A new way to screen for oral cancer in the dental office

ClearPrep OC has proven to be highly effective aiding in the diagnosis of most common oral diseases

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Resolution Biomedical introduces ClearPrep OC Advanced Liquid Based Brush Cytology, a clinical cytology process proven to be highly effective aiding in the diagnosis of most common oral diseases, including oral cancer and HPV.

According to the Oral Cancer Foundtion, “Historically the death rate associated with oral cancer is particularly high not because it is hard to discover or diagnose, but due to the cancer being routinely discovered late in its development.”

We all know the grim statistics: In the U.S., one person dies from oral cancer every hour. Oral cancer causes 8,000 deaths each year and only slightly more than half of oral cancer patients survive five years. Seventy percent of oral cancer cases are diagnosed at a late stage, which partially accounts for the poor five-year survival rate of approximately 60%. And, approximately 100 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with oral cancer every day.


By adopting ClearPrep OC in your dental office, you will not only be helping to detect oral cancer and HPV in much earlier stages, and possibly saving lives, but you'll become known as a trendsetter in the area of oral cancer detection, thus attracting new patients.

—ClearprepOC advanced brush cytology screening technology uses the latest next generation liquid-based cytology process that allows for reflex testing for the presence of HPV from the same oral sample. —This screening technology can also detect thrush, herpes, fistulas, dietary deficiencies, ulcerations. and common leukoplakia vs. hyperkeratosis.

—Taking a brush biopsy sample is a fast and a noninvasive and painless “in chair” procedure that any team member in the dental office can perform. Results usually come back within 72 hours from receipt of sample at the laboratory.

“ClearPrep OC Advanced Liquid Based Brush Cytology is a way to triage patients where something may be suspicious but the patient is balking about getting a biopsy,” said Dr. Donald Williams of Resolution Biomedical.

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According to the ClearPrep OC website, “I am currently using ClearPrep OC in our practice and have found it to be a valuable tool in patient care, giving my patients peace of mind,” said J. Ghatnekar, DDS.

"I highly recommend this service to all of my patients when we find any suspicious looking areas during an oral cancer screening." said J. Sencer, RDAEF.

"Taking brush samples with ClearPrep OC is extremely quick and easy," said Philip Jo,DDS. "A procedure that takes less than one minute and can potentially save a patient's life. Why wouldn't I use it?"

There is no charge to the dental clinician for ClearPrep OC sample collection kit. Additional revenue suggested sample collection fee is $45 to $75. To get more information on ClearPrep OC and request no charge sample kits, contact Resolution Biomedical at 949-551-8000 ext 34, or www.clearprepoc.com.

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