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New column! 'Ask a Dental Assistant'

July 22, 2020
What's on your mind? Are your questions piling up and you have nowhere to turn? "Ask a Dental Assistant" is here to help! This new column will be devoted entirely to what dental assistants want to know. Learn more here.

Send your questions to [email protected],

We know that dental assistants have a lot on their minds, especially today with all of the changes and challenges both inside and outside of their offices. And sometimes it just takes another dental assistant to listen, understand, and offer support and advice.

That's why we created "Ask a Dental Assistant." By sending in your questions and concerns, you'll be helping your peers who are in similar situations. Remember that you are never alone in what you're experiencing at the office.

Many of your questions will be addressed by the editor of Dental Assisting Digest, Tija Hunter, CDA, EFDA. She's been in the profession for many years and has seen a thing or two. Tija works in a private practice in Missouri, and she is also very involved in the dental assisting profession nationally—touring, lecturing, consulting, and offering support to her peers. If she doesn't provide an answer she'll seek the expertise of one of the many assistants she knows.

Simply send your questions to [email protected]. Then watch for your question and answer to appear, anonymously, on DentistryIQ and in Dental Assisting Digest.