implants | A manual toothbrush that educates | 5 fluoride-free products
2-11-2015 - Caries management meets practice management | Paging software improves productivity | Toothbrush training toy
1-28-2015 - Join the digital workflow | The ultimate whitening giveaway | 3 must-have shades for buildups | Protecting patients' smiles
1-14-2015 - Welcome aboard DE's Product Navigator, your guide to dental products
12-17-2014 - Halitosis treatments | A sonic, Bluetooth-wired toothbrush | A more ergonomic prophy angle
11-26-2014 - Products to see at the 2014 GNYDM
11-12-2014 - Tooth brushing game | No-paste prophy angle | Nonabrasive dental gel
10-22-2014 - Exclusive ADA videos | Dual solvent bonding agent | Oral spray for dry mouth relief
10-8-2014 - Pearls for Your Practice | New posterior restorative from 3M ESPE | Rinse helps cancer patients
9-24-2014 - Intraoral cameras | Spanish consent/instructional apps | Oral hygiene books
9-10-2014 - Cosmedent MirrorImage review | Young Dental hygiene handpiece review | New CE tool | Dental office rewards program
8-27-2014 - Take our survey! | Sleep apnea, meet digital dentistry | All about TMJD | Pain-free injections are here

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