Top 5 articles on DentistryIQ in March 2014

March 26, 2014
The top five articles posted on in March 2014 are listed here.


Title: Good news for dental hygienists: more jobs on the way!
Author: Maria Perno Goldie, RDH
Date posted: March 7, 2014

In her cover letter for the March 7th issue of RDH eVillage Focus, Maria explained why she addressed a “myriad of topics” in the issue. But the headline pointed to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report that the profession of dental hygiene will add 33% more jobs to the market during the next 10 years.

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Title: Anti-fluoride: A frightening trend
Author: By Ashley Pero
Date posted: March 18

The Portland, Ore., dental assistant lives in a city where attempts to end community water fluoridation is a way of life. So she writes from experience on how dental offices can participate in the efforts to explain the benefits of fluoride.

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Title: Triclosan: the good, the bad, and the ugly
Author: Maria Perno Goldie, RDH
Date posted: March 7, 2014

The editor of RDH eVillage Focus shares the results of a Cochrane Review report regarding tricolsan in toothpaste. The evidence, she writes, should put an end to some of the “ugly” chatter on social media about triclosan.

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Title: Income power of hygienists and dental assistants in 100 U.S. cities
Author: Mark Hartley
Date posted: March 7, 2014

The editor of RDH magazine takes a step further with the annual salary surveys for dental hygienists and dental assistants. He compares the “income power” that dental staff members enjoy in 100 U.S. cities.

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Title: How dental professionals can respond to 'oil pulling' patients
Author: Jessica T. Emery, DMD
Date posted: March 21, 2014

Although she later talks about her own experiences with oil-pulling in her home-care therapy, most of this article addresses how dental patients should respond to patients who have switched to swishing with oils to reduce dental disease.

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