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low prophy clifton

April 23, 2012
Low prophy fees reported in rural Tennessee
38425 zip code
  • Median fee for adult prophylaxis: $61
  • ADA’s reported median for its East South Central region, which includes Tennessee: $64
  • Overall, Tennessee ranks 39th in the country for residents’ annual visits to the dental office; 66% of the state’s residents visited the dentist in 2011.

Clifton, Tenn., home of zip code 38425, has a population of 2,000. The median household income for 2010 was $32,131, more than $10,000 under the state average.

Waynesboro, the county seat for Wayne County, has a population of 17,000. Central Tennessee (as well as northern Alabama a few miles to the south), which is still very heavily forested, features numerous outdoor recreational areas. Nightlife, though, is much further away in Nashville (100 miles) and Memphis (150 miles).