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Meinberg pro in the profession

Feb. 8, 2011
Crest Oral-B recently selected Trudy Meinberg from the University of Nebraska as the second recipient of their Pros in the Profession award program.

Trudy Meinberg, RDH

Crest Oral-B recently selected Trudy Meinberg from the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) College of Dentistry, Department of Surgical Specialties, as the second recipient of their Pros in the Profession award program. Currently a staff hygienist and clinical instructor, Trudy has distinguished herself through more than 30 years of practice in both private and collegiate practice settings.

To view a Crest Oral-B video of Meinberg and the award, click here.

”I am so honored to be recognized by Crest Oral-B,” said Meinberg. "Educating patients and working with periodontal residents on proper oral health for their patients has always been my focus and I thought that was reward enough, but to be a Pro in the Profession is such a great opportunity!"

Trudy has found many occasions to apply her passion for science and helping others throughout her career as a registered dental hygienist.

She also teaches clinical periodontics to the undergraduate dental students at the UNMC College of Dentistry; where she got her own Bachelor of Science. Additionally, Trudy has contributed to several research studies and has been published in a number of scholarly journals.

“The research studies I have been involved in have been varied in topic and scope,” Trudy said. “Most studies have been in the periodontal field. This has included everything from the effects of sub-antimicrobial dose doxycycline on post-menopausal women’s bone health to a comparison of the effects of laser plus scale and root planing vs. scaling and root planing alone.”

She cited three things that she enjoys about dental research. “First, the possible discovery of techniques or adjuncts that could help patients with periodontal disease through the research. Secondly, the satisfaction of being a facilitator. By this I mean that by being a subject recruiter, I identify and recruit patients that might benefit from the study treatment with the needs of the study so that the study can be completed and new knowledge gained. Finally, working in research is intriguing to participate in many different avenues; sometimes as a subject recruiter, sometimes providing clinical treatment, sometimes helping develop the study design or questions. In other words, there is a variety of ways to participate in research, and all are important.”

However, on top of that, her love for oral care also extends into her community where she volunteers and has even helped members of her local Boy Scout Troop earn their dental merit badge.

“As a dental merit badge counselor you help the scouts by checking their work as they complete the requirements,” she said. “This may include checking reports that they have written or looking at posters or documents that they have completed. As a counselor, you also act as an instructor to help them, including testing them on their knowledge or listening to presentations to confirm that they have completed the requirements. The dental merit badge is very thorough process. The scouts learn not only how to brush and floss teeth, but also about the dental career choices. They are exposed to the options of all the careers in dentistry, as well as education requirements, costs, and specialty options. In addition they visit a dentist, ask questions and write a report.

Trudy has received various other awards and honors for her work, including the UMNC College of Dentistry Alumni Association Distinguished Service Award. As a Pro in the Profession winner, she will receive a $1,500 monetary prize, a VIP all-expense-paid trip to ADHA’s 88th Annual Session in Nashville, a pampering spa experience, an award and recognition at major conferences and in dental trade publications throughout the year, plus an exclusive trip to P&G headquarters with four other Pros in the Profession award recipients!

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