Zirconia crown has no porcelain overlay

Zenostar is a 100% full-milled, pure zirconia crown.

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Zenostar is a 100% full-milled, pure zirconia restoration with no porcelain overlay. Since there is no overlay, there are no porcelain fractures.

The Zenostar preshaded, high-translucency zirconia provides a strong, versatile restorative solution that meets high-performance demands for challenging cases.

Benefits for the crown include that it is less than half the price of a gold crown, it is an esthetic alternative to gold restoration and PFM, has 1,200 MPa flexural strength, has conventional chamfer prep and cementation, and marginal fit.

Indications are single posterior crowns,crowns with limited occlusal clearance, and multiple-unit bridges.

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