Version of orthodontic case acceptance software debuted

New capabilities in ACCEPTx 1.2 include automatic log in, faster patient information import from practice management system, new payment option, and remote support tool.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada--ACCEPTx, LLC, an orthodontic treatment acceptance software company, today announced a new release of its highly coveted orthodontic case acceptance software that allows orthodontic practices to instantaneously calculate and present fee options to patients.

ACCEPTx eliminates improperly calculated fee schedules, resulting in a measurable increase in the orthodontic practice's net income.

"The new capabilities in this release result in a 25 percent time savings in fee
presentation over the previous version--a key for orthodontic practices because it allows them to spend more time developing rapport with potential patients and increases the number of same-day starts," said Ben Favila, vice president of sales for ACCEPTx.

The streamlined new features and capabilities found in ACCEPTx 1.2 include:

* An automatic login that remembers each user's user name and password,
allowing customers to access ACCEPTx without going through the login process
during each visit.

* A faster and more streamlined import of patient information from the
practice-management system to ACCEPTx, which enables treatment
coordinators or financial coordinators to present fees much more quickly.

* A quick-access feature that allows users to more easily and quickly retrieve the Informed Consent and Contract forms.

* Added flexibility and customization in payment choice options; automatically
populates contracts with correct verbiage based on payment-choice selection.

* A new remote support tool that rapidly diagnoses problems and resolves
issues, giving orthodontic practices instant access to ACCEPTx customer support
representatives through a click-to-connect link on the ACCEPTx website.

"The majority of these new capabilities were implemented as a result of customer feedback, which demonstrates that ACCEPTx listens to our customers and continues to evolve our software to better meet customers' needs," Favila said. "We will continue to invest in R&D to ensure that ACCEPTx exceeds orthodontic staff expectations for professional fee presentation software."

ACCEPTx is the most powerful orthodontic case acceptance software solution
available. The software complements most practice-management systems, enabling orthodontic staff to quickly populate customizable, pre-built reports during the initial-exam process, ensuring that patients are charged fairly and the practice is compensated properly.

"Informal evaluations show that the average practice loses 10 percent of net income per year from improperly calculated fee schedules," said Dr. Jed Feller, DDS, MSD, a practicing orthodontist and founder of ACCEPTx. "With ACCEPTx, you can eliminate those fee calculation losses, resulting in an extra $15,000-$75,000 a year in net income."

For more information about ACCEPTx, visit ACCEPTx or
contact Laura Olson-Reyes, Director of Marketing, at 702.651.7277 or toll free at (866) 222-3789.

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