SureSmile Certifies Align Technology's iOC Scanner for it's 3-D treatment planning software

May 2, 2012
SureSmile certification of Align Technology’s iOC Scanner now makes it possible for orthodontists to use a single scanning device to image patients for both SureSmile orthodontic treatment and Invisalign treatment.

RICHARDSON, Texas — OraMetrix, maker of SureSmile, an orthodontic system that combines 3-D diagnostic imaging with computerized treatment planning and robotic archwire customization, announced certification of the iOC intraoral scanner by Align Technology, Inc., (Nasdaq:ALGN) for use with SureSmile treatment. This allows practices to use a single scanning device to image patients for both SureSmile and Invisalign treatment. iOC is the first intraoral scanner, other than the SureSmile OraScanner, certified for capturing data needed to produce SureSmile models for use in the design and production of customized orthodontic archwires.

The iOC intraoral scanner employs parallel confocal imaging which uses laser and optical scanning to digitally capture the surface and contours of the tooth and gingival structures. iOC captures all surfaces, including natural dentition and appliances, found in the mouth without the need for scanning powder and helps the clinician capture and create digital data for creating customized appliances and digital records.

Orthodontists using SureSmile can now create detailed digital tooth models using an iOC intraoral scanner to design the final desired tooth positions. The SureSmile software then calculates all of the archwire customization needed to deliver the doctor’s plan. Finally, SureSmile robots precisely translate the plan to customized archwires, reduce treatment time, and improve the quality of treatment results.

“We are very pleased and excited to offer this new capability to orthodontists and remain committed to an open imaging architecture. Choice in imaging technologies allows doctors to select the solution that best fits their clinical and operational requirements while delivering the benefits of SureSmile treatment to their patients,” says Charles Abraham, CEO, OraMetrix Inc.

About OraMetrix & SureSmile
Established in 1998, OraMetrix developed the SureSmile system, a revolutionary new digital technology that equips orthodontists with a powerful diagnostic and treatment tool to deliver precise, customized orthodontic care. According to an April 2012 study published in Orthodontics: The Art and Practice of Dentofacial Enhancement, SureSmile was shown to reduce median treatment time from 23 to 15 months based on a comparison of 9,390 SureSmile patients and 2,945 conventionally treated patients. Since 2004, SureSmile has been used on 100,000 patients by more than 400 orthodontists in the United States, Australia, and Canada. OraMetrix headquarters are located in Richardson, Texas.