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Boost your dental assisting career with DANB certification

Aug. 23, 2017
If you’re looking to take your dental assisting career to the next level, you may want to read up on the latest news from the Dental Assisting National Board Inc. (DANB).

If you’re looking to take your dental assisting career to the next level, you may want to read up on the latest news from the Dental Assisting National Board Inc. (DANB).

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The results of the Dental Assisting National Board Inc.'s (DANB’s) Dental Assistants Salary Survey are in and once again, those who hold Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) certification report earning more than those who don’t. According to survey findings, DANB CDA certificants earn over $2 more per hour than those who are not DANB certified*, which could be one reason why 99% of those who were surveyed plan to renew their DANB certification.

One of the possible reasons DANB certificants earn higher salaries is that they are more likely to ask for and receive raises. Of those surveyed, 70% of DANB certificants reported receiving a raise in their current position, compared to 59% of dental assistants who do not hold any credentials.

Beyond monetary rewards, CDA certificants said holding DANB certification benefited them in other ways, in­cluding greater pride, increased knowledge, greater confidence, and standing out from others when ap­plying for a job.

It makes sense why DANB certificants are doing so well. They are an educated group, with 91% holding at least an associate degree or having completed some college. Additionally, DANB certificants are career-minded. On average, those surveyed have been in their current position for more than eight years and in the profession for over 18 years, demonstrating employer loyalty and a commitment to the profession.

As one DANB certificant noted in the survey, “I am going on 31 years as a dental assistant, and I still love it!”

“Dental assisting is my passion,” another certificant echoed, “and I love every minute of it!”

As you might expect, DANB certificants report high levels of career satisfaction and a passion for the profession. In fact, 95% said they view dental assisting as a career instead of “just a job,” and 89% said they felt high job satis­faction.

Dental assistants who hold DANB certification found that their credentials opened many doors for them. “I moved from the education side of assisting to sales with a dental supplies company,” one certificant explained. “I never knew how helpful my assisting background would be in this line of work, but it is absolutely invaluable!”

The DANB Dental Assistants Salary Survey confirms once again that DANB certification brings value to those who hold it and is worth maintaining. As one certificant said, “I’ve worked too hard to lose my certification, so I plan to renew it for the years I continue working. You just never know when you might need it.”

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*According to figures from the 2016 Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Sta­tistics.

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