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Dental Assistants Foundation awards grant to OSAP

Sept. 16, 2016
The OSAP Foundation will use the DAF grant to fund a comprehensive safety education, scholarship, and research program geared toward dental assistants.
The Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention (OSAP) Foundation has announced that it has been awarded a $95,000 grant from the Dental Assistants Foundation (DAF). The funding will be used for research, scholarship, and education for dental assistants in recognition of the critical role trained and motivated dental assistants play in ensuring the safety of the dental care environment. The grant was given as a charitable contribution as part of the DAF dissolution plan. In awarding the grant, Ellen Landis, Chairman of DAF, said, “The DAF recognizes the mission and goals of the OSAP Foundation to be in alignment with the DAF’s mission and goals as it applies to the education of dental assistants.” The grant was given in memory of Anna Nelson, CDA, RDA, MA, a leader in dental assisting and infection control who passionately advocated to advance dental assistants’ understanding of and compliance with the guidelines, regulations, and best practices to prevent disease transmission in dental settings.

The goal of the new educational and research program for assistants is to underscore the importance of dental assistants, particularly with regard to the vital role they play in infection control. Specifically, the program will support dental assistants who serve or want to serve as the infection control coordinator in their practice setting.

“The OSAP Foundation is particularly excited to announce this grant during Dental Infection Control Awareness Month,” says OSAP Executive Director Therese Long. “OSAP is focusing on the infection control coordinator this month and is offering multiple free resources to support this important member of the dental team. We're anxious to further advance these efforts through this new grant and by leveraging our partnerships and resources.”

“The fact that DAF has demonstrated its confidence in the OSAP Foundation’s capabilities by awarding this generous grant is a testament to our commitment to advancing the cause of infection prevention in dentistry," Long continued. "We will continue to develop and implement initiatives to help ensure the safe and infection-free delivery of oral healthcare.” For more information on Dental Infection Control Awareness Month, visit

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