Orametrix annouces new pricing structure

Company rolls out reduced case pricing to help doctors accelerate SureSmile into their practice.

RICHARDSON, Texas -- SureSmile®, an orthodontic system that combines 3-D diagnostic imaging with computerized treatment planning and robotic archwire customization, recently announced new reduced case pricing.

Historically, OraMetrix, the parent company of SureSmile, has offered a tiered scale for pricing based on an orthodontic practice case volumes. Now, to help orthodontists who are just beginning SureSmile and/or scaling SureSmile into their practice but have not reached significant volumes, OraMetrix has leveled the cost equation for low to moderate volume practices. At lower SureSmile volumes, doctors can now get nearly a $200 savings per case.

“We know that there is an adoption curve for SureSmile technology for our doctors and their staff," said Chuck Abraham, president & CEO of OraMetrix. With the new pricing structure, we believe the transition to higher volumes and full SureSmile integration will be much easier to accomplish. We are able to pass on these cost reductions to our customers because increased case volume combined with improved processes and automation have yielded new efficiencies in our own business. We are delighted to share these cost savings with our customers."

Orthodontists that have deeply integrated SureSmile into their practices experience better control and predictability of their treatment, and with one process they gain many workflow efficiencies.

“Optimal patient care is the main reason that we are a 100% SureSmile practice," said Dr. Steve Moravec, Moravec Orthodontics, Plainfield, IL. "However, there are distinct practice management advantages also. Clinically, we have one system since all patients are SureSmile. Scheduling templates, appointment flow, and appointment intervals are consistent across the board. I don't have to operate two separate systems."

SureSmile also recently released the latest version of their software — SureSmile 6.0 — which allows orthodontists to plan and visualize the final root positions in the supporting bone. Until now, orthodontists could only estimate how their treatment would affect root positions in the supporting bone. This new capability is revolutionizing how orthodontists plan and treat patients.

“I love SureSmile," said Dr. Heather Woloshyn, Woloshyn & Clements Orthodontics, professor of orthodontics at University of Washington, Seattle. "It enables me to incorporate everything into the treatment plan that I want to do diagnostically, and my patients finish sooner. SureSmile is truly cutting edge technology that is the next wave of the future.”

For more information, visit www.suresmile.com.

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