RDHeVillage pet peeves

Nov. 18, 2011
Seventy-four RDH eVillage readers responded to the question: “What is your number one pet peeve?”

Seventy-four readers responded to the question: “What is your number one pet peeve?” After reading the responses, the following are the 5 Mega Pet Peeve categories:

Waiting for the doctor. Respondents expressed their frustration with waiting for the doctor to check their patients, waiting for the doctor to begin the day on time, and/or waiting for the doctor when he/she was on Facebook or some other type of social network or email.Dysfunctional teams. Readers shared their exasperation about the lack of collegial support, the divisions between hygienist and the rest of the team, gossiping, whining, and constant complaining. Bottom line: Bad attitude is a demotivator in a dental practice setting.Dirty office spaces. Whether it was the dental light, a common area in which patients have access, and/or lack of OSHA compliance, it appears that some dental practices are cluttered, untidy, and in violation.Failure to stock. Several stated that ‘they” always re-stock a room or operatory, yet were united in their reply that “it was not reciprocated by other team members (including other hygienists).”Absence of respect.Readers acknowledged times are financially stressful, yet felt the dentist-owner‘s leadership style was domineering or dictatorial vs. collaborative. Similarity, a number of reactions specified that the dental office management wasn’t stepping up to smooth the alienation perceived between hygienists and other team members.

It’s my belief that with action comes clarity in solving workplace issues. So the Pet Peeve Survey in RDH eVillage identified the issues; what are the solutions?

In order to fully engage everyone in this discussion, I will post the "Pet Peeves" on the RDH eVillage Facebook page (click here), and readers can provide suggestions and solution steps. Since there is no right answer for any one situation, it would be ludicrous for anyone to "tell” someone what should or not be done. However, I know that RDH magazine and RDH eVillage has some of the most positive, forward thinking, problem-solving members in the world. So if any community can support one another- we can!

Now is the time to engage in solutions for our pet peeves and assist a colleague, or maybe yourself. If you are not a member of either the RDH magazine or RDH eVillage FaceBook site, please join (click here) and be a part of the solution.

Kristine A. Hodsdon RDH, BS
Director, RDH eVillage