Ask Dr. Christensen: What is the best way to make a contact area on a Class II RBC?

Dr. Christensen discusses dental practice tips from his many years of hands-on experience

Dr. Gordon Christensen answers questions from readers and offers his answers based on research, dentists' opinions worldwide, and personal observation.

In this week's video he asks, "What is the best way to make a contact area on a class II resin-based composite restoration?" He explains that it’s difficult any way you cut it. He understands that naturally dentists would like to spread the teeth apart, and for his brief explanation in this video Dr. Christensen chooses to discuss Tofflemire Greater Curve matrix band that fits on a normal Tofflemire matrix retainer.

He briefly demonstrates the difference between a normal Tofflemire and the Greater Curve, saying that the chance for a contact area is good if the dentist wedges well. His conclusion – he recommends the Tofflemire Greater Curve Band for larger restoration cases.

See a more complete explanation in this week's video from Dr. Christensen.

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