Zest Anchors introduces Chairside, a new attachment processing material

Jul 23, 2014 Zest introduces Chairside, a new attachment processing material.

Introducing Joshua Austin, DDS, Dental Economics' new "Pearls for Your Practice" columnist

Jul 22, 2014 Introducing Dr. Joshua Austin, the new author of Dental Economics' "...

Cherry-flavored nitrile exam gloves launched

Jul 9, 2014 Gloves are an option for clinicians and patients who are sensitive to la...

DenMat launches UltraBond Clear veneer cement

Jul 9, 2014 Light-cure resin cement is formulated for bonding Lumineers, as well as ...

Sugar-free chewy helps maintain healthy teeth

Jul 9, 2014 BasicBites supports the normal acid-base levels that exist on tooth surf...

Pearls for Your Practice: MD Guide 2 in 1: Pilot Drill & Surgical Guide

Jul 7, 2014 Dr. Joe Blaes shares his experiences with products he likes with his pee...

Cordless curing light launches

Jul 2, 2014 Translux Wave LED Curing Light from Heraeus Kulzer weighs five ounces an...

AnyWhere Provisional Implant Abutment System debuts

Jun 27, 2014 Dentists can provide matching tooth forms chairside while virtually elim...

EcoClean USA launches Genesis

Jun 25, 2014 On-site disinfectant generator for dental and medical offices takes regu...

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New Pediatrician Referral Kits from Tess Oral Health

Sep 25, 2013 Tess Oral Health offers new pediatrician referral kits for infants and t...

Practicon introduces personalized dental floss and movie marquee postcards

Feb 4, 2013 Practicon has introduced two new items to improve your patient retention...
Massad Edentulous Tray

Nobilium announces Massad Edentulous Tray

Jun 20, 2012

Noblium has an exclusive agreement with Massad.

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