Smiles for a Lifetime news

May 2, 2011
The Smile for a Lifetime Foundation headquarters recently moved from Jonesboro, Ark. to Colorado Springs, Col.

The Smile for a Lifetime Foundation, which recently relocated its headquarters to Colorado Springs, Colo., recently aanounced that Michelle Von Fange would become the charity foundation's executive director.

Von Fange started with the S4L Foundation on May 2, 2011. An experienced veteran who has worked for several nonprofit associations in the Colorado Springs area, she received a master’s degree in nonprofit management in 2005 from Colorado Christian University in Colorado Springs.

Dr. W. Ronald Redmond, the president of the foundation, told foundation supporters in a letter that Von Fange "is definitely a people person! The National Board was unanimous in their decision to ask Michelle to join S4L as our new executive director."

The Smiles for Life Foundation was previously based in Jonesboro, Ark. But the board initiated a new location after "rapid growth experienced by the foundation over the last two years," according to Dr. Redmond.

The donation of more office space in Colorado Springs resulted in the early May 2011 relocation.

The previous executive director, Aimee Spencer, elected to remain in Jonesboro where her family is based.

Dr. Redmond told supporters, "Aimee’s guiding hand will be missed by all that have worked with her over the past two years. The S4L Foundation has been her baby and she has nurtured it to almost 100 chapters. Aimee asked me to convey to everyone how proud she is of you, your chapters, and the dedication you have shown to the underserved children across our nation."