New dental product: Hyperion X9 scanner debuts

Next generation digital pan/ceph/3D CBCT scanner is a modular system.

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CHARLOTTE, North Carolina--Building on the Hyperion X7 panoramic imager, MyRay has announced launch of a next generation digital pan/ceph/3D CBCT scanner: the Hyperion X9.

Based on MyRay’s motto “New Comfort in Digital Imaging”, the X9 is a modular system that help meet practices’ varying needs and comes with smart features to benefit patients and users.

A total of 40 2-D programs make Hyperion X9 an answer to diagnostic demands. From bitewings, wide-focus panoramic, and volumetric tomography to multiple ceph, TMJ and sinus projections, X9 delivers imaging.

The X9’s 3-D CBCT module is available with an 11x8-cm or 11x5-cm image detector. Unlike several other hyprid units on the market, the X9 achieves full arch scans, including third-molar dentition and surrounding bone structure, even in adult males.

Variable collimation allows for several fields of view with detectors to match diagnostic needs. Hyperion’s super-charged NNT 4.0 clinical software comes with a pre-stocked implant library to simulate implant placement in the acquired datasets.

High-speed processing, multilevel specialty-specific user interfaces, and DICOM exporting for third party applications are featured.

Hyperion X9 is modular and field-upgradable to ceph and CBCT. The upgrades will result in no more than two hours of downtime to help dentists focus on adding new treatment options without lengthy equipment changes.

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