Aug. 23, 2010
Attendees from RDH Under One Roof offer their top takeaways from the recent RDH Under One Roof conference in Orlando, Fla.

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“Seeing all of my colleagues and folks that I have the greatest respect for in the industry was priceless! Another great event.”

“Don't just stay in the hotel at night. Do some exploring of the city and eat outside the hotel walls. Get a taste of the location.”

“Use the RDH Under One Roof Facebook page to network with other attendees before the conference. Who knows ... you might even find a dinner buddy or roommate this way.”

“The value of the samples and discounts more than pays for the tuition.”

“This is the most fun a hygienist can have while getting CE, making new friends and reenergizing his/her spirit.”

“With nine General Sessions, 21 hands on workshops, and 22 small group lectures there is no shortage of great learning opportunities at UOR.”

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