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Dental Assistants' Foundation (DAF) dissolved

March 22, 2016
The Dental Assistants' Foundation had a short existence as the replacement for the American Dental Assistants Association Foundation. It is sharing its philanthropic funds with other dental assisting organizations.
The Dental Assistants’ Foundation (DAF) has ceased operations. Renamed just a few months ago in November 2015, the organization formerly known as American Dental Assistants Association Foundation is no longer doing business.

The Dental Assistants' Foundation is a Section 501(c)(3) public charity that has been philanthropically serving the dental assisting profession for 23 years. Through the generosity of corporate donors and dental professionals, the DAF has raised more than $6M to promote its vision of transforming the value of the dental assisting profession by promoting excellence, advancing knowledge to impact the optimal outcome of patient care, and promoting related educational and research efforts.

For a variety of reasons, the Foundation’s leaders have determined to conclude the Foundation’s operations and distribute its charitable resources to other organizations that can capably carry on its philanthropic aims through the use of such funds. Consistent with its activities, the Foundation’s funds will be designated for education, research, and other growth and development opportunities for the dental assistant profession.

According to DAF chairwoman Ellen Landis, over the course of the next few months the Foundation will identify and approve appropriate charitable recipients of its financial resources to carry on the DAF’s mission for the future. The Foundation extends its profound gratitude to all individuals and corporate donors who so generously supported it throughout the years.