Brasseler procedure kits come in bonus packs

Brasseler redesigns kiits to include bonus product and informational material at a discounted price.

Brasseler Bonus Pack Es

SAVANNAH, Georgia--Brasseler USA, a manufacturer of instrumentation, innovation, and service to the dental industry, has redesigned and repackaged its procedure kits to include detailed usage and technique information and additional bonus product.

Specifically, the company has taken 20 of its most popular procedure systems and has repackaged them to include bonus product at a discounted price. Depending on the type of procedure kit, Brasseler has added bonus product, including refills of Brasseler’s burs or complimentary items appropriate for a particular procedure.

For example, Brasseler’s Ultra Denture Kit and All Purpose Dentist Lab Kit now include a bonus pack of 12 medium ET ProviPros, 12 fine ET ProviPros, and six mandrels. This allows dental professionals to polish composite- and acrylic-based appliances and provisional and removable restorations to a high-gloss shine at chairside without the need for messy pumice.

Moreover, each procedure kit includes a comprehensive laminated technique guide for easy reference. The technique guides include detailed information related to each specific procedure, kit contents, and reorder information, as well as technical tips and how-to instructions. The guides are laminated for posting and durability.

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