food pyramid timeline

Feb. 2, 2012
Poster by Learning ZoneXpress shows timeline of nutritional guides.

Learning ZoneXpress will release a poster set that visually details the history of the USDA dietary guides starting in 1894. The poster shows the evolution of 118 years of food guidance by the USDA from a simple chart detailing different food groups to today’s successful MyPlate, with stops at food wheels, food flow charts, and food pyramids along the way.

The thin, horizontal example of the timeline provided by the company cannot be adequately viewed on this website, but it can be viewed here.

CEO Melanie Nelson believes educating individuals on the history of the food guides gives us a reflection of health and nutrition challenges for Americans over the past 100+ years.

The poster chronicles USDA guide changes in nutrition messages for Americans. Early food guides featured groups for nutrients and serving size, and portions were never discussed.

As time passed, these guides began to address health challenges like fats, sweets, and alcohol. In 1992, the recommended number of servings was added and physical activity became part of MyPyramid in 2005.

Nelson adds that the poster was developed as a result of Learning ZoneXpress’ role as a National Strategic Partner with the USDA. Since becoming a National Strategic Partner in June 2011, Learning ZoneXpress has developed over 50 MyPlate and Great Plate products that have been sold nationwide. New products will continue to release with the seven themes of MyPlate. The current theme is: “Enjoy your food, but eat less.”

Learning ZoneXpress, based in Owatonna, Minn., is a leading source of “edu-taining” and award-winning teaching tools. Its mission is to help improve the health and vitality of children by providing relevant, creative and affordable learning tools about life skills, healthy behaviors and nutrition. Learning ZoneXpress offers a wide variety of affordable education DVDs, posters, games, lesson plans, and PowerPoint presentations.

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