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Webinar focuses on essential role of dental assistants

March 21, 2021
All members of the team are invited to tune into this panel conversation that features key strategies for supporting the growth and development of dental assistants.

A new webinar, “Elevating the dental profession,” includes insights on the essential role dental assistants play in creating healthy and happy patients, how to best support DA development and career growth, and methods for recruiting and retaining qualified assistants. It was released during Dental Assistants Recognition Week.

As patient and clinician advocates, assistants are a fundamental part of the patient experience, establishing lasting relationships with those they serve and helping to deliver the best possible dentistry to every patient.

Webinar panel member Stephen Thorne, CEO and founder of Pacific Dental Services, said, “AT PDS, we’re committed to providing DAs with opportunities for personal and professional growth. PDS-supported DAs are continuously challenged to elevate their performances as health-care professionals, including working with clinical treatment tools that are at the forefront of oral and whole-body health. With the advancements in the dental industry and increased understanding of the link between oral and overall heath, the role of DAs has never been more important.”

“DAs are vital to the success of every PDS-supported practice,” said Rosalinda Olague, PDS senior manager of dental assistant national strategy. “Assistants contribute to practice productivity and preserve patient retention by building trust between patients and clinicians. As long as people require dental care, there will always be a need for DAs.”

Other panel members are Rosalinda Olague, RDA, vice president of the California Dental Board, and Charles N. Bertolami, DDS, DMedSc, professor and dean of the NYU College of Dentistry.

Watch the webinar here.