Practicon makes explaining restorations easier, and offers new patterns for tips

Practicon adds two new products

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Practicon is now offering a Multi-Case Model that makes it easier to explain bridges and other restorations. This model helps patients visualize the full range of three-unit bridge attachments, along with common single-tooth restorations such as porcelain onlay, porcelain crown, laminate veneer, and porcelain inlay. The model also features a removable pink silicone gingiva that allows patients to see the nerves and root structure.

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Also new from Practicon, the company is distributing the popular ECOtip Earth-Friendly High Volume Evacuator Tips from IndiGreen Innovations in five new patterns. The designs include sea creatures, happy teeth, dental drawings, flowers, and scatter smiles.

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Made from renewable, sustainable paper, ECOtip is a high-performance alternative to plastics. Engineered and tested to provide outstanding stiffness, durability, and function, ECOtip features a food-grade coating that virtually eliminates moisture absorption and fraying during use. ECOtip is made in the USA under strict ISO standards from FDA-approved materials, and it fits all standard HVE valves.

To view Practicon’s complete product line, visit or call 800-959-9505 for more information.

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