2011 Seattle metropolitan area dental hygiene salaries and benefits

Oct. 24, 2011
2011 Seattle metropolitan area dental hygiene salaries and benefits

Seattle metropolitan area — 26 responses

Total responses for Washington: 76

Average hourly rate for Washington (which include responses from the Seattle area): $ $43.65

Average hourly rate for Seattle area: $45.48

Average hourly rate for Seattle area in 2010: $45.55

Differential: $0.07 decrease

The most common hourly rates reported were: $44 (17%) and $42 (13%).

Benefits available through employer

  • Health insurance, 42%
  • Employer contribution towards retirement, 62%
  • Paid vacation and holidays, 89%
  • Paid sick leave, 39%
  • Life insurance, 12%
  • Dental insurance, 31%
  • Disability insurance, 8%
  • CE tuition reimbursement, 58%

Comments about the Seattle area

  • WDS (Washington Dental Service-Delta Dental) cut reimbursement fees by 15% in Washington only. This is hurting a lot of practices here. We are down $30,000 from last year. Because if this I don't see a raise in my or any other hygienists future any time soon. Also, I moved here around the time when that happened, so on that note, I don't foresee the newer hygienists fresh out of school being paid as much as someone who was already practicing before the cut fees.
  • My patients are now being moved to the DDS column and I am being told to stay home when his schedule is light.
  • Raises are out of the question. We're lucky we have jobs and that our office isn't letting older RDH's go to hire new Grads for lower wages. It's a frequent occurrence in this area.
  • The market is saturated with hygienists. They need to stop opening dental hygiene schools. The saturation has brought our wages down and has made it very difficult for experienced hygienists to find employment. I was laid off 9 months ago, and I am still seeking employment, and I am a very qualified and experienced hygienist. It is very frustrating!