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Dr. Scott Froum and Dr. Chris Salierno will explore the importance of working as a team when it comes to advanced clinical dentistry. This new e-newsletter from PennWell will bring a fresh and unique perspective to the world of implants, restorations, and other dental-surgical procedures.

Comprehensive patient care that incorporates evidence-based techniques and cutting-edge technology requires a team approach. Each member of the dental team can offer his or her area of expertise to the patient case and all share the responsibility for a successful treatment outcome.

Although complications are always a factor in health care, all too often the source of the problem is poor coordination between the members of the dental team. When treatment outcomes do not meet the patient’s and/or clinician’s expectations, the blame game begins. The surgeon blames the general dentist, the general dentist blames the lab, and the patient blames everyone involved. The team breaks down, and no one learns how to avoid the complication in the future.

On the other hand, a dental team that has good lines of communication can deal with complications as they arise and prevent situations from becoming irreversible. Of similar importance is the knowledge between team members of what each component is contributing to the case. For example, a good lab should have technicians who can walk you through how they plan for and fabricate a restoration. You should know how your restorative dentist contours provisional restorations to develop emergence profiles for the final restoration. You should know why and how your surgeon uses graft material, places implants, and provides you with the foundation for your restorations. With the entire team sharing knowledge, confidence will grow.

Each month, this newsletter will bring you the perspectives from some of the most highly respected dentists in the world. We’ll explore cases involving interdisciplinary treatment approaches, as well as provide you with laboratory and manufacturer input.

We hope you enjoy the journey with us.

Scott Froum, DDS, and Chris Salierno, DDS

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