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The DIY assistant: Are you cleaning the operatory chairs correctly?

June 17, 2021
Operatory chairs are important and expensive pieces of equipment. It's up to dental assistants to keep them disinfected, looking good, and functioning for a long time.

Let’s talk dental operatory chairs. Besides dental assistants, these are the hardest working things in our offices. People come in with muddy feet, bare feet, greasy hair, wet clothes, dirty clothes, and cologne scents that linger long after patients leave. Chairs are very expensive and important pieces of equipment that we use every single day. They are work horses that take a beating!

Although manufacturers request that we don’t use disinfectants on the chairs, many of us still do, and that can damage them over time. Most disinfectants lead to a yellowing effect that discolors the chair’s vinyl. Mild soap and water are usually recommended for this, but over time, if it’s not used properly, the chairs can develop a residue buildup that can damage the surface.

So, how do you maintain your dental chairs so that they provide years of durability? 

I’ve got just the product for you—Monarch Vinyl Upholstery Cleaner. Like all Air Techniques products, it has a fresh, clean smell, not your typical dental office smell. It can clean the chair surface, remove discolorations, and keep the chair looking good longer. Although it’s not a disinfectant, Monarch can be used daily and even more often if there are stains you’d like to remove before they get set in.

To use Monarch, simply spray it on, rub with a Monarch Dry Wipe or a sponge, and then remove any excess cleaner with another dry wipe. You’ll be amazed at the grime that comes off the chairs when you dry them off. Your equipment will look great and last longer!

Patient chairs aren’t the only thing you can use Monarch Vinyl Upholstery Cleaner on. You can use it on the operator stools that we sit on because these take just as much of a beating as the operatory chairs.

While you’re at it, check out the other Monarch products by Air Techniques. They offer a variety of items designed to enhance our practices and make the day’s workflow go more smoothly. As a bonus, Monarch reps have a wealth of knowledge and can help you navigate their products and find the best items for your practice’s needs.

Good luck keeping those operatory chairs sparkling!

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